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Happy New Year everyone

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Happy New Year everyone.

Well 2009 is all but over. Seven and a half hours left to my year in Japan. My year will be 9 hours shorter than most people's aswell as 2009 started for me at 0:00 Jan 1st in England and will end 11:59 Dec 31st in Japan. What happened to two fifths of a day? Oh well, 2008 was 9 hours longer than most people's :P


To celebrate 2009 I would like share with you the mix from my last gig of this year. Me and the other Sirocco boys played in The Pink Cow in Shibuya, Tokyo. It was a great night and I played a fully Ultimae set (hope that doesn't break any copyright laws :P)




1. Sync24 - White Pixels

2. Solar Fields - Sol

3. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Photosynthesis

4. James Murray - Where Edges Meet

5. H.U.V.A. Network - Something Heavens

6. Asura - Like A Summer Day

7. Aes Dana - Opalin

8. Sync24 - DOT

9. Asura - Back To Light

10. Malik Trey - Sleepy Shadows

11. Aes Dana - Leylines

12. Vibrasphere - San Pedro

13. Solar Fields - Air Song

14. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Mos6581

15. Aes Dana - Season 5

16. Cell - Hanging Masses

17. Solar Fields - Times Are Good (Sometimes Remix)

18. Amos - Fläktsystem

19. Subgardens - Listen to the Flowers Grow (Aes Dana Remix)

20. Subgardens - Asleep Clockmaker

21. Solar Fields - Monogram

22. Aural Planet - Sunfruits Avenue

23. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Metrosat 4


Download Link


In the first few days I hope to put together a few diffferent mixes I'd like to share with everyone.


First 5 short mixes showcasing my favourite tracks of the last 10 years. A prog mix, a psy mix, an ambient mix, a downbeat mix and an IDM mix. Each one will be my top 10 going from 10th favourite track to favourite track. It might be a challenge to mix as I am not taking into account anything apart from how much I like the track in my track selection ;)


Second will be a downbeat mix of my favourite 2009 tracks. I don't have enough to make an upbeat mix this year.


Third I hope to put out another ambient mix, possibly in my poetry series.


Hope you all have a great new year's eve!


Joseph abasio

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Uuuhh...you're in Japan...I envy you! Damn, I can almost taste those delicious mochi!


So, 新年おめでとう! to you now, and to those who still have about 12 hours left: scroll down in 12 hours!























Happy New Year everyone!

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I don't have enough to make an upbeat mix this year.

I did. Cobbled one together yesterday.




01. Filteria - In the Heaven's Eye

02. SynSUN - Hoffman's Delivery

03. Liquid Flow - Tribal Vision

04. E-mantra - Dansul Ielelor

05. Jikooha - Rumble Fish

06. Blue Planet Corporation - Telekinetic

07. Aerosis - Suamsami

08. Merr0w - Mermaid's Twin Sister

09. PortaMento - Sugar Shock

10. Radical Distortion - The Other World

11. Afgin - Apollo 11

12. Astral Projection - One


87 minutes, 137M VBR MP3.

Download (direct file link, right click and "save target" if your plugins steal MP3s)

Complete list with timing and albums


Thanks to everyone behind these releases. Happy new year, and let there be even more hot stuff in 2010.



P.S. I'll definitely listen to your ultima(t)e mix too.

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And may Psynews still live long. Your support in unvaluable...and in 2 weeks from nowwe have a very special celebration coming up :)

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And from me too, a good and happy new year to all of you!


And a good new decade! Also for the music ... and the site!


I can't lift my glass now though, I gotta drive...


have fun :)

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Hey everyone. I hope you are all enjoying the start of 2010, getting ready for the year ahead and breaking your resolutions already :ph34r:

I have very much enjoyed my time off work. 3 mofre days of my 9 days off, how quickly it goes. I feel so much better and muct remember never ever go a whole year without taking a decent length of time off to do nothing ;)

In my time of doing nothing I managed to get a few of the mixes I promised done. My Best of the Noughties are all completed. Not every mix is perfect as all tracks were chosen as they were my favourites not because they mixed well. But the tunes themselves, well they are the best (IMO) from the last 10 years so you can imagine how much I like these mixes


Best of the Noughties - Psytrance




10. Infected Mushroom - Shen - Classical Mushroom (YoYo Records) 2000

9. Principles of Flight - The Chase - Chaos Opera (Timecode Records) 2009

8. Cyberbabas - The Second Revelation - The Secret Of The Thirteen Crystal Skulls (TIP.World) 2003

7. Doof - The Second Revelation - The Mystery Of The Thirteen Crystal Skulls (TIP.World) 2001

6. Reality Pixie - Phloem of TLSG - Musica Discordia (Gi'iwa Productions) 2006

5. Scorb - Klangman - Scorb (Ambivalent Records) 2003

4. Principles of Flight - A Heavy Responsibility - Night Time Lullabies (BooM! Records) 2006

3. Sienis - Form Another Perspective - From A Nutter Perspective (Gi'iwa Productions) 2007

2. Jikkenteki - A Bowl Gruel World - Flights Of Infinity (PAR-2 Productions) 2008

1. Jikkenteki - Stepping Forward - The Long Walk Home (PAR-2 Productions) 2006



Best of the Noughties - Prog




10. Kino Oko - Messiah Formula - Alphabetically Divided Highway (Tribal Vision) 2008

9. Great Leap Forward - Sparta - Cinkofa (Flying Rhino Records) 2001

8. Deviant Species - A Night To Dismember - In The Hands Of The Randomiser (Ambivalent Records) 2004

7. Atmos - Fill The Hat - Headcleaner (Spiral Trax) 2000

6. Blue Planet Corporation - Lubianka / Hemo Static II - A Blueprint For Survival (DAT Records) 2009

5. Nuclear Ramjet - Cloud Sailors - Mission To Sedna (Spaceport Records) 2006

4. Planet BEN & James - Repeater - Singularity 2-001 (Flying Rhino Records) 2001

3. BUS - Disco Suns - Morebusinesslinkyouthere (Sub) 2005

2. Gus Till - BusTed - Uncontrollable Substance / BUS - Metatron - Best Of The Rhino Years (Sonic Dragon Records) 2007

1. Solar Fields - Brainbow - EarthShine (Ultimae Records) 2007


Not all of this is strictly prog but I don't care :P



Best of the Noughties - IDM




10. Sandspider - Levchenko - Music For An Imaginary Film (Millenium Records) 2004

9. Ulrich Schnauss - Monday - Paracetamol - A Strangely Isolated Place (City Center Offices) 2003

8. Yasume - The Prevailing Wind - Where We're From The Birds Sing A Pretty Song (City Centre Offices) 2003

7. Plaid - White's Dream - Tekkonkinkreet (鉄コン筋クリート) O.S.T. (Aniplex Inc.) 2006

6. Kettel - Kroost Kids - Myam James Part 1 (Sending Orbs) 2008

5. Takagi Masakatsu - Rama - Private/ Public (P-Vine Records) 2007

4. Kettel - He's His Own Man - My Dogan (Sending Orbs) 2006

3. Yagya - Rigning Sex - Rigning (Sending Orbs) 2009

2. Ulrich Schnauss - Nobody's Home - Far Away Trains Passing By (City Center Offices) 2001

1. Secede - Leraine - Tryshasla (Sending Orbs) 2005




Best of the Noughties - Downbeat




10. Rena Jones - Driftwood - Driftwood (Native State Records) 2006

9. Shpongle - Once Upon The Sea Of Blissful Awareness - Tales Of The Inexpressible (Twisted Records) 2001

8. Abakus - Opaque - That Much Closer To The Sun (LSD - Liquid Sound Design) 2004

7. Carbon Based Lifeforms - Mos6581 - Hydroponic Garden (Ultimae Records) 2003

6. OTT - Angelic Particles (Buckminster Fullerine Mix) - Hallucinogen In Dub (Twisted Records) 2002

5. Gus Till - Monkey In The Black Sky - Dub Shadows (Cyan Music) 2004

4. Prometheus - Sweet Tooth - Butterfly Dawn (Liquid Sound Design) 2003

3. Jikkenteki - An Angel Takes Flight - The Long Walk Home (PAR-2 Productions) 2006

2. Shulman - Invention - Endless Rhythms Of The Beatless Heart (Aleph Zero Records) 2007

1. Solar Fields - Air Song - Leaving Home (Ultimae Records) 2005





Best of the Noughties - Ambient




10. Hallucinogen - e - Twelve (TIP.World) 2001

9. Nunc Stans - The Palm at the End of the Mind - The Palm At The End Of The Mind (DataObscura) 2008

8. Krill.Minima - Submarine Poetry - Nautica (Native State Records) 2007

7. Elemental Journey - Air - Absolute Ambient.com Volume 2 (Absolute Ambient.com) 2004

6. The Circular Ruins - Immer Du - Falling Into The Sky (Blue Oasis) 2007

5. Ghostfriend - Moist - Oxycanta (Ultimae Records) 2006

4. Mutagene - A Borrowed Skin - Collection 1: Opening (Databloem) 2002

3. Cymphonic - Tau - Strataradialis (Databloem) 2007

2. Solar Fields - Detection (Far and Extended) - Extended (Ultimae Records) 2005

1. Ishq - Fluid Earth - Orchid (Dakini Records) 2001


It has been a fantastic decade for music as I look back on it now. More so I think in the more chilled genres than upbeat but that might just be down to the fact that I am getting old :(


I think the Artists of the Decade have to be Solar Fields, Gus Till, Matt Hillier, Anthony Paul Kerby, Principles of Flight and Jikkenteki. I give my heartiest thanks to all these artists for keeping me with music I love through the last 10 years :wub: :wub: :wub:

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Hell it's been a long time!

Happy new year from me aswell!! How is everyone? Any of the people from the good old days still here?!

Wish ya all a blast, have a good one guys!! ;)


Pd: What happened to the Psynews Photo Album? And where did all the old posts disappear to? Was lurking for some nostalgia..

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Happy new year also from me to you all!




Edit: just wanted to add, that I miss you guys! There are many members that haven't been on psynews in months...and i lost track of them.

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  • 9 years later...

Happy New Year to all of you!
While I'm not that active anymore, but I try, I check this place everyday!
To me this is THE portal to all information on good goa trance.

May Psynews forever be around!

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