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  1. Recently I have been listening to mostly other genres. New music addiction is a bitch and I always want something new to listen to, even though when I revist my old favourites (mostly Psy, Goa, Psychill) I much prefer them. They have a deep psychedelic edge that I miss from a lot of other genres. Ambient often has it but I can't always find other music that gives the same atmospheres. Does anyone know of artists or labels that mix psy with other genres like Hip Hop, Dubstep, Rock etc. I'm curious to know if I'd like it or not
  2. Hi Ormion, I think I am kind of in the same boat. I've not been able to keep up with releases and as real life has taken its toll and I can't afford to buy that much. I started using bandcamp but Pystrance and Goa are often really expensive there. It's just too much to pay 10 Euros for a download. Because of this I started exploring other genres, there's a tonne of net labels on bandacamp that are selling their full discographies for next to nothing. I've now got thousands of albums to get through but it's mostly ambient, techno, chill hop, vaporwave. Does anyone know of Psytrance lables selling their discographies for not that much. Doesn't need to be super cheap but I have other priorities for where my money goes at the moment. Cheers Abasio
  3. I've been really liking this. So much content and it all ranges from good to excellent. Noting bad in here at all.
  4. Funny how coincidences happen like this
  5. Seb Taylor recently released a collection of Digitalis tracks on Bandcamp. It was a very very pleasant surprise. http://sebtaylor.bandcamp.com/album/the-early-years-1995-2000 1. S.P.I.R.A.L. 06:50 2.Kyphi 07:08 3.Figments of Reality (Trance Mix) 06:07 4.Slotek 06:20 5.Spiked 06:47 6.Dr Sembei 05:35 7.Widga 05:47 8.Repeater 06:41 9.The Mind Gap 07:49 10.No Analysis 06:41 11.Ambisquij 05:59 12.3rd State (Freak Bass Mix) 04:25 13.Waving Not Drowning 06:03 14.Satori 07:28 15.What Else U Got? 06:57 16.Magick Mirror 07:32 17.Not Human 06:23 18.Rapid Eye 06:20 19.Repeater (Clone Mix) 06:56 20.Falling Down 06:04 21.Delta Key 07:53 22.Double Helix 06:15 23.Too Close 06:27 24.Loup Garou 06:20 25.Mutagen 06:43 26.Chaos By Design 06:54 27.Osho Drums 06:14 28.Figments (Funkopath Remix) 05:58 29.Telepresence 07:03 30.Soma Junkie 06:08 31.The Improbable Voyage 05:35 32.Yab Yum Soul 05:43 33.Shakta 07:32 34.Somaton 04:29 35.The Siren 06:11 36.Morphology 06:18 37.Serene Obscene 05:06 38.Figments... (Chilled Mix) 06:36 Can't quite believe It's been 25 YEARS since I released my first record! To mark the occasion I have collected EVERY Digitalis 12", Album & Compilation track from 1995 to 2000 & put them into this 'Anniversary' release. Includes Releases from 21:3, Indica, Matsuri, Roost Records, Dragonfly, Flying Rhino, Phantasm & Resonoise Records. BONUS 1: A special 16 page PDF booklet chronicling my own journey through the underground UK Rave / Club / Trance Scene in the mid nineties. It truly was a golden era & I feel lucky to have been part of it. BONUS 2: An (optional) extra download of unreleased demo tracks, old flyers & gig footage from '94-'95. Simply follow the instructions in the PDF booklet if you're interested in such artifacts from the scene ;)* Cheers all! Seb * 'Bonus 2' is still being prepared / compiled, so may require a little patience
  6. Some very nice sounding stuff their. I'll have to take a closer listen now I'm following on Bandcamp.
  7. It took about a year of doing it every night. How I miss having that kind of time Love something randomly amazing coming on the realising it's something you've heard many times before but not really listened.
  8. Mostly these days I listen to music outside of the house: wife and daughter don't have the best taste, so I've had to digitise everything. Having a player that can play each album randomly is great as I end up listening to some fantastic albums I probably wouldn't have actively chosen to listen to. Years ago I compiled about 3000 CDs to FLAC and out them into a HDD. Unfortunately my wife decided she'd take this HDD and attach it to the cable box, deleting everything so she could watch utter tripe. One day I might find the time to re-rip everything.
  9. I've missed this place. Seems like an age since I was active here. I came back a few years ago but disappeared again. I think it's been 5 years or so since I've been active here. Coincidentally daughter turns five in a few weeks. My wife isn't overly maternal and the bulk of the child rearing has fallen on me. I don't get much free time to do what I want or listen to what I want. She loves dubstep and hates my downtempo boring stuff or weird trippy trancey stuff I've been sick this year: diagnosed with sinus cancer over New year's but I had successful surgery last month and on the mend I had tumors removed and the sinuses themselves reshaped as they were twisted. Now my sense of smell and taste are coming back. Didn't realize how much I stink hope everyone is doing well ❣️
  10. I remember those times. Hard to believe it was 15 years ago. Life has changed a lot. Hoping to come back a bit more often. Though I think I said that a few years ago too. Hope everyone is doing fine.
  11. Nunc Stans - Elementa I've been in a real ambient mood recently and DataObscura is really enjoyable
  12. It was only when I got Dragonfly Classix that I knew what the first track I heard that got me into psy was. I'd heard it at an after party and checked out the CD case but I was out of it and only remembered the picture of a dragonfly. That was enough to get me some CDs that startedy love affair. This was the track BTW https://g.co/kgs/7M7qvE
  13. Does the sample get faster and sound kind of metallic and scratchy? I'm sure I've heard that recently, meaning I have it, but for the life of me and can't think who it is right now.
  14. I like bandcamp a lot. It's got a great mix of name your price stuff and labels that I am happy to pay full price for. If I buy a physical CD I get a decent download right away. I remember buy If live direct from DAT and the download was poor to say the least. Each track separate except for CD3, not art embedded in the FLAC, except for CD2 and one file I am not sure which cause my Walkman to crash over and over and need repair great album though Bandcamp downloads are always perfect, simple to download and fit on my player instantly.
  15. I'm sitting in a hotel room in Hakone. Just had an expensive meal with overpriced wine. Now watching over my sleeping daughter as my wife relaxes in a hot spring.
  16. I can't get it in Japan. I ended up with an app called firetube. It's basically YouTube without the video. It's great for streaming music. The only thing I can't get is decent ambient but I still buy that anyway as I like the high quality files for such delicate music.
  17. Personally I had a good 2016 Work was fairly easy, I got to see my daughter getting bigger, had a few holidays and did okay financially. I hope 2017 is more of the same. So many people have said that 2016 was the worst year ever because a bunch of celebrities died. I'm just not sure how that affects people so much. Hope everyone has a great 2017
  18. I never used to but I've been drinking more and more over the last few years. Always black, no sugar. Sometimes hot, sometimes ice. Often in a can from a vending machine or convenience store.
  19. I'm quite happy to still be very British after living in Japan so long. A lot of expats I meet sound like a textbook. It's from a Japanese pop video. Although it's been a decade since I've had this signature and I cannot remember who the singer is. I've lived in Japan for a long long time though. I probably come across as Japanese now as I know more about here than I do the UK.
  20. http://www.dakinirecords.com/~English/releases_eng_09.html You can buy the Cd here. The guys at Dakini can speak English so maybe you can ask them if you can purchase a digital copy.
  21. I still love Are You Shpongled? The others are good but not as good. Even Tales...
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