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  1. You sound like you're high (maybe on goa trance, who knows) That's awesome, though.
  2. For me, Forever after #1, Twisted #2. I am really surprised, shocked to see Juno Reactor at #1. It's a really nice list, thanks for all the amazing work, I can only imagine how long this must have taken, I found some albums that I didn't know about, amazingly!
  3. I think I have a completely different understanding about "dark". When someone says dark sound, this, among countless others, is what comes to mind. So, not necessarily fast, but "dark", you know? On the other hand, in the world of drum and bass, there is (or was) a subgenre called "darkstep", but it's a lot of high-pitched, fastpaced, screamy dnb, it's not "dark" at all. what I would call dark dnb is, iirc, called techy or techy dnb, I'm not exactly sure of the terminology. But hey, I'm likely not supposed to understand all the mysteries of the universe.
  4. Overall, I have begun to appreciate classical music more. In the world of psytrance, not really. Of course, I keep finding out about albums I've not heard of before, but the subgenre is and I think will always be goa trance for me. I have tried exploring other subgenres such as progressive or even darkpsy to name some, but I just can't connect with them. Granted, there are a few progressive tracks that I like. The most succesful side-journey for me was with nitzhonot or nitzho-goa or whatever you call it, that caught my attention for a good while and it actually made me appreciate old school goa trance even more While cheesy (I guess that's a defining feature of the subgenre), nitzho is the good kind of cheese, but it's not sufficient to sustain me Completely changed? No, but surely broadened.
  5. Money happened, I guess. The more streamlined sound is easier to digest for a larger audience. Sacrifice (exchange?) complexity for revenue. In all fairness, that is (mostly) not psy, so I won't lament about it too much. I have my hands full trying to organise my old school collection, there is so much good music from the 90s and early 2000s (and some later albums). Happy new year
  6. I don't even beat off while listening to psytrance..it just doesn't work for me
  7. Honestly, having sex to psytrance isn't on my bucket list. I'm trippin balls, no way I'd be ready for business
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