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  1. Dark city and Gattaca. I enjoyed both of them. Gattaca's been evading me all this time, a great movie with quite the ending..
  2. Oh that son of a bitch got me.. stop playing with my feelings like that!
  3. Revisiting Witchcraft and I've forgotten how good this album is. The first track is so heavy, holy smokes!
  4. I bought them CDs more than 10 years ago by now. I don't have the kind of setting suitable for an audiophile so I don't deal with vinyls, either. I prefer a digital collection, won't tarnish and won't have to worry about some extravagant shipping costs.
  5. Such a productive member of society! Fuck yeah!
  6. Love the build-up. The last few minutes are very satisfying .. *cleans pants*
  7. I'll name a few that come to mind in no particular order. Quite sure this has been discussed several times MFG - Project Genesis Koxbox - Forever After, Dragon Tales Pleiadians - IFO, Family of Light Dimension 5 - Transdimensional This is just a tiny scratch on the tip of the iceberg, to be fair. Of the newer ones I gotta put KhetzaL - Corolle somewhere I was thinking of compiling a list of all the "fine wine" albums I have, but of the non-compilation albums, I have hundreds and hundreds of them. This is gonna take a long time, especially sin
  8. I don't see a problem with that. A certain style of music took on a wider spectrum of interpretations and spawned other sub-genres. We can refer to them collectively as Psytrance. For instance, Cassandra's Nightmare is Goa trance, but it inspired a wholly different sub-genre. I don't know all the details behind darkpsy, though.
  9. If Goa trance had an anthem, this would be it. Also, check out one of his other tracks: Enchanted forest. When I first heard it, I wouldn't have thought it was by Rapt.
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