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  1. Beat Bizarre's Lewd is being remastered and will come out soon again .... :-) Also Tegma, Solid Snake, Perfect Stranger, Tetrameth, Ticon or AKD were high on my progressive psy list ..... As for recent, I really like Captain Hook! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUnrQngUfoQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ij-dgQDsv8U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEO2M9MUafc
  2. Same here but I went for Beyond eventually but it is a hard pick indeed! :-)
  3. Sounds really great indeed!! Especially the middle part in which I hear oldschool influences of Cosmosis and GNOTR .....I like the acid lines :-) Nice one Suntrip and Triquetra!! Bravoooooh!
  4. Enjoyed this one very much, liked it better than Time Travel actually ....
  5. Received mine from Bandcamp with a copy of VA - the Dissidents (Horns and Hoofs) https://www.discogs.com/Neoris-The-Dissidents/release/226789
  6. Don't mind if its modern .... don't mind if it's full on ... It's great ..... you can hear past influences in a modern jacket, it's psychedelic and it sounds great! Thank you Ofer! Really enjoying this one! :-)
  7. 1995/1996 .... so I was 16/17 years young .... :-) First tracks, amongst others, were MWNN - Lunar cycle ; Etnica - Moon influence ; Juno Reactor - Feel the universe ; Hallucinogen - Snarling black marbel ; ... so I guess I started out commercial (Distance to goa series and Traveling series and some albums I could find back then cause as someone already mentioned it was the pre-internet era which made the hunt for those albums something magical :-) ) ..... still remeber the excitement when I discovered albums like Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala or Hallucinogen - Twisted somewhere in my Virgin Megastore .... :-))) .... Some years later a specialised shop in Goa music arised in Antwerp ... great times!!
  8. Sounds great indeed :-D really no chance for cd format? :-(
  9. Recently arrived: VA - Aurora Sidera Morphic resonance - The city of moons Toi Doi - ... UX - Audissey Etnica in dub :-) woop woop :-)
  10. Well received!! :-) first cd sounds great!! Big thnx once again to all those involved ...
  11. Well I was referring to the Zeta Reticuli on Fliying Rhino's 1st Flight .... Fluoro Neuro Sponge .... ..... that one brings back memories .... made 2 friends not into goa trance lie down between the speakers with that song .... (they both had some xtc) ..... they loved it ... hahahahaha
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