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  1. Unrelated, but do you guys have the 40 min Hallucinogen remix of The Wizard?
  2. Redo

    New Logic Bomb

    I can't find it on Bandcamp, no wonder I missed it. Listened to it once on youtube and I agree, this was okay. I lost interest in Logic Bomb after The Grid, which was mostly filler stuff except for a couple of standout tracks like Bitter Hitter and Knorrar.
  3. Redo

    Need some new Goa

    Well if you're a DJ then it's normal to listen to a ton of music. Of course, you can get addicted to anything. BTW I'm not seeing Symbiote in this thread, he did release an EP: Apparition, so if you're a fan of Phantasmagoria, check it out.
  4. Redo

    Need some new Goa

    Goddamn how much music do you guys listen to? There's more goa in this thread than my entire library.
  5. Redo

    Videogames official thread

    I just finished Yakuza 0 on PC, and it's possibly the best game I've ever played. I love how the main story is a serious crime drama and the sub stories are absolutely ridiculous and over the top hilarious nonsense, like hiring a chicken to be a real estate manager.
  6. Redo

    The metal thread

    I loved Gateway to the Antisphere, but this song didn't really blow me away TBH. I hope they don't overdo it with the clean vocals.
  7. Redo

    Xerxes The Dark - Transmutation

    I feel personally attacked
  8. Wasn't Hysterical Mass already released before? I don't really pay attention to compilations, so not sure if this is normal.
  9. Even the promo text is long. He wrote the entire album in half a year, interesting. Wonder if it's consistent.
  10. @KER Top 3: - Atriohm & Encephalopaticys ‎– Ukalen - Muscaria ‎– Liquid Evolution - Goch ‎– Sphere Of Influence I think artists like Koxbox, Hux Flux, and Ka-Sol had a huge impact in developing the modern forest sound. But I'm not sure who invented it.
  11. I found it on the first page of Google, and I found the thread amusing. I disagree about the not clearly defined part, forest existed since the late 90's, people knew what it was. Look at dmtree's response. Just because psynews, a GOA trance forum didn't know it doesn't mean everyone else didn't. Reading this made me feel like people were just listing random albums. The thread should really be called looking for deep/spiritual trance, wording is important, and genres exist for a reason. Anyways, it's just a funny thread.
  12. Redo

    What releases did I miss in 2018?

    Median Project released an album this year if you liked the EP. Ufomatka - Off the Beaten Track of the Universe is a good one. Unknownium - self titled is good too Morphic Resonance - Perplexity for the darker sound. E-Mantra and Ovnimoon also released albums if you're a fan of them.
  13. I hear Justin Bieber makes some great forest music. Seriously, how do I delete this thread?
  14. Redo

    Your top 10 Trance albums of all time

    My top 10 list would probably be exclusively modern day music. Also the reason that most lists contain mainly older albums is because this is a goa trance forum, and most neo goa isn't that good.