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  1. My personal favourite CD from Suntrip this year. World in Between from the Aurora Sidera Sampler is a great Track too.
  2. Never heard of the guy before,but I like the Album very much. The same high quality.Highly recommended!
  3. Extremely good reviews here on the new E-Mantra,I´m a little surprised. No question,this is a typical and good E-Mantra release,but nothing special and far away of being a Masterpiece. I enjoyed 4,5,7 and 8,but the rest is typical NeoGoa,and there is no memorable Melody on the whole Album.

    Etnica - Plastic

    One of the best Goa Tracks ever and you rate this with B+.c´mon Jon give it another try and correct your voting...
  5. First Impression of the "unknown und unreleased" tracks:they sound more like italian Disco/80`s Synpop than Etnica...but after some listenings I like them all! Nevertheless it seems that I like Etnica 96/97/98 more and i hope that DAT will release more tracks from that era soon. Hopefully an Alien Protein re-release with unknown live material and some unknown tracks (Merkaba!).

    Etnica - Plastic

    Etnica at their peak. An unbelievable masterpiece and the best CD I own.
  7. I own the lazy spiral mix,but the one above is definitly another (and better) one. Sorry, you´re right!Found my Vinyl copy of the lazy spiral mix and it´s the same.
  8. Does anybody know where this Killer Mix is published? In this Version one of the best Pleiadians Songs ever.
  9. You didn´t really understood what I tried to explain,my daughter is 11 and hates Goa/Psychedelic and all the stuff her father listens to. I was astonished to see that K.O.B. is online at Apple Music so fast,so where is the motivation/need to buy CD`s anymore or pay for downloads?
  10. Fantastic Set by Etnica with a great live mix of Microdrive. It´s a little bit sad to see,that at their high time,they had to perform in front of a small and ignorant crowd in the back of beyond,but WHAT A SET!
  11. I surfed through my daughters Apple Music Account and found... K.O.B.??? Please Anoebis,tell me why I should buy/download anything from Suntrip in the future?
  12. Same for me,album has it`s moments,but never forget what he tries to copy/remix,these are the sanctuaries of Goa Trance! For about 20 years I`m listening to everything the Etnica Clique has produced between 94-97 on a monthly basis and their magical genius thrills me again and again. It`s like trying to film a new version of Coppola`s "The Godfather",you cannot win...
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