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  1. Beat Bizarre's Lewd is being remastered and will come out soon again .... :-) Also Tegma, Solid Snake, Perfect Stranger, Tetrameth, Ticon or AKD were high on my progressive psy list ..... As for recent, I really like Captain Hook! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vUnrQngUfoQ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ij-dgQDsv8U https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEO2M9MUafc
  2. Same here but I went for Beyond eventually but it is a hard pick indeed! :-)
  3. Sounds really great indeed!! Especially the middle part in which I hear oldschool influences of Cosmosis and GNOTR .....I like the acid lines :-) Nice one Suntrip and Triquetra!! Bravoooooh!
  4. Enjoyed this one very much, liked it better than Time Travel actually ....
  5. Received mine from Bandcamp with a copy of VA - the Dissidents (Horns and Hoofs) https://www.discogs.com/Neoris-The-Dissidents/release/226789
  6. Don't mind if its modern .... don't mind if it's full on ... It's great ..... you can hear past influences in a modern jacket, it's psychedelic and it sounds great! Thank you Ofer! Really enjoying this one! :-)
  7. 1995/1996 .... so I was 16/17 years young .... :-) First tracks, amongst others, were MWNN - Lunar cycle ; Etnica - Moon influence ; Juno Reactor - Feel the universe ; Hallucinogen - Snarling black marbel ; ... so I guess I started out commercial (Distance to goa series and Traveling series and some albums I could find back then cause as someone already mentioned it was the pre-internet era which made the hunt for those albums something magical :-) ) ..... still remeber the excitement when I discovered albums like Space Tribe - Sonic Mandala or Hallucinogen - Twisted somewhere in my Virgin Megastore .... :-))) .... Some years later a specialised shop in Goa music arised in Antwerp ... great times!!
  8. Sounds great indeed :-D really no chance for cd format? :-(
  9. Recently arrived: VA - Aurora Sidera Morphic resonance - The city of moons Toi Doi - ... UX - Audissey Etnica in dub :-) woop woop :-)
  10. Well received!! :-) first cd sounds great!! Big thnx once again to all those involved ...
  11. Well I was referring to the Zeta Reticuli on Fliying Rhino's 1st Flight .... Fluoro Neuro Sponge .... ..... that one brings back memories .... made 2 friends not into goa trance lie down between the speakers with that song .... (they both had some xtc) ..... they loved it ... hahahahaha
  12. They cannot!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're just perfect as they are .....
  13. It puts a smile around my lips ..... that's it .... it may be simple but that's its beauty .... and it has something like melancholy wrapped around it .... call me a sucker but it makes me glow .... every time I hear it yes .... and no, it woudn't make my list of favorite tunes but still ..... hahaha .... ;-)
  14. Juno Reactor somewhere late 90's at Tribal Gathering at Gent, Belgium .... (if I recall correct .... ha-ha) "Etnica" at Old is Gold Antwerp, Belgium 20.. euh ...
  15. Maybe not essential but certainly different ...... the flow gets me every time which I find a rare thing among those so called new school albums .. : Nebula Meltdown - Stardust chronicles
  16. What's there to say but they were Awesome ..... many favorites .... but maybe these 2 tracks deserve some extra attention ......
  17. Some that immediately pop up .... BPC - Crystal Etnica - Trip tonite Crop Circles - Full mental jackpot Morphem - My plan X-dream - Rain The Overlords - God's Eye on Goa Space Tribe and Hallucinogen - In the hands of the shaman ....... pfff ..... too many ..... :-D
  18. Forbidde Paradise 3 .... mixed by dj Tiesto .... those who are laughing now should try this early mixes like FP 3 and 4 .... then get back to me ... ☺https://youtu.be/-4NA9_pvSAk
  19. Perhaps not so psychedelic but still drenched in acid .... https://youtu.be/4o4joooH5tg
  20. Wondering if this counts: Encephaloid disturbance ... 😊
  21. Hallucinogen Etnica Koxbox Transwave MFG X-dream (not post Radio) BPC Ofer Dikovsky pre 2000 Almost made the list: Cosmosis Jaïa Juno Reactor Sandman IM Slinky Wizard Recent: Nebula Meltdown Crossing Mind Portamento Celestial Intelligence(unsure yet)
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