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  1. I don't even beat off while listening to psytrance..it just doesn't work for me
  2. Honestly, having sex to psytrance isn't on my bucket list. I'm trippin balls, no way I'd be ready for business
  3. That was my first contact with Prodigy (2005ish? ). r.i.p About 12 years ago there was a Prodigy performance not far from here
  4. That should be Psychopod's, haven't heard a koxbox track by that title, at least AH, it's a spin off group of Koxbox! You learn something every day. sry for ot
  5. Currently dealing with my own thesis and starting PhD in september. More goa to fuel my engines. Majoring mathematics. More Veasna!
  6. I should say my list is not in any way or form objective. These are the tracks that are special to me. For instance, Point of no return is the first Koxbox track I heard, which caused irreversible brain damage and so now I'm here .. That set is awesome, btw.
  7. Oh my god, only three artists?! I can't decide which artist is 'better', but I can decide which tracks I like most Message from God Why? Overload To eternity Koxbox Fuel on Point of no return Doktor mesmer Sandman Highway 101 Shockwave Natural born killer There are so many good artists and iconic tracks ..you can't do this to me!!
  8. Uh, I did try Anthem.. for about 2 hours ..of which at Least an hour consisted of loading screens. There was no chat in an online game, that one was really strange to me. Perhaps, they fixed tons of stuff, but I won't support this game. You just don't release an incomplete game, period. Perhaps, in a year. Oh fuck, Enderal's got an update. I need to make myself a schedule so I can playthrough all the games I want, there are too many
  9. I'm thinking to myself and trying to figure out how the hell noone's mentioned this gem so far There is so much great crazy goa. (I believed for the longest time the above track was IM's until I realised it doesn't sound Anything like IM)
  10. The thing I hate the most about TR: Anniversary is the last mission. The timed jumps aren't actually that bad, but the disappearing floor with annoying flying creatures throwing fireballs at you are just a nightmare to deal with because of the aiming mechanics in the game. Otherwise, the puzzles are fun, some obvious and some less obvious opportunities for shortcuts to shave off valuable seconds on your times. Speedrunners abuse the f* out of the bugs in that game, though, I want to get good times with not too much abuse. Bought Witcher 3 during the Lunar New Year sale on steam, now all I need is bloody free time .. lots of it
  11. But..but.. but..I like both of them! I will put these on my to-listen queue. If memory serves I like Transdimensional just a weeeee bit better because of reasons that will become apparent once I'm done listening. edit: nope, I remembered wrong, IFO is the better album to me
  12. found this browsing around the vastness of the youtube, what makes it even more remarkable is what it says in the description
  13. In Estonia there's a closed community for parties, invitation based, to keep troublemakers out. No goa, though, more like prog / full onish , perhaps some forest or darkpsy. Not really my cup of tea. Wouldn't attend such events any more, any way.
  14. Can''t wait to give this one a listen. Love the Journey through my head album a lot. For what ever reason I'm always like super late to Ephedra releases. Only recently found about Flying over the universe.
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