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  1. I'm always lurking here to see what old school goa might have slipped my notice.
  2. A colleague who was singing the vegan mantra about 1.5y ago has now abandoned it in favor of not trying to fight mother nature and accept that she is an omnivore (as are we all). I recently visited my physician and had this conversation (again) - verdict: not recommended. Now if you can make it work for you, more power to you, but don't be an arrogant prick thinking you know all there is about diets and decide for someone else how they should live their lives. Even mr skeptic youtuber has recently admitted that he was having trouble with maintaining a vegan diet. Applying the Occam's razor is useful - if you're having trouble with the diet, then that diet does not work for you.
  3. The ending is funny. The old lady is like "you people are crazy, dying your hair and listening to madness". I'm a former raver (2006-2011 ish) (still a raver in spirit) and I still turned out fairly ok. Don't blame the music for some people losing their shit
  4. While I acknowledge there has been change to psytrance, I don't agree with it being "evolution". To me evolution means becoming "more superior" to previous versions. More like ..involution A lot of newer composition is weird. As if to say "psytrance is only about the kick". It's not. If you have a hardass kick/bassline and barely any melody then that's not psy. God damn it, it's in the word - PSYCHEDELIC. Make me trip, not feel like I have a concussion. Obviously things change, but not always for the better. If they called themselves whatever else and not psytrance, I wouldn't care in the least. But because they DO call themselves psytrance, I am extremely hurt in the anus.
  5. I had the misfortune of being reminded of this bee ess, again. Almost as if quoted from some holy scripture, I was told that eating meat is bad and that I don't need it and..blah blah blah, by now you all know the lyrics by heart. Well, for one, I'm quite sure I know myself better than even my physician does and two, more importantly, arguing for environment or stopping mistreatment of animals is NOT equivalent to arguing in favor of not eating animal products. Tell me why a vegan diet is sufficient if you even want to HOPE for being taken seriously, don't proselytise about animal abuse or environmental concerns blowing things out of proportion when it's appropriate for you. While you're at it, maybe you can manage to convince the canines and felines and other predators to give up meat, too. As this topic has adequately demonstrated this discussion eventually leads to a "NO U!" stance. Both sides are saying the other's "evidence" is anecdotal. There is nothing remarkable to learn from zealots. If anything, this "movement" has destructive cult vibes to it..
  6. That's a good question. I think "Kundalini - Placebo" (this is an alias of Technossomy, correct me if I'm wrong) is in a major key (mostly). "Psychedelic" almost always seems to lead to a minor keyish sound or maybe something non-standard altogether.
  7. Don't know about live gigs. Modern trance sound is unappealing. There's just a lot of fast paced rhythm, no variation and definitely no psy. Some exceptions far and few in between, of course.
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