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  1. juril

    Normal Trance

    One of my favorite albums:
  2. juril

    Meat eater/Vegetarian/Vegan. What are you?

    I'd like to draw your attention to this book by Peter Wohlleben. Haven't read it yet, but will do so soon.
  3. juril

    Best earphones for goa?

    Bought a pair of KZ ATE earphones after reading this review. Got them for €10 (shipping included) from aliexpress. Easily the best earphones I've had, the Soundmagic E50 (around €50) I mentioned earlier doesn't even stand a chance. Highly recommended, especially given the low price.
  4. Not psytrance, but have a listen anyway. CD and vinyl here and digital there. No bandcamp sadly. Floex is known for the wonderful soundtrack to Machinarium.
  5. Not going to make a new topic as it kinda fits here, I think. For some time now Ultimae is selling their "regular" digital releases for 5€ while asking 10€ for 24 bit versions? Would you pay extra for the 24 bit version? Does it make much of a difference?
  6. juril

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Something from 2006, still brilliant.
  7. juril

    Psynews "Best of 2017" Results

    Thanks for the effort.
  8. If I understand correctly, then the digital will be available from July 7th.