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    Never knock on Heavens door, ...Ring the bell, then run (He hates that)
  1. Reading Psynews for the first time in three years...
  2. Long time since last people Happy New Year everybody !!! Hugs!
  3. First off I have to say that the Trolls, Staffan and Jani, are pretty good friends of mine, so I might be biased to say anything about them. I have always rated their music quite high, and it just keeps getting better. I am actually a bit surprised it isn't more popular already. Here in Finland they are quite successful act in the Psy scene... or have been for some years already actually. I hope all the best for them http://www.rlpforen.de/releases/12087-trol...roductions.html
  4. +1 As nemo said, the result counts. Ofcourse I have a huge respect for people who can mix well, just as I respect choosing the right track for the right moment at a party. But what it all comes down to is the result... not how you got there. The same thing applies to pretty much any form of art. Art doesn' t have to be difficult to be good...
  5. Have Phun! I'm goin to Tammisaari to watch some powerboatraces and enjoy the regatta
  6. Currently I have The Best of the Doors The Doors Alice in Chains -Unplugged Nirvana -Nevermind Guns 'n' Roses -Appetite for Destruction a mixtape by Kolibriscope Thats about it for the moment I think. I use to change what I carry with me a lot tho.
  7. Grunge, Rock, Jazz, blues, soul, jazz
  8. Kris hasn't been on pienews for a good while..
  9. Well.. hard to say really.. My parents once cruised by an openair party in a park here in Helsinki. The party was organised by my bro, kolibri. My mom really liked it... She tought it reminded her of her own youth, so it really gave her good vibes. She's an ex flower girl, so no wonder.. I' m not too sure about my dad tho.
  10. Wow... Very beautiful indeed! Nice work man
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