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  1. Nunc Stans - Elementa I've been in a real ambient mood recently and DataObscura is really enjoyable
  2. It was only when I got Dragonfly Classix that I knew what the first track I heard that got me into psy was. I'd heard it at an after party and checked out the CD case but I was out of it and only remembered the picture of a dragonfly. That was enough to get me some CDs that startedy love affair. This was the track BTW https://g.co/kgs/7M7qvE
  3. Does the sample get faster and sound kind of metallic and scratchy? I'm sure I've heard that recently, meaning I have it, but for the life of me and can't think who it is right now.
  4. I like bandcamp a lot. It's got a great mix of name your price stuff and labels that I am happy to pay full price for. If I buy a physical CD I get a decent download right away. I remember buy If live direct from DAT and the download was poor to say the least. Each track separate except for CD3, not art embedded in the FLAC, except for CD2 and one file I am not sure which cause my Walkman to crash over and over and need repair great album though Bandcamp downloads are always perfect, simple to download and fit on my player instantly.
  5. I'm sitting in a hotel room in Hakone. Just had an expensive meal with overpriced wine. Now watching over my sleeping daughter as my wife relaxes in a hot spring.
  6. I can't get it in Japan. I ended up with an app called firetube. It's basically YouTube without the video. It's great for streaming music. The only thing I can't get is decent ambient but I still buy that anyway as I like the high quality files for such delicate music.
  7. abasio

    New years hype

    Personally I had a good 2016 Work was fairly easy, I got to see my daughter getting bigger, had a few holidays and did okay financially. I hope 2017 is more of the same. So many people have said that 2016 was the worst year ever because a bunch of celebrities died. I'm just not sure how that affects people so much. Hope everyone has a great 2017
  8. I never used to but I've been drinking more and more over the last few years. Always black, no sugar. Sometimes hot, sometimes ice. Often in a can from a vending machine or convenience store.
  9. I'm quite happy to still be very British after living in Japan so long. A lot of expats I meet sound like a textbook. It's from a Japanese pop video. Although it's been a decade since I've had this signature and I cannot remember who the singer is. I've lived in Japan for a long long time though. I probably come across as Japanese now as I know more about here than I do the UK.
  10. http://www.dakinirecords.com/~English/releases_eng_09.html You can buy the Cd here. The guys at Dakini can speak English so maybe you can ask them if you can purchase a digital copy.
  11. I still love Are You Shpongled? The others are good but not as good. Even Tales...
  12. ↑↑↑ This video is not available in your country My problem with pop is that it's too catchy. If I like a song it'll get stuck in my head until I detest it. I try just listening to the radio and not paying attention to who or what I'm listening to.
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