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  1. I had to go to the bank and I so I had time to think about what happened. I will be honest to you all: I feel deeply ashamed. I feel ashamed for I am always trying to say nice things, to say that I am trying to be a better person day after day. And all of a sudden, boom!, I just needed a push from a person like Radi to go shoving and knee-jerking like he does. I feel I am being hypocrit. Did I really need to call him "son of a bitch", if it makes me equal to him and his offenses? Does it matter? To me, it does. A lot. Psynews and every site I am a member of, is like a circle of friends. Intern
  2. Came back to shed some light on this: you mentioned in a post a couple of months ago that you didn't understand why people got angered at you for you posting graphic photos of minors you have a fetish for, while it was alright to discuss homosexuality in Psynews, while there was another topic where I was talking about my former BF. So, in your mind, Radi, paedophilia and homosexuality walk hand in hand. This is what I am talking about. But it does not matter anymore. This will be indeed the last post I write here. Sadly, it was to you and about you...
  3. Yes Rotwang, I let that gross comment on homosexuality pass because I didn't want to cause a tsunami in Psynews. And Radi was talking about me, we know that. Rotwang, this year - Psynews related - I had a great joy: to have the opportunity to apologize to you, something I wanted so hard. Thanks for your understanding and accepting it That said, I want my account deleted. I am not going to be polite here: the reason is RADI. This is my last post here. I thank you guys for the great experience of sharing our love for electronic music. And I apologize for any offense I did. Rotwa
  4. Following your train of thought Radi, I am authorized to say that all Bulgarians are MORONS, RETARTED SONS OF BITCHES, like you. Right? At Mods: you either do something about Radi, or I will be out of Psynews.
  5. My God! The iPhone 5S Gold color costs half the price of a nice second hand car here in Brazil in the black market . And I want one .
  6. I am sorry. Hope he is in the heaven for pets and that you get better soon.
  7. I had this for years. Then a doctor said I have two veins that way too close to the skin inside the nose. A lot of things cause them to 'leak', including exercises, itchings, hot water. He performed a procedure called "cauterization" with a chemical product. It stopped and I haven't had a nosebleed for more than a decade.
  8. I mean, electronic music in general, every subgenre and styles? I have this experience I want to tell you: some guys kept asking me to play electronic music in our lounge bar. As our trademark sound is chill-out, new age and ambient, I kept refusing to play uptempo music. But in order to please everyone, I decided that on Thursdays we would play electronica exclusively. I flyed up, paid Facebook promos, invited DJs of every genre. The first night was OK, a good crowd. But as the weeks went by, fewer and fewer people came to the electronic nights. I again, flyed up and paid FBs ads, and DJs inv
  9. Thanks Rotwang. Now I understand what he said. I wish he had brought this up while he was feeling this resentment he kept for months, so we could have discussed it, and I would certainly have apologized. Not wanting to sound the Wise Man On Earth here, but resentment is a piece of darkness inside one's heart. It is natural to feel it, but we must do our best to clear things up by talking and forgiving.
  10. Don't you think "forever" is too severe a sentence? And that everybody deserves 2nd, 3rd, 4th...chances? I really had troubles with Elysium, but I also believe we are beings in constant transformation, and I want to believe he will be back someday, more productive and friendly. As for Alien, it's a pity. I understand now he is overreacting to minor stuff. Hope he comes back too, I liked him.
  11. Just woke up, had coffee and went to the backyard only to discover that Silky, my French bulldog, tried hard to help me by taking all the washed clothes from the line 😕. I don't know if I laugh or cry.
  12. I am completely lost here. Could someone explain what happened to Neurogen, Colin, Paradox, ME? I don't remember having any argument with any of them.
  13. Man, I apologize on my knees for any offense I made to you. Please excuse me. I am really sorry. Admins: how do I do to read past posts I wrote to Neurogen? I really want to read them. Thanks.
  14. Hey man. What's going on? You guys trapped in old scars? Overcome this, it's never too late. Blackmailing about identities? Because of music? Get it over with guys. World needs understanding, not fights.
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