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  1. Agreed, a lot of the early Elysium stuff is fantastic. The album Dance For The Celestial Beings is an absolute classic of the genre. Couldn't care less about any drama the artist is up to these days.
  2. That's really interesting especially as Trance2MoveU also liked the track. The best way I can describe it is that the choice of sounds send me spiralling straight into a "bad trip". I can't appreciate it psychedelically at all because I feel it's going to send me into a dark place. That's caused by the timbre and composition of different sounds rather than the harmonies. And this is coming from a big fan of Xenomorph and other dark goa. Strange. I'm more of a forest-head and I thought this was overall a strong release. I can understand why from one perspective a track like "Betarave" woul
  3. Yes it's interesting indeed to see how we have almost the opposite opinion on several of the tracks. I'm guessing with the number of hearts that more people share your opinion. Or they just like your more-to-the-point review style better.
  4. https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/carpe-noctem 80 minutes of melodic forest and dark goa trance! There's so much detail and variety here, it took me so long to finally write the review. I always feel like I have to listen to every track carefully many times before even sitting down to write, and I guess that's true of every reviewer here, so it's no wonder that it took so long to appear on the review forums. Anyway, this style of tripped-out madness and focus on darker timbres is exactly what I like. So I appreciate Suntrip releasing many darker albums recently. 1. Spind
  5. Apologies at bumping my own thread, but I also wonder whether Xenomorph's many VA singles will ever see re-release. There's some great work there, "Bizarre Temporary Dissociation" for instance which is better than any track on his Qlippoth album (imo) and was only released on one relatively obscure compilation!
  6. The YouTube algorithm has a tendency to promote certain trending videos and make them appear on everyone's sidebar who is interested in even remotely similar stuff. Likely that's what happened to the Astrix song. But yes, psytrance is way more popular than goa, people just don't seem to talk about it so much on independent forums. I disagree that goa trance is "bound to die", that's what people said in the early 2000s and still new people are interested in listening to it. Cosmosis track with 1.2m views:
  7. https://singularityhub.com/2021/01/10/the-worlds-oldest-story-astronomers-say-global-myths-about-seven-sisters-stars-may-reach-back-100000-years/ The Pleiades, also known as the Seven Sisters: > It is among the star clusters nearest to Earth... and is the cluster most obvious to the naked eye in the night sky. Only six stars in the cluster are visible to the naked eye yet mythology from several ancient cultures share the idea that one of the seven “sisters" is hidden. These two stars now appear as one to the naked eye which the author proposes is the source of the hidden sist
  8. Agreed I have enjoyed those tracks and those releases very much. I want to write a review of Carpe Noctem soon as it's a real treat for fans of the darker side of goa / forest psy / Schlabbaduerst sound. Xenomorph has grown a lot on me over time, perhaps it's because he's never watered down or compromised his sound. Or perhaps because I really got into horror movies and literature. It gives you a thrill you don't get from other genres! Or I just learned to appreciate good production better these days. Even his earliest release Obscure Spectre / Telepathic Combat while obviously sounding d
  9. Xenomorph played a fantastic set at ZNA Gathering 2019 featured a lot of new tracks that are supposed to be part of a 2020 album. Also there were some really nice unreleased tracks that should have been released (check out "Lilith" at 18:55)
  10. Please create a 2021 subforum for reviews.
  11. It's a long mix but a good thing I'm working from home these days and have all day to listen to it. I'm looking forward to giving it a spin and will let you know how I feel afterwards!
  12. What are your favourite tracks from this album? The awesome thing about this album is how the tracks are diverse and different. But my favourite two are definitely the last two, especially "Chosen By The Gods", which has those dirty Asia 2001 vibes.
  13. @Ormion have you revised your opinion? I have the opposite viewpoints, this is easily one of my favourite melodic goa releases from Suntrip and the whole last decade in general.
  14. As a relative youngling and goa newcomer who only discovered the genre slightly over 10 years ago, everything that was said above rings true. Sandman - Witchcraft is an excellent choice for an album that sounds more fresh and engaging than other goa releases. Most of the other albums that caught my ear in a similar way are probably better classified as psy: Pigs In Space, Koxbox Dragon Tales, COP, late 90's X-Dream. A track like "Fairy in The Dragonforest" sounds like a more evolved version of classic goa trance, with much better rhythm section! Ultimately it leads to a debate into exactl
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