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  1. brilliant mate. i love cassettes not DATS but sure.. respect.
  2. thanks for being positive and kinda givin me a 'wee' push to bring more of this. im productive.sometimes its a bit too much sometimes its not. it's ok. i appreciate it. visit us , read , weep , cry , smile , jump , sit down , relax , laugh ... listen to the music and not much else i can say haha /Filipe (Good Dance Recordings) and dont forget... this shit is??????? GOA~Trance Music . Visit us @ : https://gooddancerec...s.bandcamp.com/ you're welcome. thank me later. 71 minutes of Goa-Trance music. BANG foking bang dumboooooooooooo! Not much to say really. Fly away yo
  3. if you give some cash i will put some free downloads. yeaa?
  4. You figure it out... right in yo faces Obi Wan forssuuu pushhhoooooooooh looooooooooolll lololololol . ENOUGH! FILIPE (Good Dance Recordings) boom peace out. https://gooddancerecordings.bandcamp.com/album/peaceful-revolutions-a-space-adventure-somewhere-in-a-goan-planetoid
  5. seen overture but meh same goes nothing new
  6. yea fucking overcompressed n shit , ah well fuck it you know
  7. ahh fuck aff mate next month maybe stop pushing shit like u fokin mushroom pizza funghus shit i release whenever i feel to , i appreciate no pushing around ok? Thank YOU! OBRIGADO , GRACIAS , ARRIVEDDECI .
  8. OF COURSE!! but man look thats cuz they changed gear equipment and shit believe me that changes the whole thing and becomes fuckup... thats why i dont want old bands coming with new shit ... i know colorbox sent me a fokin demo years ago done with software... WAS SHIT! nothing like their album done back in da days fuckin real thing you know? so thats just me ... new RA? pfff waste.
  9. no mate they are wav i have original Fruity loops shit files i Re-Rendered. I aint taking mp3 shit. yoga is mp3 im sorry i didn best that one was really fuckin lost i did my best on dat yoga shit track ... audio restoration you know? im sorry but that was all i had i lost shit back in days fucking old pcs corrupted files n shit . thats why today i fucking had lots of pen drives n fuckin loads of portable hard drives backing shit up all da time because you know what? this shit is precious ive already explained. yoga only shit i had was mp3 320 shit or something i tried to resto
  10. yes of course 303 kheops lollolololol.... :P i promise i will write new things soon after we get over these things ok? maybe theres still enough material for next month or not but for this month im done bye <3 200 downloads gone in a space of 2-3 days with 2 brand new releases... FUCKKKKKKKK u guys want more? gimme some cash and i will invest more u guys want more? here! Download Credits Your Bandcamp account comes with 200 downloads per month of tracks or albums that you’re giving away (meaning you’ve set them to free, or let-fan-name-price with no minimum a
  11. the yoga track is actually my own vocal it sticks in my head for some reason is good message i guess lol enjoy bro BOOM!!!!!!! post edit : i said ' relax your spirit and mind... YOGA!' LOOOOOOOOOL
  12. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and for discogs freaks here: https://www.discogs.com/Various-Three-Moons-And-One-Shrine/release/8868402 PROPZ to ma prophet Malachyte one love to u bruh Tracklist: 1- Realm 9 - Mercury 2-Mana Source - Heretic Visions 3-Faraoh - Wedlock 4-Mana Source - Karmagedon 5-Amithaba Buddha - Mental Maze 6-Mana Source- Moon Minerium 7-Space Sinbad - Eyes of Osiris 8-Resistrance - Hypnolab 9 9-Lost Buddha - Yoga {/ thanks penzoline for bringing this shit up so heres my explanation = (this one came from mp3 file and i audio restored it due to loss of origina
  13. yea im working on that , ill come up with a nice surprise to everybody but although! i dont wanna flood and i think its nice to give room to other labels n shit to showcase their work. thats all.
  14. well you guys are asking for more ... i dont care if its only 2-3 people i still do it , lets keep it togheter and thats all i care about maybe others will get to understand and join ... you guys are making me happy with this and sure ill drop some more of what i have... i will produce in a later time when most of it its out... its just i dont want to rush releases , i think its a bit unfair . theres other labels and its good to give some space for them too . i think theres plenty of room for everyone to shine their own art n shit... /filipe
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