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  1. It's laggy for me whenever I try to post youtube links. If not posting YT links, then it's fairly snappy. edit: or not.. just lagged regardless. I thought the YT links were overloading. Ontopic: MFG - Overload ( )
  2. Hux Flux - Time Slices Love this track so much. Rest in peace, mighty Hux Flux.
  3. To us fire is hot, but it's just semantics. There's little hope for any significant progress here since we can always turn it into a game of semantics: what is hot or cold, what is fire and so on.. As any philosopher would say "well, it depends.."
  4. Wtf is alpha male music? Supports violence? Fuck no. I don't think any music supports violence. The potential for violence would already be present in whomever gets violent i.e the music might act as a catalyst or their reaction is caused by something else, entirely. Too prone for publication bias type of shenanigans: here are 10 people who went batshit crazy when listening to music of genre X, therefore listening to X makes people lose their mind and yada yada yada..
  5. Eating a pear, listening to some goa and reading the news. Entry-level multitasking.
  6. I made a few coughs and the whole aisle cleared in the supermarket. Most convenient. Not forcefully quarantined, like in Paris, say. Have to redesign a course on linear algebra to include a metric butt tonne of electronic materials, so I'm not really going anywhere, anyway. Also, bought an apartment, so some movement is necessary due to formalities. It's not really that different for me, thank god I don't work in catering or my situation might be a bit..shit.
  7. First track I heard of Goa trance is "Koxbox - Point of no return" (opening track to their album Forever After). I was like 7ish back then, I was playing around with a cassette recorder trying to tune into various stations and record their broadcasts. I didn't know it was Koxbox back then, much like I didn't know it was MFG or AP, but that was just semantics, I was immediately hooked to the sound even at that age. The other kids thought I was nuts and I was being teased for liking "drug addict" music.
  8. Taking a slight break from Goa trance. I discovered more downtempo-ish stuff like Kalya Scintilla or Kaya Project - been enjoying those.
  9. You sound like you're high (maybe on goa trance, who knows) That's awesome, though.
  10. For me, Forever after #1, Twisted #2. I am really surprised, shocked to see Juno Reactor at #1. It's a really nice list, thanks for all the amazing work, I can only imagine how long this must have taken, I found some albums that I didn't know about, amazingly!
  11. I think I have a completely different understanding about "dark". When someone says dark sound, this, among countless others, is what comes to mind. So, not necessarily fast, but "dark", you know? On the other hand, in the world of drum and bass, there is (or was) a subgenre called "darkstep", but it's a lot of high-pitched, fastpaced, screamy dnb, it's not "dark" at all. what I would call dark dnb is, iirc, called techy or techy dnb, I'm not exactly sure of the terminology. But hey, I'm likely not supposed to understand all the mysteries of the universe.
  12. Overall, I have begun to appreciate classical music more. In the world of psytrance, not really. Of course, I keep finding out about albums I've not heard of before, but the subgenre is and I think will always be goa trance for me. I have tried exploring other subgenres such as progressive or even darkpsy to name some, but I just can't connect with them. Granted, there are a few progressive tracks that I like. The most succesful side-journey for me was with nitzhonot or nitzho-goa or whatever you call it, that caught my attention for a good while and it actually made me appreciate old school goa trance even more While cheesy (I guess that's a defining feature of the subgenre), nitzho is the good kind of cheese, but it's not sufficient to sustain me Completely changed? No, but surely broadened.
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