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  1. https://www.facebook.com/events/3463084573966025 https://www.instagram.com/fullon42_/ Genre: Psytrance & Goatrance Day: La 5.8.2023 Location: Pyynikin Brewing Company, Kolismaankatu 1, 33300 Tampere ( www.pyynikin.com ) Doors: 20.00-04.00 or 05.00 Entrance: 13€ FullOn42 starts august with a bang! Expect to have your souls and minds massaged in a fantastical location at the Pyynikin Brewing Companys theater space. We have a banging THX movie theater sound system and a lovely lineup of DJ's and producers. Prepare yourself to be elevated to other dimensions! Lineup: Nebula Meltdown (Suntrip Records) Paul Eye A Sentient Being Penzoline 2x Mixtape competition winners Graphics: www.tatukannusmaki.com
  2. I have a list for remixes of old tracks on spotify. (For some reason it still displays some tracks that dont belong there.) https://open.spotify.com/playlist/1ckM3dO3APN0m9du7Ai6J1?si=079a6def23ac4f7f
  3. Well well well. I was looking forward to some melodic explosion, but instead I got forestry dark goa with great rhythms.
  4. I'm pretty sure theres a ton of unreleased stuff of the same caliber. It's as much of a mystery as Fluoro Dolby not being released on CD, or vinyl for that matter.
  5. I got a few more mixes up on my mixcloud. The Fullon42 set I played live Neurofunk mix
  6. I have no idea, is it still not functioning? I saw a lot of members waiting for approval.
  7. Hmm. 80 euros for finland. It's really pricy. This seems like a good deal for reselling later, honestly.
  8. Heres the set from my first live gig. Expect a carefully curated journey into outer space. 1. Ufomatka - USS Enterprise 2. X.I.S. - Electric Rate 3. Proxeeus - Tekeli 4. Proxeeus - Down The Six Thousand Steps 5. Miranda - NRG Beings 6. Sky Technology - Kids Do Not Eat Alien Protein 7. Hybrid FX - Shamar 8. Manmademan - Radar 9. Nervasystem - Stardust 10. Triquetra - No Unexpected Errors 11. Somaton - Nool Sonrg 12. Triquetra - Mind Virus (Original Mix) 13. Crop Circles - Pentagon 14. Zerotonine - Two Faces 15. PsySutra - Semper Fi 16. Mushroomman - N.I.S. 17. Aurax - Enoch 18. M-Run - Goat Man
  9. Mind Virus is the greatest of all time. Those goddamn acid leads make head go boom. Insanity.
  10. Crop Circles - Pentagon was playing in the background. Dope party. (thats me btw)
  11. Penzoline


    How dare you even suggest that.
  12. I'm pretty sure Cybernetika has made a remix or two... at least he made one from System Shock. I really miss Unreal Tournament. I used to blast psytrance and play UT3 all the time. I dislike all these modern and currently favored shooters. Projectiles and scifi setting are way more interesting to me.
  13. Thanks for the support mr pikachu. Presales are up and artist introductions in Finnish @ facebook.
  14. https://www.facebook.com/events/225985916644176 Genre: Psytrance | Goatrance Day: La 6.5.2023 Doors: 20.00-02.00 Tickets: Presale 12e, Doors 14e Presale: https://gifti.fi/shop/suomentoimintapelitoy/ Location: ZBase Tampere, Itäinenkatu 9-11, 33210 Tampere After a long hiatus, FullOn42 is back with brand new energy. Our local energy producers will take you above and beyond with energetic soundwaves and sonic bliss. Artists: Talekeeper Dj / Producer set | Melodic Psytrance A Sentient Being Producer set | Psytrance Human Dextroid Dj / Producer set | Psytrance TDJ/Penzoline (Debut) Dj set | Goatrance
  15. An interesting take. I've noticed similar patterns with quite a lot of artists. Usually the first album/tracks are quite raw in their energy and have interesting quirks to the production and style. As time passes many artist "fine-tune" (sometimes homogenize) their sound and become "professionals" in what they do, but usually that is at the expense of that early rawness. Another great example is E-mantras early tracks and the later ones. He still has that signature sound, but it's definitely more "mature". Sometimes it's a good thing, other times it might sour fans of previous inputs (not saying either in the case of E-mantra). Obviously artists evolve, but sometime's it'd be interesting to experience that "raw" of the earlier productions later on.
  16. I can't believe I never posted on this thread. Then again I haven't posted much at all. Aaanyway.. This Sky Technology alright! Melodic climaxes for days, but this time with relentless basslines and sound design similar to his older tracks, but with more finesse and control over how it synergizes with everything. Great album and even with all going on, I hope his (fanboy moment) penultimate "Reactor Of Life" album will see the light of day.. someday.
  17. I believe it's a remix of a track with the same title on the last album.
  18. Damn I remember posting a thread about your website a long time ago! Yeah some of those melodies sound the exact same. Interesting you weren't credited (unless it's in the booklet). Edit: apparently it's not. Are you still planning on releasing that album by the way? It'd be an apt fit for https://unreleasedgoarecords.bandcamp.com/
  19. Please read and respect these rules/guidelines before posting new reviews. 1. Please use the appropriate release year before posting . If you're posting in a "multiple year" thread (ie. 1990-1994) then specify the release year in the thread title. 2. If youre an artist / label that wants to promote a new release please use the Promos group and not this one! ANY promos found in the reviews section will be moved and the one responsible for it warned. 3. This section is for psytrance reviews and psytrance related genres reviews. If you want to discuss the best releases this year, what albums should be considered classics, the reviews section layout, the quality of reviews, the latest Tool release, want to request a review, etc. etc., then please use the General or Off-Topic sections of the forum! This is intended for psytrance music and its subgenres so no reviews of parties or other music genres. A bigger tolerance will be allowed for old stuff (stuff released before 96) since back then there wasn't an "official definition" of psytrance. Also chillout/ambient genres are allowed as per usual. 4. Before posting a new review, check if a review of the album hasn't already been written. If its the case then write your review in the already existing thread and do NOT open a new one! Finding older topics should be easy, use the Search function: type part or the whole album title and dont forget to limit the search to the subforum of the year you want to post in. If you're starting a new thread for a compilation then you should ALWAYS write the title under the format : "V/A - Name of comp". So that all the compilations will be easier to find. So do NOT start a topic with "VA" (no "/" between the V and the A) or "V/A :" (":" instead of "-"), "VA Name of Comp" (no "-" between the V/A and the name) etc. This is because how search works. 5. When opening a new thread put the name of the album and artist in the topic title and make sure it doesn't have any typos (or else the search function wont work). If you made a mistake, you can easily re-edit the title by using the Edit button at the end of your post, if that function is not working, then use the report function and report your topic to moderators asking to correct the typos. (UPDATED 2023) 6. You should aim for the first post to be more informative, but honestly since the review forum has become a bit of a graveyard, just posting an album you wish to be discussed with a mini review is, at this point, more than enough. Here is a few well made reviews that should give the general idea on how an informative review could look! https://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/54539-solar-fields-movements/ https://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/56930-fragletrollet-playground-of-spirit-shaman-film-records-media https://www.psynews.org/forums/index.php?/topic/54395-crop-circles-tetrahedron https://www.psynews.org/forums/topic/73083-martian-arts-giant-locusts-tip-records/ 7. Personal grudges against artists or reviewers are not welcomed and will be deleted and might lead to moderation so try to use your brain before posting. If you have anything to say to the artist or another reviewer you can always PM (Private Message) or e-mail them. 8. When you open a thread please include Cover Art, Tracklist(preferably with track lengths), release date, label etc. relevant information regarding the album you are reviewing. Also it might be a good idea to include links to shops that are selling the release.
  20. Thank you! And yes those are fantastic tracks! TAO & NAGA was a complete surprise of a track for me. Very inventive tracks on that mix.
  21. I mean I already loved Ephedras outputs previously, but this is the best thing he has done so far. I love how soft the sound is! It's just so pleasing to listen to while remaining very psychedelic.
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