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  1. Hey guys, Oldtimer here. Anyone around Berlin and want to make some music together? If it's one of the oldtimers I'd even just like to meet you personally. Oh yeah, did I forget to mentioned I moved to Berlin and have a proper job now? (I'm a software developer). Anyway, I keep making some wild synth noises but I can't seem to finish anything. If someone is good with percussion/bass but not so good with synths then we would be a perfect fit! Let's see where this goes..
  2. CM - Dream Universe (Man With No Name Mix)

    And by 'rare' I mean they're somewhere on the internet if you look more closely. Otherwise good luck trying to hunt down people with original CDs.
  3. CM - Dream Universe (Man With No Name Mix)

    Oh yeah MWNN has a bunch of remixes / rare singles, some are harder to find than others. I know some of these might be missed by people: MWNN - Geddit MWNN - Way Out West MWNN - The Void MWNN - Paint a Picture Art Of Trance - Octopus (MWNN Remix) BT - Loving You More (MWNN Remix) Cygnus X - The Orange Theme (MWNN Remix) Elevate Feat. Dominique - Next Life (MWNN Remix) Grace - Skin on Skin (MWNN Remix) Juno Reactor - Jardin De Cecile (MWNN Remix) Marmion - Schoneberg (MWNN Remix) Quietman - Sleeper (MWNN Remix) <- this one I like a lot Rise - The Single (MWNN Remix) Section X - Atlantis (MWNN Remix) Storm - Storm (MWNN Remix) The Human League - These are the days (MWNN Remix) The infinity Project - Stimuli (MWNN Remix) Virus - Sun (MWNN Remix) And then there's the ones in Teleportation which are more known.
  4. Astral Projection new album

    Sounds like prog to me. By the way, nice "air chords" by Avi near the end. lol!
  5. As far as I know, that 'multimedia' driver comes with Cubase as some kind of emulation asio driver? Dunno. Usually you'd want to select the asio driver that has the name of your soundcard in it. For example if you have a Creative soundcard, it would probably be called "Creative ASIO". Depends if your soundcard has it's own asio drivers or not.
  6. Astral Projection new album

    I'm totally giving up hope. This is their new EP: Joy Ep Click on each track for a preview. 6 versions of fail. Bah.
  7. The psynews smilies

    Mars, after he closes this topic:
  8. This is interesting...

    I once had a person sending me an e-mail asking to license one of my tracks to use as a "theme-song" for a video advert of his newly opened ski-shop. Unfortunately, that e-mail was in my spam folder for more than a year before I found out about it.

    Looking forward to some new CBL. Solar Fields? Not so much. Last album disappointed me.
  10. Happy New Year everyone

    HAPPY NEW YEAR, ALL THE BEST TO EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!! May you achieve your dreams, your expectations. Move forward and keep up the good spirit. Thanks to everyone!
  11. Top 10 albums of the 00's

    Man With No Name - Teleportation Sure, a collection of remixes. By Martin Freeland, the king of remixers.
  12. Infected Mushroom to Sweden 2010

    Let loose the dogs bots of war spam!
  13. The artists' names pictionary game

    Apparently he's got a surprise boner!
  14. This weeks stupid covers

    All greeks are dyslexic?
  15. Psytrance goods from this year?

    Definitely Astral Projection - Open Society. You know, the album that came out last year, I mean this year, I mean..