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  1. Still around and the music is still a big part of my life but haven't had much time for forums lately, work is crazy these days.
  2. Cool track. I think the production is kind of sparse in places compared to most hitech. The acid section that starts at the three-minute mark is great.
  3. Thanks! I've had the same gif in my sig for over a decade, it's not going anywhere.
  4. Actually it was a choice on my part to make the bassline different from a typical Psytrance bassline, I wanted it to be more in the background (or "underground") and have a more unconscious effect on the listener, if that makes sense. Not good to hear about the kick though. Here's a spectrogram of the kick from the first section of my track, by way of comparison; the peak is around 1.1 kHz - is that what you mean by midrange?
  5. Great track, really slick production as always. The cheesy euphoric melodic section after the breakdown is a highlight, as is the part that starts at 6:16.
  6. Hi! Not sure whether it's fully-featured enough to be considered a DAW, but it's definitely a thing that makes noises of some sort. Cool, thanks. Don't think I've ever actually heard Hara Gobi, will check it out. Good to know, thanks. The bassline is concentrated in the low harmonics, so maybe that's the problem. I did try boosting the upper harmonics a bit when I was mixing it but didn't like the result. Also I reduced the low frequencies (centred around 65 Hz) in the kick, maybe I shouldn't have? Thanks. Clojure isn't for music, it's a general-purpose programming language that I used to write my software. The original version was written in Python but Clojure turns out to be much better suited - it's a dialect of Lisp but it runs on the Java Virtual Machine and can call Java code, which means I can write high-level Lisp code for the complicated stuff but do all the low-level number crunching quickly in Java, and also that I have access to the whole Java ecosystem for GUI programming, playing audio and so on.
  7. Not bad thanks. Work is super busy which is why I'm seldom here. But I'm pretty lucky in that the lockdown hasn't affected me too badly, I work from home and I sure as hell don't miss the commute. Thanks! I've been told elsewhere that it doesn't have enough bass so have just reuploaded a (hopefully) improved version. Misspelled track names are a psytrance tradition though.
  8. Hi guys, how's it going? Hope you're all managing to stay sane. I've spent a bunch of time recently rewriting my music software in Clojure, this is my first track with the new system. Let me know what you think:
  9. 2017: VA - Purple Pixan 2018: Kaos - Students of Anthropology
  10. Recently had a hearing test and my hearing's fine too apparently (the ear doctor also had me do an MRI scan that was also fine). The tinnitus is still quite bad, but has been relatively good for the past week - it seems to be correlated with the weather for some reason.
  11. Fobi is an artist whose choice of samples is consistently baffling.
  12. After attending parties for years without ever having any real problems, I did an absolute number on my ears at a party I went to in December. Four and a half weeks later I still have loud tinnitus in my left ear, which tends to get worse in the evenings. Seriously people, wear hearing protection at gigs.
  13. Hardly bought any new psytrance this year, partly through lack of time to check stuff out (same reason I'm almost never here any more) and partly because I didn't see much that grabbed my interest when periodically checking Goastore. Am I right in thinking that a smaller proportion of albums get a physical release these days?
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