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  1. Desert Island Albums (GOA): Your pick

    X-Dream - Panic in Paradise KoxBox - Forever After Distance to Goa 5 MFG - New kind of world Khetzal - Corolle 5 albums is too little to take on a desert island :S I need at least ..300!!!
  2. What music are you listening to right now?

    love these vibes From X-Dream - Panic in Paradise, the last track.
  3. History of Trance in the USA

    The guy who wrote this must have been tripping some mad balls at the time
  4. Astral Projection - Y-Salem Ep

    This release evokes no emotion in me. I mean it's not bad, could be a lot worse, but the first post says it: MEH! It's not memorable. New school need not be bad, excellent examples of newer production were already pointed out. New school producers are often lazy and as we are lazy, we are painting them all with the same brush, hence all this negativity toward "new school".
  5. How to clean CDs

    I used ethanol to clean my CDs of grease and other kind of dirt. As you said, the scratches are permanent. I read some "magic tricks" on the web like 10 years ago, when I was stupid, if you rub your CD with toothpaste / banana or god knows what, then miracles happen and your CDs are clean/scratchfree again!! It doesn't work, rest assured Kinda like when your bananas turn dark and then you do something absurd with them and they are as if freshly picked.
  6. Modern goa/new school

    There are so many powerful emotions surging through me, but I will contain myself... kindly elaborate what constitutes as a "psychedelic side".
  7. Modern goa/new school

    Yes, I agree with this sentiment. The problem is, artists will use that same argument to hide their lack of competence. Example: Think of Linkin Park in the early 2000s vs what it is now. "Freshening" one's style isn't necessarely bad (Dimension 5 -> RA), but it's not always good, either (Talamasca). New school can't be like old school, that's why we make the distinction. People are rather "crying" about the overall decline in production quality [at this point, its meaning is open to discussion]. [A handful of groups SEEM to be serious about what they are doing] Shoot me down for being a hater
  8. Talamasca - A Brief History of Goa Trance

    I listened to it and it brought back memories. The first reaction, though, was to listen to the original tracks. I have nothing against full-on psy, hell naw, I love it.. not like this, though. The funny thing is, to this day two of my favourite goa tracks are by Talamasca himself, that's unlikely to change. Three guesses what they are, though. He was an entirely different man in the 90s. The title for the release is EXTREMELY not fitting. Why? There is no goa in the release and yet the title leads the listener to believe they are in for some goa. The idea is to give a short 8-ish minute seminar for each artist on some selection of the bigger names in goa history, including AP, Etnica, S. Posford and M. Freeland to name some. He packs parts of their popular tracks into those 8 minutes and full-ons them. It's tasteless. There is no track-by-track analysis required. There is no original content. I wouldn't recommend this album to anyone who wishes for a "brief history of goa trance".
  9. Underappreciated tracks by popular artists

    This track needs more love and this one
  10. Life is competition

    You gonna pass that blunt or what? Jokes aside, I am competitive. Even though I don't want to "feel superior" to anyone, I like to win. There is always a bigger fish in the sea, so if the kind of fish does something I'm into and does it better, it only gives me motivation to best him/her. The sad thing is I often make it look like I don't care.
  11. Join the niche: no fests no fun

    I'd always taken you more of as a heavy metal person
  12. What music are you listening to right now?

    I've recently been listening to MFG's New kind of world often. It amazed me when I first listened to it like 14? years ago. For some reason THIS track has escaped my notice. No more, enjoy it!
  13. W.T.F IS THIS?

    A moment of silence for our fallen super hero (get it? ) Talamasca. Your earlier work will always be remembered. :'(
  14. Astral Projection new album

    Must do a bit of digging. How does one pronounce "Kabalah"? Do they mean by the title of the track?
  15. What music are you listening to right now?