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  1. Thx! Altough the blog is sort of updated quite seldom. But I will also post the reviews I write there here. So you won't be missing out if not visiting, maybe some offtopic jaga like fractals
  2. 1.Peace (The Calling) 2.Lands End 3.Wake Me 4.Plateau Dedans 5-Perdido Encontrado 6.Caves At Noom 7.Dawning Venus 8.Endless 9.Innerflections 10.Friction Gentle 11.Lunar Sunrise 12.Ciel Ouvert As you stand and watch the horizon, a beautiful sunset, an airliner passing by in the sky, or looking out your window watching the leaves gently falling from the trees on a dark fresh autumn night, you might have a sense of these objects being far away. And yet all these these objects are in your perception, and your perception is near, it's you, you are in it and it's in you. All these phen
  3. 1. Langbortistan 2. Dybet 3. H2O 4.Refleksioner 5.Nordlys 6. Hypnose 7. Rejsen How does an album come to be? Is it just parts sewn together, or is there some connection between them? Are tracks evolving from one another in one direction, from the first sound to a full fledged album, just as the universe supposedly sprang from a first instant and then evolved into the reality we can witness today, maybe the big bang was a sound, a sound that signified the starting point of the symphony that we call life. Or can the tracks interact with each other and the sound that was the starting poin
  4. Krusseldorf – From Soil to Space 1. Geometrics 2. Boxing 3. The Cell 4. First Blood 5. From Soil to Space 6. Click 7. Deep Fulgin 8. Tokyo Nights 9. Soe Doe 10. Deep into the Bowl 11. Choclop 12. Zyclops 13. A head under the Towel After having reviewed Krusseldorf's second album, 'Bohemian groove', I was certain that this was the pinnacle of Simon Heath's career, he could never release an album that would top it. This was the perfect album, there were no flaws, no bad tracks, no mistakes, everything was meshed into something extraordinary. This album was Simon
  5. im sorry to bug you but do you think you could check out my post in the lost tracks section? please

  6. Label: Aleph Zero Records Catalog#: AlephZ15 Format: CD, Album, Partially Mixed Country: Israel Released: 31 May 2010 Tracklist: 1. Underwater 2. Choices 3. The way too... 4. See What I See, Hear What I Hear 5. Eggplant Week 6. Friends 7. Coffe 8. Smile 9.My Window 10. Room Of Creation 11. Just Another Night (part 2) 12. Closure That place really had a big impact on me, so many years have passed, but still I often think about it. The sun is heading towards it's nightly rest, giving aw
  7. Almost fooled me. It sounded like happy news, but when I saw the tracklist it started to seem more and more unlikely by each track. I was happy at first
  8. lol, thx, need to edit that haha. That's the proof I have no idea of what I'm talking about
  9. You can read my thoughts on my blog. http://thenoseisperpendicular.blogspot.com/2011/03/ott-mir.html
  10. Good review usling Very nice for a first review. LOL@Trance2MoveU review
  11. I think the single is boring and uninspired, sry.
  12. Label: Fluid Audio Catalog#: fluidaudio007 Format: CD, Album, Limited Edition Country: UK Released: 31 Jan 2011 Genre: Classical, Electronic Style: Neo-Classical, Downtempo, Experimental 01. Acoustic Tale 1 (Introduction) (8:30) 02. Acoustic Tale 2 (5:19) 03. Acoustic Tale 3 (4:21) 04. Acoustic Tale 4 (With Danny Norbury) (7:18) 05. Acoustic Tale 5 (8:45) 06. Acoustic Tale 6 (6:37) 07. Acoustic Tale 7 (Inspired By Franz Kafka) (4:54) 08. Acoustic Tale 8 (Dedicated To Sergei Rachmaninoff) (5:08) 09. Acoustic Tale 9 (7:28) 10. Acoustic Tale 10 (6:21) 11. Acoustic Tale 11 (Appen
  13. I'm an uneducated Alice in hippieland! And btw, just lay off the hate mongering, it just presents you as an immature teenager...
  14. Wonderful! Cheeeeeeeese! I think Epic Transition is a much better track though. Wonderful! Cheese for breakfast, is there any other way?
  15. I haven't got into this album deep yet, although my impressions this far is that it's a weak Solar Fields album. Unite is terribly good though. I am with you on 2005, what's that all about? But honestly I think that as artists, you can make maybe one or two albums total during your whole career that are masterpieces. I think it has to do with a certain time in your life when you are really connected with life, or things beyond life or whatever it may be, God, dunno...take your pick What I mean is that during that period of time what you create becomes so connected with "this" that it inevitab
  16. Which are those albums from Galaxy and Psyfactor? I'd be very interested in checking them out! Thanks edit: sry of course I can check discogs....anyways... _S:S
  17. Bet your busy with your "new" life, back from ze internets to ze real world :P

  18. You`re never on msn anymore melanshroomy man :(

  19. It's from philosopher and spiritual entertainer Alan Watts. Be sure to check out his lectures on "Out of your Mind", great stuff.
  20. LOL Welcome, I'm a downtempo fan and not so into Goa, but I still visit this forum almost daily.
  21. If the music is in this world, or in your perception of things, then how can it be from another world or even sound like it's from an other world, aren't all things we experience from the world we live in, however peculiar?
  22. I fear this will be just my cup of tea lol
  23. Yeah that would be nice, but if I am not on some "substance" I loose interest even in an 80min album. But on special occasion I think that going through all three albums in a row must be a blast!
  24. I've listened through this once and my first impression is that this album is not really an improvement from Last Resort, more of a continuation on the same level. More listens required though.
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