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  1. I'm mostly listening to neorave and hardtrance these days. A genre I started listening to some weeks ago. Some badass artists out there. https://bandcamp.com/aspartic
  2. Nice for Proxeeus that he clearly masters different genres. Forest on the other hand is a genre that I cannot enjoy. Melodies and space sounds are my thing. This one"s not for me.
  3. I sometimes go to sleep listening to this album. It puts me into a trance straight away. Extremely good album.
  4. I like the first 4 tracks and especially the first 5 minutes of Insanity. That's some of the best acid pieces I've ever heard. After that it gets weird and too heavy for me. But it sure is an achievement making such complex and aggressive goa.
  5. I'm still very much lurking to all that happens in the goa music scene. Filteria's new stuff is the highlight for me. Great and entertaining as usual. I love listening to it in my car. Centavra looked promising but in the end I found it rather dull. Similar sounds by Median Project are of much higher quality and better story telling. I'm very glad that the parties came back without restrictions. Space Safari was crazy and the last Old Is Gold had me dancing till 8 am. Next one is 18th of march in Belgium, A Trip Into Goa Trance with Anoebis, Triquetra, BOTFB, Ohm Mind and Etnica. I mean, seriously? How good can a goa party get? During the whole corona period and also last year things were kinda hectic in the health care. Slowly it made me tired and anxious. I don't know, it kinda rolled over me. I'm more innerly stressed than before. We also have some home renovations and such. You know, real life things that stress you out in the long run. Each his or her own issues. As for the forum and internet stuffs, I've gotten lazy. A party here and there and listening to great music to chill or to get energy. That's my involvement right now. I still come back to psynews regularly, but just to read. I know it's very hyprocritical. There's less to read if no one posts anymore (myself included). But hey let's not get too dramatic. Things will clear up in the future. It's just been, and it still is, a weird time no one anticipated.
  6. Nothing more to be added really. Tsotsi put every feeling into words. This is a stunning collection of in your face blasting goa trance. I'm talking 3 a.m. stuff right here. The fun shoots through the speakers. And those killer basslines, it's ridiculous. Cherry on the cake is the crazy rolling "Donut Space Walk in the Pizza Nebula" (really? Lol!). Ever evolving until we reach 4m10sec. Total mayhem!! Hats off, what an amazing EP by these two crazy belgians. Also check out this fantastic accelerating acid goa track by Adam Shiva from his mentioned The Nature Of Life EP:
  7. I wasn't drunk or anything edit: but yeah, I sounded really dramatic it seems. Let's say it was not what I was hoping for hence my disappointment
  8. Ephedra, you know I love you. But this is more of the same and less experimental or breathtaking than your previous offerings. I feel like you've rushed the album to make the album. It's hard to find emotions in tracks, as they all sound very samey and not so surprising. Shoot, I hoped for something bigger, more melodic, sometimes some faster music. I'm left a bit disappointed. You can do so much better. You will.
  9. Afgin did something not many were able to do the last years. Make something new and fresh. Try a different take on goa trance. I'm so in love with the wide open euphoric pads and melodies. Most tracks begin with a steady goa beat, some laser sounds and then bom! Afgin rips open the dark sky above you to unload rays of sunshine and blue sky upon you. Don't be afraid of overeuphoric soundscapes. Embrace them. There is a soft touch in any of us. Afgin manages to embrace the euphoria with true modern goa laser sounds. This album took me by surprise. It will be on repeat till the rest of the year 2021. Hail Afgin!! Hell yeah!
  10. Artifact303's debut album has been a long time nr. 1 in my list of all time goa albums. But this second one might take the spot now. Initially I wanted to compare both albums, but this has no use whatsoever. From The Stars is faster, more energetic, more aggressive, just more in-your-face. A different approach. All tracks have a pumping energy and a spiral/tunnel-like vibe that draws you into the music of each track. That's an effort only the best achieve. I simply love this album! Artifact303 remains the king. Hail to the king!
  11. Holy crap, that's a worthy review, Tsotsi! You're the master of video editing, you've put some time into it. I really enjoyed it. I enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed the music. Khetzal delivers again. Very mystical sounds, a lot thicker sounding than Corolle, I say. In terms of sound, Khetzal, Ra and Antares are a bit on the same line here. Mystical, eastern-like sounds. This is a hell of an album. It's got power, yet it feels very warm. Favorite: Acide Formique. Great percussion backing up a lightning of goa sounds.
  12. Sergej did it again, man how does this guy do it? Piece by piece these are straight in your face whirlwinds of shooting goa trance. I happened to be listening to Time Lord right now and I'm missing the parties soooo much! This music teleports me right there on the dancefloor at 3 am. The melodies are incredible, the complexity is enormous yet pleasing, the drive is speedy.. in other words this record puts a big smile on my face. I give this 5/5. It's all good. I literally can't nitpick about anything here. What an amazing piece of art. Woooow!!!
  13. Oh Tsotsi, I was so into your hypnotizing nonsense, that I wasn't aware you were actually reviewing the album track by track. Your outfit screams "GOA TRANCE" btw Hope the wine was good and the headache wasn't too bad the day after. No really, I loved it!! Keep em coming. This is a mega album.
  14. Heya peepz, good to see you guys are on it. I did this poll for the last three or so years, but its popularity declined and this time I have other things on my mind. Work related stuff... it's busier than past years, which is good for business :D I'm still here, just a bit more on the sideline. And that damn corona prevents all those nice parties. That one hurts. I'll post my favs here soon.
  15. Well, now I know I'm not a forest fan. But to everyone who enjoys it: have fun!
  16. Man, thanks a million for your suggestions. You opened up a new world for me. Heilung... how amazing are they. Never heard of them, but I'm watching with my mouth open to these lives. Strangezero is beautiful ambient trance like I've never heard and This Morn Omina is kinda new beat like. About time. Thanks so much for these eye openers!
  17. https://www.facebook.com/events/653711482245407/ Here is the line up at UCT+2 : 10h00 - 12h00 : Ohmanayaka 12h00 - 13h30 : Minomar 13h30 - 15h00 : Psylonix 15h00 - 16h00 : Acid Destroyers 16h00 - 17h30 : Jahgali 17h30 - 19h00 : Proxeeus 19h00 - 20h30 : Ohm Mind 20h30 - 22h00 : Anoebis 22h00 - 23h30 : Triquetra 23h30 - 01h00 : Goasia
  18. Dear friends, The votes have been uploaded to my main supercomputer and have been counted a thousand times over and over again. As always, these lists are gold. Some of you will encounter hidden gems, stuff that you missed... or you can start digging those sweet downtempo albums to find the perfect background soundtrack. A big thank you to all artists and labels for the music. Even if your score is not in the upper range, being included in the list means someone noticed your music and it means that now we are ALL noticing your music. Congratulations! Here's the link to the voting thread. Here are the results of PSYNEWS BEST OF 2019! UPTEMPO ======== 1 66 pts Psylent Buddhi - Secrets Of The Atom (Suntrip Records) 2 49 pts Ultimate Xperience - Realm Of A New Dawn (Neogoa Records) 3 47 pts K.U.R.O. & Charm - Japanese Vibrations (DAT Records) 4 44 pts Median Project - Constellation (Suntrip Records) 5 43 pts JaraLuca - The Prologue (Mammomam Records) 6 42 pts Battle Of The Future Buddhas - The Light Behind The Sun (Suntrip Records) 7 41 pts Merr0w - Odysseus (Global Sect Records) 8 40 pts GoaD - Hypnotic Mirage (Neogoa Records) 9 38 pts Sykespico - Perspective (Suntrip Records) 10 33 pts Various - ZNA Retro Futuristic Compilation (DAT Records) 11 31 pts Katedra - We Are Not Alone (Global Sect Records) 12 30 pts Total Eclipse - Tokyo Live (Suntrip Records) 13 29 pts Celestial Intelligence - Incandescent (Suntrip Records) 14 28 pts Xamanist - Out Of Time (Self released) 15 25 pts Various - Goagilde (Kali Earth Records) 16 21 pts Various - Analog Visions (DAT Records) 17 20 pts E-Mantra - Tartarus (Melusine Records) 18 18 pts Pete and Pan - Return Of The Goddess (Goa Madness Records) 19 18 pts Ree.K - Early Tracks (Hypnodisk) 20 18 pts Pleiadians - Pyramid (EtnicaNet) 21 15 pts Sneila - Rebirth (Unreleased Goa Records) 22 14 pts Spindrift - Deep Nature (StereoHemia Records) 23 14 pts Morphic Resonance - Bad Dreamer EP (Self released) 24 14 pts Sky Technology - Rainbow Spirit (Neogoa Records) 25 12 pts Various - Order Ordonata: Metamorphosis (Dragonfly Records) 26 12 pts Gubbology - Next Door To Mystery (Axios Records) 27 11 pts Dreamchild - Akashic Dreaming (Unreleased Goa Records) 28 10 pts Hedustma - Forms 03 (Ovnimoon Records) 29 10 pts Elysium - Live …And Beyond (Digital Reprints) 30 10 pts Four Carry Nuts - Single Collection (Classic Goa Trax) 31 9 pts Walpurgisnacht Projekt - Omega (Absolut Shit Records) 32 9 pts Dark Whisper - The Trivium (Alice-D Records) 33 9 pts Various - Yggdrabits (Yggdrasil Records) 34 8 pts Goch - Million Years Ago (Rules Of Nature Records) 35 8 pts Shadow Chronicles - Arcadia (Future Music Records) 36 8 pts Miranda - Cosmic Treasures Vol. 1 (Spiral Trax) 37 7 pts Wizack Twizack - The Tesseract (Spiral Trax) 38 7 pts Protonica - Symmetry (Iboga Records) 39 7 pts Out Of Orbit & Shpongle - no Disco (Shamanic Tales) 40 7 pts Omnium - Neural Geometry (StereoHemia Records) 41 7 pts Ephedra & Proxeeus & Ohm Mind - Mad Fusion EP (Goa Madness Records) 42 6 pts Various - Har Har Mahadev (Alice-D Records) 43 6 pts Mechanimal - Digital Nature (24/7 Media) 44 5 pts Material Music - MADI Experience (OHM Ganesh Pro) 45 4 pts Lunarave - Transmigration (OVNI Breakfast) 46 4 pts Blue Hue - The Mandala Effect (Plateau 5 Records) 47 4 pts MFG - Pure Energy (Suntrip Records) 48 3 pts Various - Astronauts In The Solar System (Global Sect Records) 49 3 pts Nobot - Human Update (Parvati Records) 50 3 pts Braincell - Gaia (Self released) 51 3 pts Ocelot - Iconoclast (Moon Koradj Records) 52 3 pts The Maniac - A Treatise On Acid (Timewarp Records) 53 2 pts Acid Destroyers - Monsters And Mad Man (Goa Madness Records) 54 2 pts Static Movement - SiMiN (Sol Music) 55 2 pts Goch - Forte EP (Kali Earth Records) 56 2 pts DJ Omsun - Illusorium (Moon Koradj Records) 57 2 pts Psychogen - Psychogenius (Unreleased Goa Records) 58 1 pts Rezonant - Time Code (Sangoma Records) 59 1 pts Yabzyy - Systematic Chaos (Kali Earth Records) 60 1 pts Jagoa - The First Steps (Self released) 61 1 pts Various - Fleinheim (The Cure) DOWNTEMPO =========== 1 43 pts Lauge - Dawn (Iboga Records) 2 37 pts Proxeeus - Celephais (Neogoa Records) 3 31 pts Avaris - The Forgotten Language (Axios Records) 4 30 pts Bluetech - Holotrope (Behind The Sky Music) 5 28 pts Distant System - Infinite Continuum (Self-released) 6 27 pts Saafi Brothers - Mystic Cigarettes (Remixed) (Liquid Sound Design) 7 25 pts Globular - Untangled Everything (Self-released) 8 22 pts Tengri And Friends - A Course In Miracles (Orbita Parvati) 9 17 pts Solar Fields - Origin #03 (Droneform Records) 10 14 pts Bluetech - The 4 Horsemen Of The Electrocalypse: The Pale Horse (Self-released) 11 10 pts 36 - C45 Dreamloops 1-2 12 10 pts Various - Ethnomystica Vol. 7 13 10 pts Advanced Suite - Shapes Of Nothing 14 10 pts Greg Hunter - Tantra 15 9 pts Desert Dwellers - Breath 16 9 pts Panda Dub - Horizons 17 9 pts Shamanizm Parallelii - Blue Lizard 18 9 pts Eric Electric - Run Away Controls 19 9 pts Mantra Move - Raven Dub 20 8 pts Yagya - Stormur 21 8 pts Advanced Suite - TAKING MUSic in tHe ROOMS th&t DreaMT 22 8 pts Various - Ensancha El Alma Vol. 1 23 7 pts Dreaming Cooper - Exploring The Universe 24 7 pts The Borgasm - Welcoem To The Borgasm 25 7 pts Blisswave - Manvantara 26 7 pts Various - Liquid Sound Design Collected Digital Works Part 1 27 6 pts Entheogenic - Hypatia 28 6 pts Ambient Mann - Another Dimension 29 6 pts Astronaut Ape - Deep 30 6 pts Bluetech - Liquid Geometries in Dub 31 5 pts Cabeiri - Molecule Language 32 5 pts Bluetech - Sci-Fi Lullabies 33 5 pts Bosa - Eyes Of The Jaguar 34 5 pts Pangani - Superdeep 35 4 pts Zen Baboon - Origiro 36 4 pts Unknown Reality - Gaia 37 3 pts Spatialize - Beyond The Radar 38 3 pts Various - Temple Of Dub 39 2 pts Shwamp - Inner Landscape 40 2 pts Sync24 - Omnius 41 1 pts Deep In Mind - Autumn To Spring 42 1 pts Ambientium - City Of Memories SEE YOU NEXT YEAR! Aspartic
  19. K people, I'm closing this and counting the results. Stay tuned!
  20. Just wanted to share this funny but serious Crockett's Theme cover with you. What starts off as a mediocre cover, goes really loose and bezerk after the mid mark.
  21. I'm sorry it's not goa, but those first 30 minutes are godlike.
  22. Ooo, the samples sound delicious! Pretty sure this is a purchase right off the bat. Good job!
  23. It's like people finally start wiping their asses. Considering everything, it was fun to watch.
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