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  1. "The first track was absolute shit. The second track was absolute shit. Why would anyone care if this person keeps releasing the same shit with different titles? No one should be listening to this person regardless..." A few people on this board thought his debut was album of the year. You are right about one thing though, no one should be listening to this guy anymore. "They didn't sound the same to me.. The YouTube track sounded pretty good lots of bass. I just think the music itself is very similar afterall it's forest. " It's the same exact song, skip to around 5 and half minutes and listen to the climax.
  2. Thanks for the definition, now look just a bit to the right on that website and find the definition of self-plagiarism. Not illegal sure, but how is it not plagiarism? Song's a literal copy-paste. That is wild, in the academic world this would get you into trouble, and in music they encourage it.
  3. Yea, missing just a few braincells. How would you feel if a band released the same songs every album and called it a new album and charged you twice for the same product? You're misleading people into thinking its a new song by changing the name.
  4. For anyone that cares: https://treetrollarecords.bandcamp.com/track/goch-considerable-variation and These 2 songs are basically the same, doesn't say it's a remix or remaster, it's a completely different name. Figured I'd post here since my soundcloud comment got deleted.
  5. Sorry Mr. stick up my ass
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