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    Etnica - Plastic

    One of the best Goa Tracks ever and you rate this with B+.c´mon Jon give it another try and correct your voting...
  2. First Impression of the "unknown und unreleased" tracks:they sound more like italian Disco/80`s Synpop than Etnica...but after some listenings I like them all! Nevertheless it seems that I like Etnica 96/97/98 more and i hope that DAT will release more tracks from that era soon. Hopefully an Alien Protein re-release with unknown live material and some unknown tracks (Merkaba!).
  3. My Copy arrived today and again DAT made a great Job! Thank you Draeke

    Etnica - Plastic

    Etnica at their peak. An unbelievable masterpiece and the best CD I own.

    Pleiadians-Zeta Reticuli

    I own the lazy spiral mix,but the one above is definitly another (and better) one. Sorry, you´re right!Found my Vinyl copy of the lazy spiral mix and it´s the same.

    Pleiadians-Zeta Reticuli

    Does anybody know where this Killer Mix is published? In this Version one of the best Pleiadians Songs ever.
  7. You didn´t really understood what I tried to explain,my daughter is 11 and hates Goa/Psychedelic and all the stuff her father listens to. I was astonished to see that K.O.B. is online at Apple Music so fast,so where is the motivation/need to buy CD`s anymore or pay for downloads?
  8. Fantastic Set by Etnica with a great live mix of Microdrive. It´s a little bit sad to see,that at their high time,they had to perform in front of a small and ignorant crowd in the back of beyond,but WHAT A SET!
  9. I surfed through my daughters Apple Music Account and found... K.O.B.??? Please Anoebis,tell me why I should buy/download anything from Suntrip in the future?
  10. Same for me,album has it`s moments,but never forget what he tries to copy/remix,these are the sanctuaries of Goa Trance! For about 20 years I`m listening to everything the Etnica Clique has produced between 94-97 on a monthly basis and their magical genius thrills me again and again. It`s like trying to film a new version of Coppola`s "The Godfather",you cannot win...

    Mindsphere - Mental Triplex - Mindream

    "This is such a relaxing experience" That`s true,felt to sleep all the 3 times I listened.... "It's not everyone's cup of tea" True again,this is too calm,and doesn`t realy fit to the Suntrip Catalogue.

    V/A - Planet Riders

    Big Blue (Live Version) / FILTERIA Crazy Filteria synth work with melodies turned up to 11. It's goa on steroids +1

    Crossing Mind - Beyond Duality [Suntrip Rec.]

    I´m a little bit irritated and highly disappointed.Suntrip releases one of the best Goa Albums of all times and most the comments in this thread have nothing to do with the contend of this Record. For me,Cyclotron,No Hazardous Materials Signs and PsyKo-Mind Porteur are three of the best Goa Tracks ever and the rest of the Album is simply great. Besides -Trust in Trance -Plastic E.P (CD Version) -I.F.O -The Inner Shift one of my personal Top 5. P.S. While writing this comment I`m listening to Filterias 2016 Dance Temple performance on Soundcloud,what a great set...
  14. I gave it about 20 listenings the last days and to sum it up: This is the best Goa Trance album ever. Great atmosphere,hundreds of melodies and a stunning production,with this Album,Stephane has surpassed himself. But like IFO,you can`t listen to the whole Album at once,sometimes it is a little bit too much...and I am missing some midtempo songs like Optronic Circles.