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  1. The track is a remix of "memory lane" and is only played live.
  2. A friend of mine make this really nice video of the amazing liveset from filteria at the antaris festival... Click here I dont know about the track, which is playing in the video. It is an unreleased one? The melody on 1:30 is sooooo wicked. :posford: greets sven
  3. Really cool. Looking forward to your liveset at Antaris. You are with Filteria my personal mainacts. How was the Gig at the Kupoles Festival? And now i see at the picture. there is a screenshot of the internet explorer. not good. using firefox or something else, internet explorer is like cheesy fullon, pure shit... hehe joke..
  4. Peace, my friend. Suntrip do good work. You are do good work with Phototropic. Together, NOT! against each other. So, we are bringing never back the Goa-Vibe. I want to see a goaparty organized by suntrip and phototropic together in the future.
  5. Ok in a short way. Here are my results. Filtertraces (Abstract Dream Rmx) 10/10 - very dreamy, I love it, perfect beginning The Big Blue 10/10 - One of the best tracks i've ever listen to... :posford: Wormhole 8/10 - a little bit to chaotic Eyeless Observatory 8.5/10 In The Heaven's Eye 8.5/10 - nice intro, cool build up Infinite Regression 10/10 - nice melodies, fast, on the dancefloor a real killer Earthrise 9/10 Float Away & Disappear 9/10 Total: 9,1/10
  6. Wow. The Cover is very nice. Looking forward to this...
  7. Iam really happy about the many releases, because I love Goa .... but I dont know... If i listen to Ya Wichna or Pure Planet 3, I get a little bit tired of this sound. Ok, the tracks are good, they work better on the dancefloor than every fullon-sound, but for homelisting its not so good. The most Tracks of this compilations lacks on freshness and innovation. Maybe Iam tired of trance, i listen to much in the last months.
  8. Ok. I listen to the Track. Your project has potential. I like the brake between 2:53 and 3:18. In compare to your old project, which has nice tracks... you say, you will make a mixture of other psy-genres, but if i listen to "psy dimension", then i think it is goatrance anymore... maybe with more freshness...
  9. You are right. You love new music. We love good music. old is gold!!!
  10. Sounds nice. I think, i will be there.
  11. The track is very nice. I give you a detailed review in german, later.
  12. hehe. this is my first recorded mix. nice to see, that people like it.
  13. Cool. The player works for me, now. The samples are very very beautiful. After hearing the samples, i thought, the time is right for filteria, he must play at a open air in germany, again. then i checked the lineup of antaris festival and BOOM! he plays!!! Yeah!!! :posford: I jumb in circles. :clapping:
  14. Wow! I dont listen to forrestsound for long time. this release sounds really interessting...so many details.. very deep... like it
  15. Elysium has his comeback this year. He plays at some festivals. And Im really happy, that he plays at Antaris Festival here in Germany. The first GoaTrance-Act after many years at Antaris, I think!
  16. Hm. The tracklist is good, but the mixing-skills are so bad. So I decide, I make a new record of it. And in near future I will make a completly new aggressive goatrance mix.
  17. My ratings: Tracklist 01. Chi-a.d. – Sight of the Sages - [8/10] 02. California Sunshine – Oblivion - [7/10] 03. Virtuart & Chronomyst – Zanchin [10/10] 04. Aerosis – Lunar Effect [9/10] 05. Artifact303 – Energy Waves [7/10] 06. Antares – Aurora [7/10] 07. Ra – Gateway [10/10] 08. Filteria – Back To Earth [10/10] Total: [8,5/10]] :drama:
  18. Hm. My ratings without any word. Tracklist: 01. Lured by the Nymphs - [8/10] 02. Atlantis - [10/10] 03. Rise Up to the Sun - [7/10] ---> EDIT@12.04.2009 [8/10] 04. Born Underwater - [9/10] 05. Aquarius - [9/10] 06. The Pleiades - [7/10] 07. Mermaid's Twin Sister - [10/10] 08. Mind Blowing - [10/10] 09. Poseidon Lullaby - [9/10] 10. Blue Planet - [9/10] Total: [8,8/10] ---> EDIT@12.04.2009 Total: [8,9/10] :drama:
  19. Hehe. The Mushroom magazine comes from Germany. In Germany GoaTrance is very very very very very small. Look at the lineup of the big festivals Liquid Time, Indian Spirit, Psychedelic Circus or last year of VuuV, Antaris and FullMoon. No GoaTrance Acts. No GoaTrance Djs. The chance is bigger that you listen to Techno, Progressive House or Minimal Elektro at a german Goa -Festival. And this year many festivals have an extra-darkpsy-floor. Some organizers write in her entry at goabase, that they have sound for every taste. But they only thinking on FullOn, Progressive and Darkpsy. GoaTrance is canceled in her memory...
  20. Fuckedelic!!! Awesome news. :posford: The Tracklist is very cool. Yeah, yeah!!! California Sunshine album and a suomi compilation! Soooo nice.
  21. best stuff of the year until now. :posford: To sad, that i/we can only listen to the 45 seconds samples on Arabesque.
  22. Looking forward to this release. Nice to see new names on this compilation. Sounds very good.
  23. Yeah! Sounds bombastic!! :posford: Especially the Amanians Track. :drama:
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