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Found 9 results

  1. 1. Goasia - Outer Space Formant 2. Goasia - Alien's Ultimatum 3. Goasia - Back To Space 4. Goasia - Hybrids 5. Goasia - Yes, We Are 6. Goasia - Landed On Wrong Planet 7. Goasia - Life Reborn 8. Goasia - Basic Instinct 9. Goasia - XOR 10. Goasia - Area 51 So this just happened. Very nonchalantly. It's been 6 strange years since the release of Goasia's last 'Amphibians On Spacedock' album. But if you have heard any of their more recent 'Goa Trance Legacy' releases then you may have an idea of why this might have some hype around it. You may have an idea of why this is hype just from their previous album releases. You might wonder 'Why isn't there any hype around this' Well that's because no one thought of telling us a release was on the way. No bother, here we are. Goasia have been releasing Goa trance since at least 2006 and have their own very distinct sound. Vladislav Radulovic & Balint Tihamer make Goasia up and damn they have already given a lot to this scene, well strap in, press the big red button and prepare to Land on the wong planet as these fellas take you to magic land. Making this Spacedock Records 6th CD release, be sure to grab this sexy beast in physical if that's your jam. https://spacedockrecords.bandcamp.com/album/sdrcd06
  2. .:::GOA TRANCE LEGACY vol. 2 compiled by DJ OKTOMAN:::.. It is time for SECOND CHAPTER of our series called GOA TRANCE LEGACY which main idea is to bring some fresh tunes from old and new well trained Goa Trance forces on scene. Every track list on VA is selected by the most well educated and super ear trained Goa Trance DJ's from friendly labels, and this time new chapter coming right from DJ OKTOMAN, a Cronomi Records DJ from Swiss GREEN SPIRIT organisation. New legacy will bring you 9 outstanding tracks created by super talented and well known artists such as Power Source, Prana, Goasia, M-Run, E-Mantra, Funky Gong, Hypnagogia, Total Eclipse, Omegahertz & Artha!!! Enjoy the samples and feel free to be impatient till all tracks arrive on the major digital and CD platforms. Sincerely yours Spacedock Records www.facebook.com/Spacedockrecords and DJ OKTOMAN www.facebook.com/oktomanschlafwandler Cover art Sara Constança www.facebook.com/saraconstancaphotography Mastering by Mario Matakovic aka M-Run www.facebook.com/Mrunpage
  3. It is enormous pleasure to inform you that our first VA baby arriving under the coordination of our beloved friend and associate DJ Inê Montagnana from Suntrip Records! It is ..:::GOA TRANCE LEGACY compiled by DJ INÊ:::.. Nine outstanding tracks carefully selected with some of the TOP Goa Trance names from the beginning till today! Astral Projection, Power Source, ManMadeMan, Omnivox, M-Run, Goasia, Filteria, Shakta, Psychowave, remixed artists like Prana, U-Recken and DigiCult... Pleasure to collaborate with friendly associates like Matsuri, Suntrip, Dacru, Green Spirit, Shiva Trance, SC Design, JZ Trance, Echo & Soundmute Bookings. We are all together creating this legacy for many generation on the dance floor, cars, home stereos, iPods and every single sound broadcaster! Enjoy the samples and feel free to be impatient till all tracks arrive on the major digital and CD platforms. Sincerely yours Spacedock Records www.facebook.com/Spacedockrecords and DJ INÊ www.facebook.com/goa.dj.ine Cover art Sara Constança www.facebook.com/saraconstancaphotography Mastering by Mario Matakovic aka M-Run www.facebook.com/Mrunpage
  4. JZ TRANCE press. SPACEDOCK RECORDS in WONDER NIGHT of GOA TRANCE OCTOBER 17, 2015 Club AGEHA - ARENA stage, TOKYO JAPAN Arena stage: GOASIA / Suntrip records / Spacedock Records / Serbia OMNIVOX / Spacedock Records / Croatia TSUYOSHI SUZUKI / Matsuri Records / Japan ARAKI / Jz Trance / Spacedock Records / Japan YOSHIHIDE / Jz Trance / Japan Full info https://www.facebook.com/events/1066168156727356/
  5. It’s been 4 years since the last Goasia album ‘Dancing With The Blue Spirit’ was released on Kagdila Records, okay, three if we count the re-release at Dimensional Records. Since than, many Goasia fans had huge expectance for a new record due to the fact that they were able to raise the bar with ‘Dancing With The Blue Spirit’ album. For all people who might be living under rock in last couple of years, Goasia is project between Balint Tihamer & Vladislav Radulovic, releasing melodic Goa trance music for a long time. God, Good Morning Amphibians On Spacedock The New Orient Mental Mutator Dolphins Of Jupiter Promised Land Sundance Orbital Saturation Tetrodotoxin When I received my promotional copy of a new album entitled ‘Amphibians OnSpacedock’ released couple of days ago under Suntrip Records banner, I stated that I feel the the relation between last and this album is like relationship between Terminator and Terminator 2. For sure ‘Amphibians On Spacedock’ can be seen as an upgraded version of it’s predecessor, especially because the formula of a great Goa trance record is present on this one, and the key factors suchas: great production, the sense for storytelling and being able to create memorable moments/tracks can be found on AOS. I don’t want to spoil the fun with this review by analysing and reviewing each track, since many people are awaiting their copies to arrive and to check it in person, but for all people who might be afraid that some things gonna miss here I have to say – you’re wrong. Remember the great morning anthems from the last record such as Terra Incognita’ or ‘Dancing With The Blue Spirit’, on this one the very first track, opener – ‘God, Good Morning’ is in the same league with thoose two tracks, and after hearing it almost on daily basisi in last two weeks, it’s getting even better. Tracks such as ‘Amphibians On Spacedock’, ‘Dolphins Of Jupiter’ and ‘Orbital Saturation’ are the best example of the upgraded sound. The trademark Goasia vibe and feeling is still there but it’s enriched with new interesting and psychedelic sounds and blended perfectly so that you in the end got that feeling that you’re listening to a new record. One great positive shocker on this album was the last track entitled ‘Tetrodotoxin’ which is a representation of more experimental Goasia sound, a less melodic track with nice driving beats and retro-Goa feeling. As I mentioned earlier this album got all the key ingredients and one of them is the sense for storytelling and flow. The only thing that I see as a negative factor on this album is ‘Sundance’ track, which is a great track already released earlier, but the sound is kinda out of the foucs compared to the rest of the album and it feels like it doesn’t belong here, but hey, it’s a great track and I’m sure guys from Goasia wanted to have this one on their new album. Conclusion – Amphibians On Spacedock proved the fact why it’s been one of the most anticipated Goa trance releases in last two years and people who are into melodic Goa trance music should have this album in their collection because it represents the new era of Goasia production. I feel that the most memorable moments on this one were tracks such as ‘Orbital Saturation’, ‘God, Good Morning’, ‘Tetrodotoxin’ and ‘Dolphins/Amphibians’ combo. Goasia demonstrated once more why they’re one of the few who are on the top of the Goa trance pyramid nowdays and without any doubt, with the new record they will gain even more attention from people who might not heard about their work. Let’s not forget that Goasia duo is one of the few who proved that music got no limits, and their work-routine is the best showcase, Kanc (who is living in Croatia) and Balint (who is living in Serbia) are successfully producing music even they’re hounderd of kilometers away from each other. In the end I have to say that mastering of the album is flawless thanks to Tim Schuldt who made a beautiful job. Amphibians On Spacedock gets 8,5 glasses of rakija (out of 10) Review by Richpa (iparic70@gmail.com) http://www.facebook.com/ohitsrichpa Buy this album at Suntrip webshop: http://www.suntriprecords.com/release/cat/SUNCD33/ Like Goasia on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/goasiamusic
  6. some kind of remake of our old track Paranoid from 2004 https://soundcloud.com/goasia/still-paranoid-2014-edition :-)
  7. *UPDATE*!! - Title is no longer correct, see new cd list!! For Sale: My last remaining "psy" cd's.. (7 cd's in total for 13 euro - this allready includes shipping cost within europe!) Albums: Artha - Influencing Dreams Doctor Spook - Fed X - Overnight Express (progressive) Eat Static - Implant Goasia vs Omegahertz - Purple Energy 2 Ra - To Sirius Ion - Ionized (progressive) V/A: Spoken Weird (suomi) I prefer Paypal myself. But Bank Transfer is also possible. Message me for more information. :-) Timo
  8. http://spacedockreco...ted-galaxies-ep Goasia - Tribal Experience 6:01 Goasia - Chemical Brain 8:11 Goasia, synonym for today's Goa Trance scene!!! Huge honor to open our chapter in Spacedock with Goasia, one of the greatest Goa projects treat us with brand new digital EP. After two magnificent albums, one XXL extend play and colab album with Omegaherz, plus a numerous tracks on various compilations, Goasia present new material and pre-release of 3rd album. Tribal elements and galactic feeling in atmosphere, will declare these tracks as anthem of the milky way. From Other Spaces, with Planet Riders all together Dance with blue Spirit and ride with us in to Unvisited Glaxies and explore new vibes of Psychedelic Goa Trance music. €2 for FLAC! http://spacedockreco...ted-galaxies-ep Moar goasia for everyoune! Goasia definitely stepping it up here! Every new release from Goasia has been an improvement in production and this is no different!
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