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  1. Notice: If I have more than 300 patterns, i am a professional.
  2. I got my copy today. I ordered last week. From Belgium to Germany. Happy Horse update your blog: On your Mainpage is nothing to read about the new release.
  3. Mental Stream is a track from 2003. And I think the rest is also a collection of Joergs work of the last nine years. Iam not sure, but the InnerSpace track should the newest track of the album. In compare with the other tracks, this track sound very complex and have really more progression. Really nice work with the composition and evolution of the melodies. It has something special. This track is one of my alltime favs. I hope he does continue his 'new style' And Iam looking forward to new tracks from him! Surface works very well with the 'old style' of InnerSpace. Ok, the main-melody loops a way to much, but there other elements of progression here, in example adding background melodies. Its a good album, with good tracks and one amazing track: 7,5/10 :-) PS: One of my friends love this album. I think he give a 9/10 or 10/10. He is a big Oldschool-Goa Fan. But he doesnt like all Suntrip-stuff. InnerSpace is one of his favorites and compares him with Filteria, who he also very likes.
  4. GhostOnAcid

    VA - Space Of Power

    Its a good compilation. The artwork is great: 5/5. The artwork is not to be neglected! The best tracks are from Psy-H-Project! Not 5/5, but 4/5. I like the atmosphere and the melodies. Iam looking forward to his album! But overall i would give 3,5/5!
  5. +1 But the track "Patience for Heaven" sounds very very very good and is my favorite and this is a new track.
  6. This is album will be a fucking masterpiece. I like the melodies and the psychedelic power in his tracks. the sound is vibrant and full of energy! And yes artwork is excelent!
  7. In my own productions has usually a lot of acid sounds. I think is not darkgoa, maybe. My next track will be really darkish with many many acid, strange melody lines I think, also a breeze of dirty breakbeats (maybe some influence of breakcore(?))... i like to experiment..
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iG_zf8p_pvE&list=UUni3l3se6fBK0ppDS-a5KQQ&index=2&feature=plcp What's the name of the track between 3:22 and 4:31? And the track after!
  9. This track is on the soundtrack of the game Screamer 2 (German: Bleifuss 2) from 1996! The best racing-game of alltime. The Soundtrack is very cool! The tracks of the game are on the CD-ROM and playable on a CD-Player. But now, I want to know the interprets of the tracks.. especially for one track! http-~~-//www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgEFwo85O0Q&feature=relmfu This track is playing on this video: A russian event with goatrance as background music. This version of the track is longer as the vision in the game or the dj did a good job. Maybe someone has a idea...
  10. Thanks! :-) Here the Tracklist 1. Lord Of Illusions By Dreamweaver 2. Nanosphere Courier By Bypass Unit 3. Innerspace By Innerspace 4.Lunar Civilization (Pleiadians Remix) By Crop Circles 5. Head Spin By Pleiadians 6. Dreams Are Under Construction By Filteria 7. De Tevroegkomer By Lapsus 8. Mahamanvantara By Armageddance 9. Shamanistic Rituals By E-Mantra
  11. Hello friends of the Goa-Sound. After a long time i recorded a new Oldschool/Newschool-Set. The tracklist you will find on mixcloud. http://soundcloud.co...cid-dj-set-crop http://www.mixcloud....e-kindergarten/ Enjoy!
  12. Do you send some cds to beatspace? It would be very nice!
  13. I like this album. Its not innovative. I would say stereotype goa trance. but good stereotype goa. The melodies are very nice! Arietis, Alderamin and Stargazing are really good tracks. 8/10
  14. This Album has some nice tracks. The first Track is very cool. But many sounds like Sytrus Synthesizer Presents (Moon Ray i think in example).
  15. Does anyone know this track?
  16. The Forest Masters is the best Goa/Psy-track of 2011 for me. Very complex highly psychedelic forest sounds and very cool unique melodies. The melody at 5:55 is so fucking good. More of this stuff, please!
  17. Really really good album! One of my favs of 2011!
  18. I really like this CD! The Crossing Mind Track is pure gold. I have never so much listen to a track like this track. So emotional so good! And very nice: We have one more german goa-artist: InnerSpace! His track is really cool! Also good the Tracks from Nebula Meltdown and Ephedra & Imba.
  19. Yes, i like CDs full of crappy music! And I will bring Patrizia & Patrick to the party. Suprise! You and Patrick works and I'm on vacation and dancing. :-)
  20. oh c'mon, not only prog-heads. I have count 6 goaheads. This time we would be more... 7 goaheads... I will be there, too.
  21. 1. Astral Projection People can fly 2. MFG I did not listen many tracks from this artist 3. Transwave Code S9 4. Etnica Triptonite (Playa Mix) 5. Total Eclipse I did not listen many tracks from this artist 6. Hallucinogen Shamanix 7. Koxbox I did not listen many tracks from this artist 8. Pleiadians Alcyone 9. Shakta Spiritual Being in Physical Bodies 10. X-Dream Create your own Happiness 11. Prana Alien Pets 12. MWNN Teleport 13. Psychaos I did not listen many tracks from this artist 14. GNOTR Ring of Fire 15. Infected Mushroom I did not listen many tracks from this artist 16. Electric Universe The Prayer 17. Chi-A.D. Biocandy 18. The Infinity Project The Answer 19. Cosmosis Gift of the Gods 20. Oforia I did not listen many tracks from this artist
  22. Ah ok.. i have found it: Miranda - Timeless Worlds Of Space
  23. Hey! Anyone knows this track in the video? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4xadU5I8bXs&feature=youtu.be
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