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  1. Hell it's been a long time! Happy new year from me aswell!! How is everyone? Any of the people from the good old days still here?! Wish ya all a blast, have a good one guys!! Pd: What happened to the Psynews Photo Album? And where did all the old posts disappear to? Was lurking for some nostalgia..
  2. what are you not interested in? =)

  3. Just posting a comment... for the sake of comment. :)

  4. Hey cool photos!! Thanx DP!! Keep them comming But where is Heva luv?
  5. Hell yeah! I wanna see them Reeeeeally reeeeally wanted to go, but it would have summed up a few hundred euros which I just couldn´t afford so short before India.. - Hope you all had a blast!
  6. De nada Sounds awesome! You lucky globe trotter you! : ) But looked like a buddha in that wallpaper, eh?! heheh
  7. apre = I could imagine that it´s an abbreviation of "apreciacion" - appreciation Brasilll = Brazil ( a big big country in south America, Aliens happen to be seen there ) Uma belezaaa = a beauty Now what brazil has to do with your wallpapers I dont really know.. but brazilians use to just enjoy screaming the name of their country out, hehe Very nice stuff there Tox! The buddha one is my favourite! was the original picture taken in Thailand?
  8. wow Awesome photos Surge, thank you very much My favourite is also Tranquil, although they are all amazing. But these hands are so full of wisdom.. represent an entire life flowing with the water.. And that man behind the rose.. wooho makes one melt away.. haha Really great work! Now I dont wonder anymore how you can just "upgrade" to a Canon 1Ds Mk II Dont forget to link us to your gallery once it´s done! May I ask how much you plan to sell it for?
  9. Very nice Tox! Great gallery too!!
  10. yup, that´s mine - Not complete yet though.. just been uploading randomly once in a while.. - Foscu, Great gallery!! Beautiful northern nature..
  11. tsk tsk tsk Shame on you Mister Alien, tsk tsk tsk Edit: I found your Swiss knife!!!
  12. Yeah fur sure man.. it´s nothing easy when you´re used to have your partner on your side and from one day to the other you´re apart and that for a long time.. It hurts a lot and brings many tears.. but It´s still fine as long as you know that Love is always there and no one and nothing can ever change that.. and surely time & distance will not Remind all the nice times you had with her and all the wonderful things you´ll experience together in future and do not get fixed in this momentary distance, because that will be over again. While Love will always be there..
  13. awwwwwwwwww Dont worry man, it will stop! After all she didn´t die, she´s alive and you love each other! You´re just in a different place for a certain time period which dosen´t change anything about your relationship - Important is just that you dont let yourself fall into this sadness.. Accept it and continue living, with her always in your mind and heart.. Time will pass quickly and before you even notice you´re together again =)
  14. hah! great! I've got another one: Labamba ( forgot the artist ), was it Valens Richie or smt like that?
  15. I'm not even going to start No but to make you laugh a bit too: Puff Daddy - I'll be missing you.
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