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  1. Really appreciate https://fromearthorbit.com/mixes/. Have listened to most of the mixes there, Hermetic Expanse being a recent favorite. Looking forward to Uroboros-1. But I do enjoy them all and thus have them backed up on an external HD. Thanks for your continued effort.
  2. I've recently sold some of my CDs on discogs and the shipping prices at my local post office have pretty much doubled.
  3. Am I imagining or is https://datrecords.bandcamp.com/ completely empty?
  4. Thanks for the reply, hopefully some other label steps up.
  5. Sure, but I got the notion it was pretty much finished.
  6. Only three tracks, what happened to the album that was promised years ago?
  7. https://sanatonrecords.bandcamp.com/album/va-ubrahk 1. Derango - Odd Zone 02:25 2. Ghostscent - Spaced Out 11:51 3. Hallucinogenic Horses - The Buskis 10:18 4. Inzect - Jelanasuki 06:55 5. Traskel - Strandad 07:35 6. Insurpo & Purozect - Bast Lattle 08:23 7. Elowinz - Ubrahk 09:45 8. Fontanellsurfarna - Här Ligger En Hund Begraven 08:08 9. MakadaM - Sub-Urban & His Mental State Band 07:38 10. Buttergoose - Butter up 06:50 11. Donkey shot - Punk´s Not Ed 06:42 12. Stenad & Stanley - We Only Talk To Mutes 11:25
  8. Edit: +1 for Donnie Darko, Pan's Labyrinth and Dark City (especially Donnie Darko, given the requirement for being philosophical).
  9. A new downtempo album by Tripswitch:
  10. Looking forward to the Kinnara album, the track posted on soundcloud is great.
  11. Thought you were gonna ask why does generic modern psytrance exist.
  12. Been also listening to sets by Sasha & Digweed (the Northern Exposure and Renaissance series) lately, will definitely give this a go as well.
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