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  1. Damn, I was just looking for an old review and I almost didn't notice OT was back on. I'm happy to see so many familiar "faces". Seems like we'll grow old together, huh? @}-`--,-- !!!
  2. http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/684/unledvmh.jpg/ I'm the one in the right.
  3. Hi! Just wanted to say i'm still around! Now that Off Topic is open, i will probably come more often.
  4. I know this is not quite a review, but: ...5,5 years later... This album still kicks ass.
  5. Hey Martin, look for me on facebook by my name: Monica Ursu (hope it works)

  6. Congrats on the marriage Moni! Nice one!

    What's your Facebook?

  7. Happy birthday Psynews.org! Wow, this site has been through a lot in the last 10 years! Edit: I wish a new contest was possible! Hopefully it will be in the future...
  8. Wow, I haven't seen you in ages! I'm fine, getting old :), I got married 3 months ago. How are YOU? do you use facebook? I'm also surfing Nemo's forum, do you know about it? Join:


  9. Hey Moni!

    How are you these days? :)

  10. Happy new year also from me to you all! Edit: just wanted to add, that I miss you guys! There are many members that haven't been on psynews in months...and i lost track of them.
  11. Well, Vienna is a very easy city for travellers, because they are very organised in this area. How do you plan to travel from Vienna to Budapest? Car rental, train, hitchiking? I could help you with some info, I know my way around Vienna, I've been there many times.
  12. Well, nevermind me, it was just a small remark.
  13. B .. babe! It's a nice review, the info you give is quite clear (not 100% though). You speak about "dancing with bare feet on the blissful melodies", then you say the music is at the cheese border. Is it like ... morning trance? It would be nice to find in a review how you classify the album... best time (in your opinnion) to be played, or listened to. I noticed that in festivals, many people (except for the hardcore ones, who are on the dance floor 24/7 ), go to the dance floors at certain times (or parts of the day), depending on who's playing, and at which time. You know... proggies go during the day, melodic full-on in the afternoon-evening, oldschool and dark during the night... and cheese is usually played in the morning period. It's just my opinnion...
  14. Looks like you got scammed on the internet. It's good that you posted here the story, at least people will know who/how Diaks is, for the future. Try to sell the CDs. Don't accept to buy stuff for other (unknown) people unless you get paid in advance.
  15. Changed! You also wrote Prodcutions instead of Productions! tsk tsk... Edit: you also wrote Prodcutions in the review post...
  16. What was he thinking when he chose the title of the album? It is 2 letters away from the well known soap-opera "Days of our lives"...
  17. Hello friends, How about Ozora 2009? Who's going? This is their 10 years anniversary, should be a great one! I'm thinking about going... again! 2006 was wonderful. Let me know! www.ozorafest.hu
  18. Actually, it's so quiet in my office, it's crazy. Some music would have been nice!
  19. Happy new year! I wish you all happiness, health, love, success.
  20. Second question: When was this album released? Evan Bartholomew - Borderlands (New Land Music) Some websites state end of 2007, some beginning of 2008.
  21. First question: Outolintu - Odd Man Out (Faerie Dragon Records, May 2007) --> would you consider this release as downbeat, chill out category? or upbeat, psytrance category?
  22. I reopened it because I have some questions, and I hope to get answers from you guys.
  23. Hmm.... as I said, I am working on the results. I have taken all the data I need from psynews, so I might as well set the topic visible. I need it visible also because I have questions about some releases and I'm hoping that you guys can answer them. No one should edit their old posts though.. any other tops added after I set the topic visible are considered invalid. I already mentioned a few times that I am a very busy person, I can't help it. If you guys don't have any more patience to wait until I finish the calculation for the Best Of, then please feel free to calculate it yourself. It's easy to give points and get the top, but I have to also check every release to see that it matches our rules. Some guys posted top 5 rock, some guys posted releases that are from 2008... etc.
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