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  1. Well ..fuck Rest in peace, brother Sonic Mandala & Ultraviolet Catastrophe
  2. My take on it is a bit cynical. I consider psy to be quite complex. Sophisticated enough to make it lose its mass appeal. It's definitely easier to digest the so called trance music that's being produced today. On a more positive note, what's being produced today is mostly not psy, so old school lives on Quality product is meant for quality people.
  3. I'll have whatever you're smoking man..
  4. Getting first shot of Pfizer next week.
  5. Ok? How does composing / producing relate to politics? If you're out of steam or feel burned out, just say so, it's fine. I don't buy this "oh y'all are just sticking your head in the sand, so how about I stop making music to show how upset I am with you.." Thanks, Mom, I guess.
  6. I don't mind "different" as you can see, but that mumble rappish auto tune heavy thing isn't impressive or interesting at all It apparently has an audience and these days it's often about image and who makes the most bitches and yada yada..
  7. Giving new headset the audio test (read: blasting some goa!)
  8. I made a playlist some time ago, but relevant videos getting deleted, so this playlist is a shell of its former self. Too lazy to revise or upload tracks, myself. I've tried to look for other playlists on YT, but I can't figure out how to search specifically for playlists xD Sure, putting "goa trance playlist" in the search bar gives some playlists, but I want ALL of them Other times I'm looking for psytrance lists I get some Vini vici type of stuff .. *sadpanda*
  9. My collection is digital and I have distilled a list of like ~300 tracks that needs further refinement. Other times, I just put my player on random (in a sea of like 15k+ tracks). I've given up on the idea of trying to listen through EVERYTHING in alphabetical order. Technically, the randomiser doesn't pick anything twice in the same playthrough so there's hope of reaching the end .. some day. I feel like I should be moving on to some other genre not stick to goa. I'm exploring around, sure, but I always come crawling back for more goa trance ..
  10. Dark city and Gattaca. I enjoyed both of them. Gattaca's been evading me all this time, a great movie with quite the ending..
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