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  1. Car rental in Seville Airport is much cheaper than you think, I'd go down that route. Definitely spend a day or two in the city if you can.
  2. I must point out that in no way Neogoa is responsible for the behaviour of other people, professionally as an artist of the label, or otherwise. Anu, you should know by now how rumours work. You practically accused Neogoa directly of the festival debacle. Any second hand account of what you said won't make that distinction. Reputation is important. If you have beef with the organisers of the festival, then have it with them.
  3. It's a bloody shame, artha is great. Cybernetika also comes to mind.
  4. Connection is a great little festival. Transition is in a few weeks also, but has less goa going. I'm playing at both this year.
  5. Unfortunately I've been having a lot less time for music since AURYN well, because of life in general, so the new album has been very slow going. That being said, I have 6 tunes in diverse states of completion and I'm planning on two more. Once these two are laid out, I'll take a little time off work to finish all of them off. I'm hoping this will be around September. I do have a bunch of samples from each on Soundcloud:
  6. I agree with shpongle Latin influences being very annoying. Like pretentious samba.
  7. I wish I were. Last time I saw him was at the first SUN Festival. It drove me to dispair. He played a full on cheese fest the night before also, under a different name (BLT I think?), that took the will to live away from me. Cringe tsunami. I fucking hate buildups. But I hate even more buildups that go nowhere.
  8. That's correct, I'm Spanish and I live in London. Well, not exactly in London, but close enough. I wouldn't say I fit in with the UK sound at all? Influenced yes though, I can't get enough of Dick Trevor's or Hallucinogen 303 acid lines.
  9. Linux is great, no need to learn anything you don't already know. Get someone to install Ubuntu alongside windows and give it a spin, you'll be surprised. Good Finnish engineering at the core.
  10. Perfect stranger live is a cheese fest of continuous build-ups into more build-ups that resolve into fuck all. Bloody annoying.
  11. Just wanted to point out that Firefox runs on the gecko engine, not blink (which is what powers chromium and derivatives). Firefox will be switching to a whole new engine called servo at some point in the medium term which is exciting for those of us who've been using Firefox since it was called phoenix 👍
  12. Neither, I'm Spanish. Both my other half, who's French and I don't feel like living in a country in which we're not welcome. Make no mistake, immigration is at the top of the list of reasons people voted out.
  13. This is real, consistent great stuff. Christian has indeed outdone himself. Chapeau 🤘
  14. Shocked, angry and sad. My days in the UK are finally coming to an end.
  15. Browsing around the submoon records page on facebook I've realised that nobody reacts to his posts anymore, and by God does he shout in there for scraps of attention. It's sad to be the architect of your own irrelevance.
  16. Shame it considers women as being the property of men.
  17. Hey, now that ekto is back in business, what's up with the ekto release? is it queued yet?
  18. Thank you, glad it grew on ya! The live set has obviously a different narrative in which time constraints, and the fact there's people congregated to party, are factors an album is obviously not subject to.
  19. Thank you guys 8) Padpamani, I've enabled downloads on the live set; at your leisure.
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