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  1. Koxbox - Too pure The original version, the best version.
  2. I don't even beat off while listening to psytrance..it just doesn't work for me
  3. Honestly, having sex to psytrance isn't on my bucket list. I'm trippin balls, no way I'd be ready for business
  4. That was my first contact with Prodigy (2005ish? ). r.i.p About 12 years ago there was a Prodigy performance not far from here
  5. That should be Psychopod's, haven't heard a koxbox track by that title, at least AH, it's a spin off group of Koxbox! You learn something every day. sry for ot
  6. Currently dealing with my own thesis and starting PhD in september. More goa to fuel my engines. Majoring mathematics. More Veasna!
  7. I should say my list is not in any way or form objective. These are the tracks that are special to me. For instance, Point of no return is the first Koxbox track I heard, which caused irreversible brain damage and so now I'm here .. That set is awesome, btw.
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