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  1. Whats with the guys playing instruments?
  2. Secret space is contender for track of the year. Serious insane power. It's very similar to Levitation Device on VA People Walk Funny. Really pleiadean climaxing. Unidentified, Astral Traveler, Open Your Eyes and Summer Storm are all fantastic, varied and interesting tracks. The Divine Plan is like sequel to Tropical Paradise, which is also pretty good. I did not care for Apex, Solar Warden and Dreamland very much at all. They were a little too uplifting, monotone and had really trancy melodies. Apex in particular becomes quite cheesy in it's 2nd half. The last downtempo track was just meh, would have preferred another track like Delirium from the first album, sending the listener into a voyage. Although the album doesn't bring anything new to the table, it's still absolutely fantastic summer music and overall a worthy sequel that that extends A303 library with a lot of great tracks. Recommended.
  3. Go out with a bang and materialize World Beyond. :p Sucks to see this project go! It had a huge influence on modern goa movement.
  4. Whats the situation with all those pleiadians/mind rewind projects? Personally I think facebook sucks for good discussion. Forums have their place but it's a shame people don't recognize it.
  5. I know israel has a huge psy scene and a lot of artist, but you can choose to not support those who work with them, no? It's just kind of ridiculous to see him discard his music people enjoy for any of the reasons he keeps talking about.
  6. I refuse to think that at this point. It's been too many years!
  7. Honestly some of the melodies are pretty good. Too bad it's completely brickwalled. Stop. Doing. BRICKWALLING. Give. It. Space. To. B r e a t h e .
  8. Really, if I had to explain the new Median Project, it would very global sect goatrance sound with a pinch of Filteria. Those climaxes have incredibly uplifting, very very Astral Projection type melodies with the force of Filteria. These tracks can and will destroy dancefloors (I can totally picture Anoebis playing the main melody of Measurements X and the crowd jumping all over the place) It's just a tad shame many of the parts without those melodies are quite generic and, honestly, grating. I would have preferred more breathing room personally, but I can understand the appeal. This is just from the first listen not having any expectations. The first track is flipping fantastic I have to say. I really want a full album of it - it's a little like if Cosmic Dimension and Celestial Intelligence had a baby. Just listen to that 4:25. Oomph.
  9. This album is surprisingly great!
  10. Fragletrollet - Playground of spirit One of the best.
  11. That is exactly why I went looking for it.
  12. NK47 - Hello World (timewarp154 - Timewarp) 01 - NK47 - Circadian Rhythm 02 - NK47 - Kuchi Sabishii 03 - NK47 - Movement 04 - NK47 - Random Forest 05 - NK47 - To Bouzouuki Tou Vasiliaa 06 - NK47 - UnderDefined 07 - NK47 - Voyager 08 - NK47 - FSR402 This guy released a few Goa tracks during the UAF era. He had a pretty typical goatrance sound for that time period and didn't really stand out much. A track on VA Goatronika had wondrous melodies which I liked but that's about it. Rewind back to 2020 and he apparently released a full fledged album after all these years. Over ten to be exact. So how does he fare 10 years later? It's definitely no longer the style he produced back then. In fact it's quite far and beyond from what it used to be. This is well produced storytelling - lot's of ethnic/real instruments samples containing - goa/psy fusion. Sometimes it's even a little Juno Reactor-esque in how it fuses samples into the music. For example Kuchi Sabishii & To Bouzouuki Toy Vasiliaa have quite a few moments I'd expect from a JR album. On side note, I've noticed that some new-age Israeli artist have this kind of a fused storytelling sound while being very dancefloor friendly. Anyway.. The tracks on this album are really easy to get lost in and let yourself get engulfed by the story they're telling. While there are moments that turn a tad cheesy with certain samples or layered melodies/effects that don't work together (For example while kuchi Sabishii has the best melodies in the album, it also has the worst part at 3:10 with the overlapping melody), it's kind of surprising how easily you can give them a total pass and keep listening without losing focus. Hell, this guy used the "AAA TSIWENGAAA" sample in the first track and it WORKS. It's almost beyond my comprehension how this is even possible in this day and age. This album has lot's of great sounds, melodies, rhythms, climaxes and atmospheres and it's super danceable. I absolutely recommend giving it a chance! It's a total breath of fresh air. I almost gave this a pass since I tend to skip tracks before full listens and this did not sound good in that way, but I am glad I gave it the time it needed. https://timewarprecords.bandcamp.com/album/nk47-hello-world-timewarp154-timewarp
  13. I agree with hypnotic signal! He had a stellar style.
  14. Mmm enichkin. I loved this guys first two albums. This new sound is super (modern) Ubar Tmary. Thanks for posting about it!
  15. The people who were doing the official polling have kinda.. uhh.. disappeared. I blame corona. You're free to give alternative options!
  16. Tsuyoshi suzuki still makes good stuff but it often leans more into psytrance category with goay sounds. These two are great. Ubar Tmar hasn't made much goa stuff lately. It's been mostly experiemental and wild psytrance/noise/ambient.
  17. Huh, I found the CI track on Inti their best work yet. The melody work really gives it that extra punch that lifts it to new heights. I mean they also do have tracks that end up nowhere but also many that do.
  18. Well. The GATE comes very close. In fact this is the first time in years I listened to it and I realized how eerily similar it is to Maia's progressive structure. That 15:30 dirty acid dripping jaw dropping dirty assss sound. Christ whatever the hell was up with this release anyway? Did this release emerge from a blackhole near richpas pc or what? Hey richpa! You make CD? Penzoline buy CD. Or vinyl. Penzoline happy then yes.
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