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  1. Redo

    Sykespico - Perspective

    No comment on the album, but the text is barely readable in the dark theme FYI.
  2. Great song, I'm definitely checking out more of their stuff. No nonsense, no masturbatory solos, just pure death metal. "Best "pure" Death Metal release this year." So far, maybe. Hopefully, if Ulcerate release their album this year, it would definately be AOTY.
  3. That's awesome, all the best with his label. I was kinda surprised he changed the cover art of Million Years, I thought my mind was playing tricks on me. The new art feels more polished and high-def, but the old one was good too. I'm happy he's busy with music and releasing frequently, since I love his particular style of forest (especially the percussion work).
  4. OK I like this more than Sclerophyllous. The last song has a cheesy sample IMO, but the rest is good.
  5. Damn, 2 albums in 1 year? I wasn't really a fan of his previous album "Sclerophyllus", do you know if this is in a similar vein or closer to his older stuff? Will check it out later either way.
  6. Sorry for the bump, I just discovered this sub genre recently. I'm still exploring it, but most songs seem really basic to me. I would prefer more variation. This song is pretty catchy, but again, a little too repetitive. But I love the dark atmosphere.
  7. My two favorite bands Mgla and Ulcerate releasing albums this year. And Tool is back as well, Jesus 2019 is STACKED.
  8. This is not psytrance, how can a non psytrance song restore your faith in psytrance? She is clearly very talented, no doubt, but psytrance was never about female vocals or traditional instruments with a generic beat.
  9. That's mallcore, yes it's technically metal
  10. Album length has nothing to do with that, EP's have fillers too. I dunno maybe I'm just too picky.
  11. Where's the "Don't care" option? Because most albums have fillers anyways so I don't really care.
  12. "Btw, I think it's time for someone to invent "post-neogoa", blendng all these cool psytrance sounds, FM, metallic noises, alien insect sounds and such with goa melodies and "cosmic" atmospheres."" @recursion loop Glowing Flame records says hi
  13. It shouldn't be considered normal, but it is. What's the point of complaining every time someone pirates a TV show/movie/CD? It's not like people are going to stop pirating. Anyways your loyal fans will always buy your music so don't worry about the pirates.
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