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  1. Around a decade after the peak of goa, I discovered it through Karan Gill's Listology article on it, some of which remains here https://web.archive.org/web/20140731185714/http://www.karangill.com/the-best-of-goa-trance---top-artists-albums-and-tracks.html I'd been led here by following a Discogs trail of psychedelic influences from prog house music (like Cass & Slide). I was trying to find faster, darker and more complex electronic music. @karan129 had a mix which I downloaded, it started with Voice of Enigma and then went straight into Koxbox - Doktor Mesmer. Within the first 30 seconds of listening to Doktor Mesmer, I was hooked on the genre for life!
  2. Also, here's a small mindspin. If you listen to this great track: and watch the great film "Strange Days" you will recognise the sample. But if you watch the movie then hear the track afterwards, you probably won't remember the sample as it's just a background radio. Made me wonder how the order in which we perceive music and movies matters a lot.
  3. Yes! How many goa artists used that project genesis sample? Exploring the samples have led to me finding lots of interesting stuff in both directions. My favurite find via a sample is probably the film "Murder By Death" sampled by Sandman in Flight Or Fight.
  4. I had no idea that Darshan were making prog house before goa (there's a nice 303 that comes in around 3:00 though): What other goa artists made music in different genres?
  5. Haha and also Blade Runner. Blade Runner is the most sampled movie in electronic music at least from the messy data that I gathered.
  6. Yes and whosampled.com has a massive database of samples across all genres of music, however they are not using that data to its full potential. What we need is a living cultural map of connections, so we can for instance visualise clusters of psychedelic music inspired by particular movies.
  7. I think the Asia 2001 cover is great, even today! It stands out with the pink blue yellow and has some fractals and Om stuff. Whats not to like? On the other hand, I'm with technosomy: what is up with Miranda - Phenomena cover? Originally I was going to say that it's just nothing.. but the more I look at it, the more I see; like a Rorschach. Strangely all I can see now is the inside of blood-soaked tent and I'm trying hard not to disappear down a Lake Bodom rabbithole...
  8. acid-brain

    Filteria - Sky Input

  9. It's an incredible album. What does Darshan play these days?
  10. The migration happened at some point in 2017, here's what it used to look like: https://web.archive.org/web/20170708040116/https://www.psydb.net/ I like the site for the samples database. I had a side project which was a living map of connections between psychedulic culture music, movies and literature through samples. But I never got time to finish it. Psydb is the best source of samples for goa trance.
  11. Definitely one of the very best releases of last year, big props to this artist for not compromising his classic sound.
  12. Yeah, I dont' see what this thread has to do with goa either and it risks just turning into a flamewar like you'd find on any mainstream social media.
  13. Really interesting premise in this thread, and cool to see all those quotes gathered in one place which you do notice when you read old reviews from the early noughties. About oldschool goa aging like fine wine - from the perspective of more novice ears that only discovered goa around 2010, I often found those comments about certain albums sounding "dated" to be confusing. My perception of what sounds "dated" and not doesn't match up with reviewers back at the time. Juno Reactor, X-Dream, Astral Projection can have a sound which feels very dated to me (not necessarily in a bad way!). Other artists from the late 90s can still sound shockingly fresh: Koxbox, Sandman, Pigs in Space for example. I can't particularly highlight what features of the music create those effects though; just a function of the scenes and production you've been exposed to?
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