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Found 11 results

  1. Artist: Crop Circles Title: Lunar Civilization EP Label: DAT Records Date: June, 2013 1. Lunar Civilization 2. Antonomasia 3. Full Mental Jackpot (Pleiadians Remix) 4. Ghost Circles Crop f*cking Circles. Rising faster than an old man's erection on Viagra is the star that is DAT Records. This is a label run by Draeke that resurrects music from the golden age of goa trance that was unreleased or only put out on vinyl and then gives it the production values of today with new mastering. His 2 CD release of Etnica Live in Athens was one of the greatest gifts you could g
  2. Artist: Various Title: Salutation To The Planets Label: Altar Records Date: June, 2013 Salutation to the Planets remixed 8 times. Seriously. Ok. What do you do when you make a weak track that is uber repetitive? Sure that's the honorable thing, but how about just delete it? Or...and hear me out...invite a bunch of label mates over and see if they can clean up your mess. Suduaya is a French artist who has produced a bunch of quality work, but this track isn't close to his best. It was in that mid tempo range and ended up being annoying and very repetitive as I menti
  3. Artist: Crop Circles Title: Full Mental Jackpot EP Label: DAT Records Date: June, 2013 1. Full Mental Jackpot 2. Different Species 3. Full Mental Jackpot (Etnica rmx) 4. Effortless - Cosmic Creative Rays Crop f*cking Circles. This is the other EP that was released by those crazy Italians and may be more massive than Lunar Civilization. I prefer to look at them as a whole however. A conglomerate of powerful and melodic masterpieces. The title track lays the smack down with numerous twists and turns each more twisted than the last. 11 and a half minutes of pure bliss. Diff
  4. Artist: Various Title: Blacklight Moments Label: Suntrip Date: June, 2013 1. Wake Up And Smell The Ashes - Daimon 2. These Talking Machines - K.O.B. 3. Black Sun - Psychic Voyag 4. Viral Breath - Cosmic Dimension 5. Aramean Dreams - Khetzal 6. Emotional Overload - Javi and Sko0ma 7. Beyond Lightspeed (E-Mantra rmx) - Artifact 303 8. Naltayada - Skarma 9. Depth Of Consciousness -Mindsphere 10. Cosmic Fusion - Uth This could not have been any clearer. Ok, I might've ummm...I might've added that last bit. Suntrip, the alpha and omega of goa trance is back at it
  5. Artist: Various Title: Phoenix Label: Zion604 Records Date: June, 2013 Genesis: This is Our Legacy 1. Doof - Double Dragons (Trance Edit) 2. Satori - Neurality 3. Rhythmystec - Eskimo 4. Deflo - Ka.El.Mono (Alternative Recording Session) 5. 100th Monkey - Spiritus (Unreleased Mix) 6. Psychaos - Mindwash 7. Somaton - MKS Dist 8. ManMadeMan - Wasteland 9. Snake Thing - Gizmo Revelation - This Is Our Hope 1. Entheogenic - Soma (Veda Mix) 2. Lapsus - Year Zero 3. Libra - I Know Hias 4. Cymatics - Endless Circle 5. New Born - Moon Worshiper 6. Qlipadelic Rythm
  6. Artist: Hotep Title: Transformation of Light Label: Ovnimoon Records Date: June, 2013 1. And just a pinch of magic 2. Happyland 3. Nature and society 4. Loud Thoughts 5. Portal to the future (feat. Electyxeed) 6. Free Transform (Hotep rmx) - Wizack Twizack 7. Squiggly Lines (feat. Psilocybian) 8. Explore the universe 9. Ay Caramba 10. A joint and cup of coffee "Do we occupy a special place in the cosmos, or are we merely a celestial footnote? Is the universe welcoming or hostile? We can stand here forever wondering. Or we could leave home on the ultimate adv
  7. Artist: Outer Signal Title: Bit It EP Label: Sonic Motion Records Date: June, 2013 1. Bit It 2. Doubts 3. Resolution feat. Atyss *sigh* How to describe this, how to describe this... It's my own fault, the music was described to the T in the promo. Yet another previously competent and promising twilight artist deciding that the commercial route was the way to go. Who can argue with him, we all got bills. But this is full of corny buidups and way too many guitars that do not rock or roll. If you told me this was the new EU album I would've bel
  8. Artist: Various Title: Replicants Vol. III Label: Replicant Records Date: June, 2013 1. Menog & Chromatone - Who Are We? 2. Earworm - Back In Play 3. Khopat - Adapting 4. Ex-Gen - Zombification "Drugs might actually cause people to wake up." I wasn't familiar with this label, but once I heard Audio Discharge they had my attention. Looking at the covers for their releases they seem to have a fascination with Satan and gas masks. Whatever you're into I suppose. Have you seen the Terror Lab Industries fetish? Oy. All four of these tracks are great. Let me state that
  9. Artist: Silent Horror Title: Patterns II EP Label: DVSM Records Date: June, 2013 1. Variables 2. Pan'd Labyrinth 3. Atomic Structures "The ghosts in the darkness have come." Darkpsy ain't for everyone. Hammering bass lines, noisy and abrasive synth washes, and usually the total absence of a melody...It's a f*cking headache waiting to happen. And I'll be honest I don't know how you dance to this type of music unless it's a mosh pit free for all. The genre has sort of become a parody of itself and the race is on to see which darkpsy producer can make the most noise. The g
  10. Album: The Adventures of Multi-Dimensional Caterpillar Artist: Mindex Genre: Drum n Bass, Psybreaks Label: Time Resonance Music Size: 54MB License: CC Price: Free and Donations Track List: 01 - Spring Madness (feat. Do) 02 - Funky Monkey 03 - Sambuca And Milk 04 - Zephyr 05 - Electroshock Remember when the world was run on sexy downtempo jazz with a dash of airy guitars and drum and bass progression? You would be lying if you answered yes, because that never happened. Mindex decided it was about time to throw out some quirky originality for all to enjoy, putting together an
  11. Album: Particle Displacement Artist: Various Artists Genre: Progressive Label: Glitchy Tonic Records Compiled by: Splund Size: 220MB License: CC Price: Free and Donations Track List: 01 - Anfo - Mission Y 02 - Fidjit - Generator Modifier 03 - Reactant - Calm Down (Paracozm Remix) 04 - Krystal Skulls - Microponto 05 - Noize Pirates & Tribal Machine - Robotic Hobbits 06 - Ellis Thomas - Land Of Enchantment 07 - Frakatix - Matière Noire 08 - Phasenverschiebungen - Ego-Death 09 - Creative Juices - Bottom Feeder 10 - Paracozm - High Pressure (SourOne Remix) 11 - The Greys - Interg
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