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  1. Most of these changes come with board updates. Admins and moderators don't really have skills or time to start customizing the board, especially with constant security updates. It's unfortunate but not much we can do about. I also miss that user level thing. Reaching "customize your title" was awesome!
  2. Like stuff from basically 90s, do you guys recall any tracks that started the fullon movement, or had very similar production style to what emerged in the early 2000?
  3. The mixing seems different (way thicker bassline on the youtube video) but yeah that is a bit weird how its about the same. Maybe a mistake? Idk. A pretty rare occurence. But plagiarism isn't the word you can use here since its the same artist. Wild opinions there man. This is really good and thematic forest imo. Goch is actually one of my favourites from forest producers.
  4. This sounds definitely more akin to the modern Electric Universe sound with a Jaraluca touch rather than the goa one he's previously released. I'm liking the samples personally, but I can see why it might be jarring to some to hear such a switch in style.
  5. Well the UK situation couldve been mostly avoided if they didn't leave EU, though all prices are going up. Food is ridiculously priced in Finland right now. The Prana album sounds awesome
  6. Expect a scifi-themed journey that eventually goes through an acid trip that ends up in the abyss of the cosmos. Tracklist to be posted soon.
  7. So whatever happened to him? It says they've raised 6000e, dunno how expensive the place is but I'd imagine that gets you somewhere.
  8. Well it is getting a bit out of hand since time keeps going on and we're creating new yearly sections. Maybe we need to just start merging anything post 2020 since we have so few threads in them anyway. But regards on configuring the forum user interface, I don't think anyone of us is a developer or can do custom coding complex enough to start adding features. I'll see what I can do in the admin panel. Edit: What you mean by how offtopic works? It doesn't work the way you describe it, it doesn't pull content from the subforums. Editx2: If you click on the reviews header before the year sections it'll give you a list where you get the most recent posts https://www.psynews.org/forums/forum/16-reviews/ Editx3: I added latest reviews block on top of the forum, dunno if that helps at all.
  9. https://www.facebook.com/events/3463084573966025 https://www.instagram.com/fullon42_/ Genre: Psytrance & Goatrance Day: La 5.8.2023 Location: Pyynikin Brewing Company, Kolismaankatu 1, 33300 Tampere ( www.pyynikin.com ) Doors: 20.00-04.00 or 05.00 Entrance: 13€ FullOn42 starts august with a bang! Expect to have your souls and minds massaged in a fantastical location at the Pyynikin Brewing Companys theater space. We have a banging THX movie theater sound system and a lovely lineup of DJ's and producers. Prepare yourself to be elevated to other dimensions! Lineup: Nebula Meltdown (Suntrip Records) Paul Eye A Sentient Being Penzoline 2x Mixtape competition winners Graphics: www.tatukannusmaki.com
  10. I have a list for remixes of old tracks on spotify. (For some reason it still displays some tracks that dont belong there.) https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1ckM3dO3APN0m9du7Ai6J1?si=079a6def23ac4f7f
  11. Well well well. I was looking forward to some melodic explosion, but instead I got forestry dark goa with great rhythms.
  12. I'm pretty sure theres a ton of unreleased stuff of the same caliber. It's as much of a mystery as Fluoro Dolby not being released on CD, or vinyl for that matter.
  13. I got a few more mixes up on my mixcloud. The Fullon42 set I played live Neurofunk mix
  14. I have no idea, is it still not functioning? I saw a lot of members waiting for approval.
  15. Hmm. 80 euros for finland. It's really pricy. This seems like a good deal for reselling later, honestly.
  16. Heres the set from my first live gig. Expect a carefully curated journey into outer space. 1. Ufomatka - USS Enterprise 2. X.I.S. - Electric Rate 3. Proxeeus - Tekeli 4. Proxeeus - Down The Six Thousand Steps 5. Miranda - NRG Beings 6. Sky Technology - Kids Do Not Eat Alien Protein 7. Hybrid FX - Shamar 8. Manmademan - Radar 9. Nervasystem - Stardust 10. Triquetra - No Unexpected Errors 11. Somaton - Nool Sonrg 12. Triquetra - Mind Virus (Original Mix) 13. Crop Circles - Pentagon 14. Zerotonine - Two Faces 15. PsySutra - Semper Fi 16. Mushroomman - N.I.S. 17. Aurax - Enoch 18. M-Run - Goat Man
  17. Mind Virus is the greatest of all time. Those goddamn acid leads make head go boom. Insanity.
  18. Crop Circles - Pentagon was playing in the background. Dope party. (thats me btw)
  19. Penzoline


    How dare you even suggest that.
  20. I'm pretty sure Cybernetika has made a remix or two... at least he made one from System Shock. I really miss Unreal Tournament. I used to blast psytrance and play UT3 all the time. I dislike all these modern and currently favored shooters. Projectiles and scifi setting are way more interesting to me.
  21. Thanks for the support mr pikachu. Presales are up and artist introductions in Finnish @ facebook.
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