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  1. Haven't checked the music yet but man do I dig that artwork.
  2. Nothing much to add besides how I pretty much love most of the A.R.T.S label output.
  3. I'm REALLY digging this.
  4. I'm glad to read this, and delighted to hear that you enjoyed the album thank you for your support !!
  5. Slightly offtopic but Eldritch Horror / Arkham Horror are fantastic board games!
  6. Welp - color me surprised ! (in a good way !) Thanks for compilling this ! and shout-out to all of you who voted, thanks for your support <3
  7. No idea if this qualifies as metal but it's been on repeat since yesterday morning with no hints of stopping anytime soon pls send help-
  8. That pic I posted is merely referencing a joke / running-gag between me and Imba, nothing more nothing less.
  9. I completely lost my shit when the vocals kicked in. It reminded me of the time he posted that video of him singing on top of a Man With No Name track. Pure unadulterated maniacal bliss.
  10. Haven't had the time to properly check it yet, but if the Soundcloud wavefom is anything to go by, I'm pretty sure Trump could keep a few people out of his country with such a brick-walled thing. edit: holy shit it has vocals.
  11. Soooo yeah, idk what's been happening lately but something kinda "clicked" in my head, and I found myself listening to more & more of this stuff. Strange. But shit, that's fun. Currently having that on repeat, no idea about the style, genre, or whatever, I'm clueless about all this, no idea what I'm gonna find next, and boy is that refreshing.
  12. Well I suppose he may be right considering it looks like he kinda co-wrote it
  13. A kick, a melodic bassline (and a cool one at that), one modulated synth line following the same melody, a "riser" FX leading to the break. Vocal sample, then re kick bass melody. All in all, very few sounds (again, not saying that in a negative way) which leaves plenty of space in the audio spectrum to make all those parts sound absolutely, monstrously GOOD together. Take modern goa and its "wall of sound" approach which fills the audio spectrum up to the fucking max and you're way more limited to make each part stand out, since there are so many of them mashed together. (again, not saying one is "better" than the other, mind you) Also: heavy layering / "wall of sound" shouldn't be mistaken for complexity, imho. It's simply another approach. edit: this should be a topic of its own actually the thread got kinda derailed
  14. Maybe because top-notch sound production is the end-goal in itself. (edit: not trolling!) edit2: Also, gave the samples a listen, this is definitely going on my to-buy list, cool stuff !
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