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  1. 2017: VA - Purple Pixan 2018: Kaos - Students of Anthropology
  2. Rotwang

    Tinnitus /constant ringing in the ears

    Recently had a hearing test and my hearing's fine too apparently (the ear doctor also had me do an MRI scan that was also fine). The tinnitus is still quite bad, but has been relatively good for the past week - it seems to be correlated with the weather for some reason.
  3. Rotwang

    Most inappropriate melodies or samples in psytrance

    Fobi is an artist whose choice of samples is consistently baffling.
  4. Rotwang

    The Official Psynews Welcome(d) Topic

    Welcome back, Alleycat!
  5. Rotwang

    What music are you listening to right now?

    This is really good.
  6. Rotwang

    Tinnitus /constant ringing in the ears

    After attending parties for years without ever having any real problems, I did an absolute number on my ears at a party I went to in December. Four and a half weeks later I still have loud tinnitus in my left ear, which tends to get worse in the evenings. Seriously people, wear hearing protection at gigs.
  7. Hardly bought any new psytrance this year, partly through lack of time to check stuff out (same reason I'm almost never here any more) and partly because I didn't see much that grabbed my interest when periodically checking Goastore. Am I right in thinking that a smaller proportion of albums get a physical release these days?
  8. Rotwang

    Best earphones for goa?

    I don't know about "for goa" specifically, but SoundMagic are good and in your price range.
  9. Rotwang

    Psynews fundraiser

    I changed it to BlueBoh, but it seems to have changed itself back. Thanks for your help.
  10. Rotwang

    Psynews fundraiser

    OK, I'll try that now - let me know what happens at your end. If I haven't heard back from you in a couple of hours I'll assume the worst and change it back. e: Done.
  11. Rotwang

    Psynews fundraiser

    Mind if I change your theme with the Admin CP?
  12. Rotwang

    Psynews fundraiser

    Padmapani, do you mind if I try changing your theme via the Admin CP?
  13. Rotwang

    Psynews fundraiser

    Thanks, I'll try to look into it.
  14. Rotwang

    08/09 SHPONGLE - Codex 6 Premiere Party

    No surprises from Shpongle, was good though. Didn't stay for much of YB's set tbh, my friend and I went to the chillout room instead.
  15. Rotwang

    Psynews fundraiser

    Hmm. Works fine on my FF. What version?