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  1. I bought them CDs more than 10 years ago by now. I don't have the kind of setting suitable for an audiophile so I don't deal with vinyls, either. I prefer a digital collection, won't tarnish and won't have to worry about some extravagant shipping costs.
  2. Such a productive member of society! Fuck yeah!
  3. Love the build-up. The last few minutes are very satisfying .. *cleans pants*
  4. I'll name a few that come to mind in no particular order. Quite sure this has been discussed several times MFG - Project Genesis Koxbox - Forever After, Dragon Tales Pleiadians - IFO, Family of Light Dimension 5 - Transdimensional This is just a tiny scratch on the tip of the iceberg, to be fair. Of the newer ones I gotta put KhetzaL - Corolle somewhere I was thinking of compiling a list of all the "fine wine" albums I have, but of the non-compilation albums, I have hundreds and hundreds of them. This is gonna take a long time, especially sin
  5. I don't see a problem with that. A certain style of music took on a wider spectrum of interpretations and spawned other sub-genres. We can refer to them collectively as Psytrance. For instance, Cassandra's Nightmare is Goa trance, but it inspired a wholly different sub-genre. I don't know all the details behind darkpsy, though.
  6. Uhh, here be dragons?
  7. If Goa trance had an anthem, this would be it. Also, check out one of his other tracks: Enchanted forest. When I first heard it, I wouldn't have thought it was by Rapt.
  8. I keep it simple. Goa trance is a proper sub-genre of Psytrance. It's not incredibly important for me to exhaustively define what Goa trance is. I know if it's Goa once I listen to it
  9. An arm and a leg. Ordered a few T-shirts from abroad, over 10 euro for shipping costs. Ordered them over a month ago, got a notice a few days ago they're finally cleared.
  10. Listening to Tchaikovsky's The seasons right now. Nice break from goa trance madness
  11. To me it's not so much about whether it's "wrong". I know what kind of diets work for me. A lot of the former vegans who say they don't recommend it do it mostly because they couldn't figure out their diet. I'm likely not going to, either, so I will just skip being miserable and instead stay healthy so I can work normally.
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