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  1. I was not, but you are clearly biassed. A statement that ignors reality. There are many instances when the europeans should have been kicked out as well and yet the trends of history are ignored to sound rightous?! When the mongols invaded Europe they were never kicked out they assimilated. Eventually the europeans who came to N.A. would have assimilated with the natives if they hadn't been nearly wiped out by small pocks. Accually these problems do exist in the EU as well. How many riots do you need to see in Paris and London to know?
  2. To provoke thought, or simply to provoke. I don't really believe the radical statement I made, but I think that it may come to pass. Right now a greater and greater percentage of people live with nothing or next to nothing and a greater percentage of people do not care. I have seen companies look for people with sociopathic traits to promote into managers. It simply is not a good business statagy to care about other people's well being. Or the well being of the country the company exists in. As much talk as I've heard of the social consciousness of the green movement, I see the results of years of a culture based solely on profit. The bigger rats will get the prize and the majority will have less. The process is a feedback loop where any luxury afforded by the wellfare state becomes savior fare to the elite. At the same time the greater control of the elite on the systems of government will create the means to protect the interests of the richest and provide a strong backlash against the expansion of the welfare state to accomidate the ever-growing ranks of the disadvantaged. The USA has closer to 100% health care coverage than it has ever had right now and yet the political will to abolish that health care coverage grows stronger and stronger by the day. Why? because the support of the weak and the equalization of the population is not supported by social norms. Social history is one of ever-evolving competition, first between kingdoms, then between nation states, and finally between classes and the indivividual. Logically I hear that it is cheaper to care for the homeless than it is to treat them in the ER, but policy will not accept that fact. It is live and let die in the USA. If you are out in the cold of winter and die you may make the local news, but you will not affect change.
  3. Just because they were evil doesn't mean the nazis did everything wrong. Take their extermination of the 'derelicts' of society for example. They got rid of all the maimed, retarded, psychotic, and terinally neglected people allowing the resources to be freed up for more capable people. Of course they went overboard and killed millions of Jews, but in the United States today there are at least hundreds of thousands of people who exist to do nothing more than use public libraries and be looked away from by people on the street. Since the USA is the easiest country in the world to immigrate to I think that a policy of extermination for the obviously derelict would give the average person something to think about before deciding to come to the USA. I strongly believe in easy access to nations. Just becuse you were born in one country doesn't mean you must live in that country all of your life. The problem with an open-door immigration policy is that rich nations will always be swamped with immigrants. What is the best way to alliviate this problem? Create a national negative in prosperous countries. A reason not to move there. Climate used to serve as a negative, but with the advent of climate controlled buildings there is no reason why a person used to high heat can't move to Norway or Iceland. The same is try for all the people who want to live in Hawaii. Right now property values make doing basic things like growing crops prohibitively expensive in Hawaii and therefor the price of food is incredably high while at the same time the number of homeless people in Hawaii is a huge problem that taxes the system to the breaking point. Hawaii recently offered to pay for airfare for any homeless person that wanted to live in any one of the other US states. Hawaii is the tip of the spear in regards to the future. Any controvery stirred up by the previous post will be moot in a thousand years when I believe the human race will become extinct.
  4. Hard India language different than Russia language...or 'soft' India language.
  5. I have looked for stuff I like, but most is trash. Spoiled on Tenchi Muyo from years ago and the great Akira stuff. Seems the best stuff is really weird and unpopular. Canaan ? that was weird - but only thing in the last few years that I liked.
  6. Oh, if there is anything interviews teach you it's whether you can lie convincingly. I think lying is one of the top five life skills.
  7. listening to what other people listen to on another forum...interesting
  8. I make it sometimes because I like it sometimes.
  9. How about: "For the last three years I've been catching up on internet porn"
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