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Found 11 results

  1. Artist: Crop Circles Title: Lunar Civilization EP Label: DAT Records Date: June, 2013 1. Lunar Civilization 2. Antonomasia 3. Full Mental Jackpot (Pleiadians Remix) 4. Ghost Circles Crop f*cking Circles. Rising faster than an old man's erection on Viagra is the star that is DAT Records. This is a label run by Draeke that resurrects music from the golden age of goa trance that was unreleased or only put out on vinyl and then gives it the production values of today with new mastering. His 2 CD release of Etnica Live in Athens was one of the greatest gifts you could give an old schooler, but instead of standing on his success he continues to reach higher with his next offering. What do you get when you add Etnica + Lotus Omega? Crop f*cking Circles. Now this isn't his first date with this project. Remember the "lost" album Tetrahedron back in 08? So full of thick melodic layers he's been going strong ever since. And now we've learned that no task is too herculean. So it stands to reason that his long standing relationship with this Italian supergroup would continue to bear fruit. Like most of you I didn't have these vinyl EP's released back in 07 and even if I did what the hell would I play them on. So I had to make do with mp3's that I found on the net and I was happy to have them. But now I have the CD EP from DAT Records in its little cardboard sleeve cover and the planets seem to be back in alignment for this collector. The original vinyl EP from Auricle Records had just the tracks Lunar Civlization and Antonomasia. Awesome tracks full of spiraling melodies and complex layers to be sure, but then the CD version came out and it included the mind blowing remix of Full Mental Jackpot by the Pleiadians. But Draeke does you one better with the addition of a track I've never heard called Ghost Circles. It falls right into line with their crazy Italian style. Fast, multilayered melodies with tons of 303 goodness. To close this is another triumph for Draeke and DAT Records. He has succeeded in bringing some of the greatest goa trance tracks back into the light. The music sounds spectacular and keeps the genius that was Etnica alive. No longer do you have to shell out ungodly prices for this hard to find piece of goa history cause now he put it within everyone's reach. And you don't even need a f*cking record player, whatever the hell that is. Draeke you've got your had so deep in my pocket people are going to tell us to get a room. DAT Records Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  2. Artist: Various Title: Salutation To The Planets Label: Altar Records Date: June, 2013 Salutation to the Planets remixed 8 times. Seriously. Ok. What do you do when you make a weak track that is uber repetitive? Sure that's the honorable thing, but how about just delete it? Or...and hear me out...invite a bunch of label mates over and see if they can clean up your mess. Suduaya is a French artist who has produced a bunch of quality work, but this track isn't close to his best. It was in that mid tempo range and ended up being annoying and very repetitive as I mentioned. That being said, it's the perfect opportunity to take something mediocre and totally transform it into a beautiful butterfly. I rant about this all the damn time. And with this digital release you get 8 cracks at it. Pretty good odds right? Talk about a lazy effort. Technically all the artists adhere to the definition of a remix as some things were different. And truth be told all of the tracks were superior to the original. The By the Rain remix added a dark and evil glitchiness that was greatly appreciated. The Landswitcher Remix had a Shponglesque quality to it. So what's my gripe? While I liked every track but the original they weren't that different that listening to this was tiresome. Take all the remixes and sprinkle them over a few compilations. Easier to digest. So the tracks are good, but as an album I'm afraid it fails. Opportunity missed.
  3. Artist: Crop Circles Title: Full Mental Jackpot EP Label: DAT Records Date: June, 2013 1. Full Mental Jackpot 2. Different Species 3. Full Mental Jackpot (Etnica rmx) 4. Effortless - Cosmic Creative Rays Crop f*cking Circles. This is the other EP that was released by those crazy Italians and may be more massive than Lunar Civilization. I prefer to look at them as a whole however. A conglomerate of powerful and melodic masterpieces. The title track lays the smack down with numerous twists and turns each more twisted than the last. 11 and a half minutes of pure bliss. Different Species begins slower, but is no less involving and alien sounding. Sharp 303 ripples and spiraling leads tumble from the sky. Now we learned with the Live in Athens 1996 album by Etnica that it wasn't uncommon for them to make several remixes for a track. With the FMJ remix it's more subdued than the original...well at least to start. But this is Etnica we're talking about here so you don't have to wait long before it goes all Full Mental Jackpot on you. Is it better? That's like asking if the first piece of chocolate cake is better than the second. The most interesting track is the final one that due to a labeling error on the DAT master was originally credited to Crop Circles. In actuality, it is by Cosmic Creative Rays which is a Lotus Omega side project and easily the most chaotic and intense track here. Hallucinogenic with melodies that aren't as pristine or accessible, it is still layered goa to the bone. Purchasing these two EP's is a no brainer. These tracks are absolute classics that every goa head knows and loves. The sound quality is superb guaranteed to please. So it you love goa and don't want to take a second mortgage out on your house to buy the original EP's... get cracking. DAT Records Psyshop Beatspace Goastore Mdk
  4. Artist: Various Title: Blacklight Moments Label: Suntrip Date: June, 2013 1. Wake Up And Smell The Ashes - Daimon 2. These Talking Machines - K.O.B. 3. Black Sun - Psychic Voyag 4. Viral Breath - Cosmic Dimension 5. Aramean Dreams - Khetzal 6. Emotional Overload - Javi and Sko0ma 7. Beyond Lightspeed (E-Mantra rmx) - Artifact 303 8. Naltayada - Skarma 9. Depth Of Consciousness -Mindsphere 10. Cosmic Fusion - Uth This could not have been any clearer. Ok, I might've ummm...I might've added that last bit. Suntrip, the alpha and omega of goa trance is back at it again with their latest compilation. Blacklight Moments brings well known artists together with a few newbies in an incredible exercise in melodic goa. Surprise surprise. The Mindsphere double album Patience For Heaven was an absolute treat, but this label doesn't seem satisfied with resting on previous successes. These guys give the people what they want. Want some downtempo? BAM! Opus Iridium and the Sweet Sadness of Electrypnose. Need some darkness in your goa? May I introduce you to the Temple of Chaos. I wish my credit card company was this attentive. So is this a worthy addition to the Suntrip library? Really? Wake Up and Smell the Ashes- "Rise and shine, Mister Freeman. Rise and... shine. Not that I... wish to imply you have been sleeping on the job. No one is more deserving of a rest, and all the effort in the world would have gone to waste until... well, let's just say your hour has... come again. The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. So, wake up, Mister Freeman. Wake up and... *smell the ashes*..." For my money the dark alter-ego of Antares slayed it with his track Codex on Temple of Chaos. End of discussion. Back again with a creepy sample from the Halo game (don't ask me which one I had to look it up. Too busy getting laid) he once again incorporates the randomness of a little darkpsy into his goa trance. While infinitely less powerful than Codex it was still nice and dark with great sequences near the end. Proving once again that this young man who cannot even drink legally in my country has accomplished more than I have in more than twice his years. F*cker. Those Talking Machines- I'm not the biggest fan of this Filteria side project as I prefer his chaotic style more. This is an older track with dark mechanical intentions that more closely resembles tech-trance than goa. It's not very interesting to me, but what it lacks in evolution it makes up for in atmosphere. Not bad, but not great either. Black Sun- We're Psychic Voyag and we leave off the e cause our track is excellent. Why yes it is, chock full of twisting leads and spiraling strands of sunlight with no downtime. Not the deepest track you'll hear, but if this was Jello wrestling, Jannis just got a mouth full of strawberries. Viral Breath- The second newbie in a row must've impressed Mars & Anoebis. Good luck getting the acidic taste out of your mouth with this one. Melodic and powerful it's the sound that makes Suntrip what it is. Aramean Dreams- Responsible for one of the greatest goa trance albums ever in Corelle Matthieu Chamoux is back and it's like he never left. Melodic mysticism floats on electrically charged air as the ground itself pulsates with life. Volume and intensity increase as I try to focus on each new addition. Masterful. He just dropped the mic and left the stage with your girlfriend. Emotional Overload- As I mentioned in another review, these two are the Chang & Eng of goa. Always together. Off topic, but if you have sex with conjoined twins is it really a threesome? Just some of the things I think about. While you're discussing that, they deliver another power player that tumbles over itself with sharp melodies. Constantly evolving, maneuvering as if rocketing through an asteroid belt it leaves the melodies hanging in the air to guide you safely to the other side. Beyond Lightspeed (E-Mantra Remix)- Are these guys fighting? They're remixing each others' tracks in what seems like a goa pissing contest. With all that urine flying around the winners are the ones that don't get peed on. That would be us. E-mantra shows his hypnotic style with levels of melody climbing clouds like I do stairs. Screaming 303 madness with more aggressive knob twisting than gay porn. Ok, too far. The track of course is brilliant. Naltayada- They did it! They f*cking did it! I knew Suntrip would be the ones to get the band back together. After all this time and all the delays, you think this day will never come, but they did it. They managed to get Astral Projection to release some new goa material. What? That's not them? You gotta be kidding me...But it sounds just like...Oooh, this is awkward. You know what? F*ck 'em. Skarma you are now the new Astral. Great job with the sounds and layers of melody, but I'm gonna need 4 classic albums in...let's say 3 years. No pressure. Depth of Consciousness- The titans just keep on coming. After pseudo Astral Ali still has enough in the tank after PFH. It's slower, but deliciously complex. The melodies intertwine like an Indiana Jones snakepit warming the soul and supporting the body. This is so delightfully foreign and ethnic, I could never play this in my town. Might as well open up an Al-Quaeda travel agency. Not good to stir up the rednecks...they tend to get all shootey. Cosmic Fusion- Uth is Alex Lytvyn and his release Distant Instincts was stupendous. He shows his dreamy and downtempo skills with more layers than my sandwich. It's easily the most beautiful track here and a perfect way to end this compilation. I'm glad he got his opportunity with Suntrip to show what he could do. I'm getting tired of saying it (and I'm sure you might be getting tired of hearing it), but the boys from Belgium have done it again. Tracks full of melody and intricacy bring the trance like state to your front door. They've still got the Midas touch. Kudos to the artists who continue to paint the dreamlike tapestry that goa can be and also to Mars for carrying on with all that he's been going through. Another gem in the crown of the kings. Long live the king! Suntrip Psyshop Beatspace GoaStore Mdk
  5. Artist: Various Title: Phoenix Label: Zion604 Records Date: June, 2013 Genesis: This is Our Legacy 1. Doof - Double Dragons (Trance Edit) 2. Satori - Neurality 3. Rhythmystec - Eskimo 4. Deflo - Ka.El.Mono (Alternative Recording Session) 5. 100th Monkey - Spiritus (Unreleased Mix) 6. Psychaos - Mindwash 7. Somaton - MKS Dist 8. ManMadeMan - Wasteland 9. Snake Thing - Gizmo Revelation - This Is Our Hope 1. Entheogenic - Soma (Veda Mix) 2. Lapsus - Year Zero 3. Libra - I Know Hias 4. Cymatics - Endless Circle 5. New Born - Moon Worshiper 6. Qlipadelic Rythm - Hiloola 7. Skizologic - MS Blast 8. Octapulse - ACiDC 9. Sound Preacher - Ambient For 4 "To go out of your mind at least once a day is terribly important because by going out of your mind...you come to your senses." When the price of carrots spikes 200% we all lose. Zion604 is an Israeli/Japanese label started in 2012 by Roy sason, Stephan Spivak and Masafumi Hoshida. In just a short time they have made an indelible mark on the goa trance scene. While Suntrip is the undisputed king of the new breed of goa trance, labels like Zion and DAT Records have sated our appetite for unreleased gems from the greats of the genre. Having released The Kingdom, Flight 604, Scandi90's, and Brainforest Remastered (haven't reviewed that yet) they have now set the bar ridiculously high. Not content on making a quick buck by releasing classics that everyone already has, they focus on keeping the old school spirit vibrant with stuff that is kinda hard to find if not damn near impossible. With Phoenix they deliver a 2-disc journey beginning with the old school and then followed up with artists who are hopes for the future. Double Dragons (Trance Edit)- Nick Barber was the mind behind Doof responsible for the goa trance classic Let's Turn On. The original was a belter of a track, but this takes a different approach. If the attempt is to get you through the nostalgic door or to entrance, then mission accomplished. The growling bass line is an oscillating rumble as synths slowly begin to awaken. It gets in you, hypnotizing with subtle swaying melodies, never moving too quickly. Call it a slow motion knob twiddler with smooth transitions that is substantial without beating you over the head. Great opener. Neurality- Ooh, that old school pop is front and center with excitement that steadily builds. Experiencing a track you've never heard is exhilarating and true to Zion604 form they uncover an off the beaten path gem. The 303 is nimble liquid magic as the mosquito-esque synth buzzes madly about. Very bouncy like a fighter on his toes. Eskimo- This was originally found on an EP from 95 and is an exploratory trip through tribal like percussion, layers of melodies, and vocal manipulation. The lead gets more bold near the end and it's that last quarter where it all comes together. Ka.El.Mono (Alternative Recording Session)- "Crime does not pay." 50 and his football jersey wearing pet tiger don't agree with you. Like power and melody? Miss that wobbly and chunky sound? Need a primal scream in your goa? Welcome to the Deflo experience. Where intensity is the name of the game and loudness is just a state of mind. Interesting to say the least and the only problem I had with it was the quick way it faded. Spiritus (Unreleased mix)- Arguably the greatest track from this project this is an unreleased mix. See...it says so right there. But it doesn't really sound that different from the original. Still love it. Mindwash- I know there are a lot of people that wet their pants when they hear a Psychaos track, but I'm not one of them. Nothing here captured my attention and it sounded like the Psychaos that was over the goa novelty. Mks Dist- Also previously available on an EP this is a great track. Wonder what that title means? Racing melody maybe? This has that awesome oldschool buzz especially in the break. Wasteland- MMM has always been a mixed bag for me. They've made some really good goa tracks in the past, but these days their music follows a different path. And that's where this goes. Rhythmic and tribal with some goa elements. There are enough changes in direction to keep it interesting I suppose. Gizmo- Nick Taylor again and this is by far the craziest and all encompassing track on this compilation. It has a little bit of everything and I do mean EVERYTHING. Loved the breakbeats and the psy/goa undercurrents. Think of a storming jam session or if Psychaos had a black choreographer. Want another comparison? Remember when Paul's Boutique came out from the Beasties and everyone said it was a disappointment only to realize later on how f*cking brilliant it was? Yeah it's like that. Soma (Veda Mix)- "It's your eardrums that are turning vibrations into sound and in that way you are creating the world." Time for some present day goa goodness. Soma from the Latin means body and this is some full bodied stuff. Deep and involving the story unfolds and takes its time. And at 11 minutes it has plenty of time. It is epic listening as this track bares all for everyone to see. Not the most goa of tracks, but so lush it reminds me of those 5 gum commercials. Reminds me of those movies I'm not allowed to watch anymore. Year Zero- With a melody that has the distorted sound of being strangled through a pocket amplifier it's off to the races. Alien bubbling rides shotgun as this becomes quite loud and noisy, but in a full and experimental way. It screeches with the wail of a guitar solo while the kick thumps. On it's face it might be easy to dismiss, but once you accept it's a different take on goa it's easy to appreciate. I Know Hias- Who doesn't love a good breakbeat? I do, I do! The goa lead slinks in from the shadows and it's another example of how detailed goa can be. Subtle at once and then screaming to be heard. I am entranced and want to know Hias also. Endless Circle- "Those thoughts rise and go...like waves of water." I love everything about this track. The sample, the atmosphere, the old school bubble and bite...It's like this guy just stepped out of a DeLorean time machine. And we all know how well that turned out. Not just a stormer, but also rich. Moon Worshiper- I wondered what happened to this guy? Normally known for his downtempo goa he picks up the pace with a wailing echoing quality that is a little eerie. Twisting melodies abound and this one grew on me. Not bad. Hiloola- "From now on you must ask permission for everything you do!" Must be married. I've never heard of this project, but ahhh...the art of discovery. He must've been riding shotgun in that Delorean because this harkens back to the golden days. Bouncy with some techno flair this is delicious. MS Blast- Who the hell are these people? I love the constant wave of goa producers that seem to be cropping up these days. This track is...different. Kinda 2000 minimalistic type goa. Psychedelic? Surely and more along the lines of what was heard on Scandi90's. Not my favorite. ACiDC (Computer Controlled Edit)- A slow groover that likes to lay back in the progressive goa style. It's head nodding fun. Ambient For 4- It's uh...that's not really...Look it says ambient in the title and this monotonous breakbeat doesn't sound very ambient to me. Felt like I wanted to rap over it. What a fantastic ride this was. The sound quality is superb and this label makes me dig deeper than I normally would; accepting tracks that I may not usually reach for. Finding layers and new directions to appreciate is much easier with crystal clear sound. This is like a goa fruit salad with something for even the most jaded goa listener. Hell you can get all that with just the Gizmo track! I cannot stress how spectacular and important this release is. Not perfect, but on the whole it's a terrific effort. Zion604 is quickly earning high marks with the quality of its work. Congratulations gentlemen, you have earned the Batman seal of approval. Bandcamp Mdk
  6. Artist: Hotep Title: Transformation of Light Label: Ovnimoon Records Date: June, 2013 1. And just a pinch of magic 2. Happyland 3. Nature and society 4. Loud Thoughts 5. Portal to the future (feat. Electyxeed) 6. Free Transform (Hotep rmx) - Wizack Twizack 7. Squiggly Lines (feat. Psilocybian) 8. Explore the universe 9. Ay Caramba 10. A joint and cup of coffee "Do we occupy a special place in the cosmos, or are we merely a celestial footnote? Is the universe welcoming or hostile? We can stand here forever wondering. Or we could leave home on the ultimate adventure." Hotep- an Egyptian word roughly meaning to be satisfied, to be at peace. Yeah that seems to be working out. I'm beginning to believe there is no word for peace in the Muslim world. And that's why they fight all the time...they're confused. We keep saying peace and maybe in Arabic that means Jihad. Meh, not for me to tell them how to live their lives. That's a job for the white man's government. So Egypt isn't at peace, but a young Croatian man seems to be. I tell you the Balkans has been erupting with talent in the electronic scene as it seems every citizen is putting out a quality album. We have government issued health care and they have government issued Cubase. Think I'm joking? This is Psilocybian's neighbor. His neighbor. I have two neighbors. One hates black people and the other one is a pasty middle aged white lady in coveralls that clearly don't cover all. Some things can't be unseen. Anyway a debut album from this part of the world is becoming rather unremarkable. What would be remarkable is if it sucked. Hello? Is this thing on? It's Psilocybian's neighbor?!? The first couple of tracks were to warm you up. Not bad, but nothing spectacular either. When Nature and Society arrive it's a bit thicker with more layers and a goa undercurrent that reminds me of some of the classics back in the day. Syb Unity to be exact. Loud Thoughts is darker with a complex evil sneer as if the forest was threatening to swallow me whole. And it is a dark album with echoing effects and layers of sinister synthesizers. His remix of Wizack's Free Transform takes an already great track and ratchets up the tension. Everything seems so shiny! Squiggly Lines is just a thumping good time from these psychedelic titans. Ay Caramba is an interesting combination of darkpsy textures and tech-trance mechanics. And he closes with a downtempo track that is quirky and weird yet enjoyable. This album showed me the range this guy has. First I will say it was a solid release. Not stellar, but solid. A showcase of his talent in the night time full-on sub genre, it also revealed how competent he was in other styles. Goa, downtempo, tech...he's got it. He seems to be on the right track and I imagine his future compositions will become more complex and detailed. Looking for ward to it. Beatport Psyshop Beatspace Goa Store Mdk
  7. Artist: Outer Signal Title: Bit It EP Label: Sonic Motion Records Date: June, 2013 1. Bit It 2. Doubts 3. Resolution feat. Atyss *sigh* How to describe this, how to describe this... It's my own fault, the music was described to the T in the promo. Yet another previously competent and promising twilight artist deciding that the commercial route was the way to go. Who can argue with him, we all got bills. But this is full of corny buidups and way too many guitars that do not rock or roll. If you told me this was the new EU album I would've believed you. Double artist slam! Oh yeah! I can still hear his ability in the music, so they haven't crushed all the creative life out of him yet. However that creativity is suffocating under an avalanche of tired full on and cheese. This bites. His words not mine. Beatport Mdk
  8. Artist: Various Title: Replicants Vol. III Label: Replicant Records Date: June, 2013 1. Menog & Chromatone - Who Are We? 2. Earworm - Back In Play 3. Khopat - Adapting 4. Ex-Gen - Zombification "Drugs might actually cause people to wake up." I wasn't familiar with this label, but once I heard Audio Discharge they had my attention. Looking at the covers for their releases they seem to have a fascination with Satan and gas masks. Whatever you're into I suppose. Have you seen the Terror Lab Industries fetish? Oy. All four of these tracks are great. Let me state that out front. However two great tracks are bookended by two f*cking outstanding smashers. The first and last tracks are absolute acidic sodomy. Menog & Chromatone pound home that we ain't in Kansas anymore while Ex-Gen has become my favorite twilight artist. This will get the blood pumping. Beatport Mdk
  9. Artist: Silent Horror Title: Patterns II EP Label: DVSM Records Date: June, 2013 1. Variables 2. Pan'd Labyrinth 3. Atomic Structures "The ghosts in the darkness have come." Darkpsy ain't for everyone. Hammering bass lines, noisy and abrasive synth washes, and usually the total absence of a melody...It's a f*cking headache waiting to happen. And I'll be honest I don't know how you dance to this type of music unless it's a mosh pit free for all. The genre has sort of become a parody of itself and the race is on to see which darkpsy producer can make the most noise. The good ones (like Kiriyama) combine other styles with darkpsy for a very complex and detailed journey. But please don't think I'm singling out darkspy because we all know the sorry state of full-on. And don't get me started on "popular" music. Having spoken with Alex (who runs DVSM Records) on numerous occasions I've come to learn he is a really nice fellow. Silent Horror (Jigar Shah) has a new EP and Alex asked me if I wouldn't mind giving it a listen. Last I heard from Mr. Shah was when I reviewed his album Seance back in 2011. Pure darkness that would really appeal to fans of that genre. Well he's back for more and he brings his scary penchant for horror movies with him. And man this is heavy. Remember that hammering bass line I was talking about? Yep, it's here. But he also has a little break in Variables that gives the ear a break from the punishment. That's important because you can only whip someone so many times before the whipping is rendered meaningless. He's really good with the effects and he layers them so the track sounds really full. Pan'd Labyrinth is more scary noises and discovering monsters down dark corridors. But he also does a nice trick with some scary percussion to add some variability. It's a hallucinogenic nightmare for atmosphere and you've gotta be wondering if it can get any worse. Atomic Structures is the heaviest of them all. The beginning is chopped up synths and there you go back into that corridor. Cue the scratchy "darkpsy" synth and another spooky break. It eventually gets so many sounds near the end that it's like punching someone in the face when he's already dead. Look, it is what it is. The sound quality is awesome and when I was playing this I was rumbling a few windows. The kick and bass line are relentless. That said you're not necessarily going to win any new converts to the darkside with this because it's still darkpsy. Those that love that type of music will love this. But those that get tired of the same leads and the madness won't. Sure there's more atmosphere with breaks that help, but it still falls into the same cliche's that the genre is known for. Bandcamp Mdk
  10. Album: The Adventures of Multi-Dimensional Caterpillar Artist: Mindex Genre: Drum n Bass, Psybreaks Label: Time Resonance Music Size: 54MB License: CC Price: Free and Donations Track List: 01 - Spring Madness (feat. Do) 02 - Funky Monkey 03 - Sambuca And Milk 04 - Zephyr 05 - Electroshock Remember when the world was run on sexy downtempo jazz with a dash of airy guitars and drum and bass progression? You would be lying if you answered yes, because that never happened. Mindex decided it was about time to throw out some quirky originality for all to enjoy, putting together an uptempo set of DnB tracks. Typically, drum and bass gets pretty old after a while. We all have been there. When you first discover the genre you think to yourself, "Well golly gee this drum pattern is fucking great!". Then, three albums later, your making fun of it with friends. This is why It is refreshing to hear innovation, and apparently it takes a space shifting insect to make this happen. In fact, I am pretty sure if I close my eyes for long enough, I can join this "multi-dimensional caterpillar" in a joyful journey. I love the theme and find it highly entertaining. I will admit, this album took a little bit to get use to. It has a lot of melody. The style, however, is extremely rewarding. The constant fancy jazziness creates euphoric happiness… and I feel the need to dance! As I listen to these tracks, my body gets up and screams. The artist really knows how to get people up and moving, using a combination of funky grooves, jazzy influences, and dead-on fantastic drums. It reminds me of the classic surfer rock from the 70s, mixed with old school uptempo styles and rocking jam sessions. From the very beginning in Spring Madness, Mindex takes pride in being different with his drum lines and guitar riffs. Then, in Funky Monkey, he takes on a more electronic feel with a handful of juicy synths. Best of all, it is all proper quality. If you enjoy dancing to chill out beat grids mixed with a nice collection of real instruments, then you need to download this right now. The pace is perfect! The vibes are excellent! Sure, it gets pretty repetitive, I mean it IS drum and bass, but you know what… I don't care. This character fills in all the gaps, keeps things interesting, and brightens the mood of any room with nice tunes. If you want a sample, listen to Sambuca And Milk around the 3:45 marker. That is so cool. There are many moments like that, jamming out with some kickass organs, smooth guitars, and deep bassos. Personally, I find this to be one of the better drum and bass albums out there and consider it to be innovative to the core. 9/10 Download Here on Ektoplazm (MP3, FLAC, WAV) - Review written by FatKidWitAJetPak (Nick Sumbles) - Special Thanks to Ektoplazm for the Download Bandwith - Special Thanks to Slava Semenikhin for the artwork!
  11. Album: Particle Displacement Artist: Various Artists Genre: Progressive Label: Glitchy Tonic Records Compiled by: Splund Size: 220MB License: CC Price: Free and Donations Track List: 01 - Anfo - Mission Y 02 - Fidjit - Generator Modifier 03 - Reactant - Calm Down (Paracozm Remix) 04 - Krystal Skulls - Microponto 05 - Noize Pirates & Tribal Machine - Robotic Hobbits 06 - Ellis Thomas - Land Of Enchantment 07 - Frakatix - Matière Noire 08 - Phasenverschiebungen - Ego-Death 09 - Creative Juices - Bottom Feeder 10 - Paracozm - High Pressure (SourOne Remix) 11 - The Greys - Intergalactic 12 - Ricco Mazzer - The Portal Sometimes, It is extremely difficult to find really good Progressive. I was a bit concerned after realizing Particle Displacement was a Various Artists album, but after giving it a listen I was immediately surprised. These guys really know how to set the mood! Taking on a darker and psychedelic tone, the folks over at Glitchy Tonic Records take us on a smooth ride through the quantum cosmos. Let's take a look at the deliciously groovy and uniquely stylized tunes in this "particle displacement". Anfo - Mission Y Wooohhh, that intro takes me way back to the club scenes of 90s house, yet it adds a certain, special something that makes it different. Special sounds fill in the gaps, making the slowly building style a bit more interesting. It is a very minimal track, layering each beat on top of each other until my brain orgasms. What an excellent build up! I can definitely tell every detail was worked out to perfection. Those deep gargling robot voices are a nice touch as well. It is hard to resist dancing to this progressive implosion of euphoria. I really enjoy how the beat breakdowns around the two minute marker, adding a snare drum with marvelous taste in quality. This is definitely my favorite part of the song, and everything past it is golden. "The mission is accomplished" in this one. Easily one of my favorites on the album, offering a classic old school vibe. Fidjit - Generator Modifier Taking more inspiration from the psytrance crowd, Fidjit starts this song with a satisfying crunch of atmosphere. A handful of really nice beat lines are brought in, and they progress into a "sound generator" voice sample that can certainly move crowds. A little bit of Stutter Edit, a plugin used for glitching, is brought forth and the track takes a turn into another well done climax. By using a bit more synth leads, Generator Modifier takes on a psychedelic feeling without straying too far from the original crystal clear house / progressive ideals. Reactant - Calm Down (Paracozm Remix) Calm Down sticks to a constant beat centered underneath a blanket of brain shifting textures.. The voice samples and piano rolls are a swell touch to the dark world. Being less of a house track that the previous two, it definitely chases after moods closer to Darkpsy. It is very well layered, and I do enjoy the style, but I am left searching for a bit more euphoria presented in previous tracks. "Do you have any idea why you might be in here" is a great theme, and my favorite portion is after four minutes. It has its moments, but I feel the first few minutes are a bit bland. Everything else is great! Krystal Skulls - Microponto. The collection of sound fronts ontop of monster-like voice clips create a super solid opening. This is a perfect way to introduce the heavy bass around the fifty second marker. A few good ole' popping psytrance synths move on in, greeted by an excellent assortment of percussion. It is moments like these that make me think to myself, "Damn this is good". Krystal Skulls is a great producer with the ability to bring anyone and everyone into his world. Now, that is music! It is easy to lead yourself astray from the intentions of a track when creating it, especially for Progressive. In Microponto, nothing ever gets old and everything is so clean. The four minute marker is also ultra sexy. Grand job. Noize Pirated & Tribal Machine - Robotic Hobbits "What is this crazy rock and roll music???" Ohohoh, I am digging this groove. It's smooth and intense like a giant, heavy waterfall flowing into my ears. Wave after wave, I move my body back and forth to the well mastered orchestra of vibrations. It is quite engulfing. My favorite thing about this track is the simplistic, yet effective synth pattern that riffs beneath the bass in small, healthy doses. Then everything chills out a bit and leaves a fresh taste in my mouth. Ice cold. Ellis Thomas - Land of Enchantment Straight out of Darkpsy culture, a story of demons echoes as a small, effective buildup comes into play. The structure of Land of Enchantment comes to its full fruition around three minutes. There is a noticeable gain in quirkiness after four minutes, however, and the sound isn't all that good. The beat is a little off, while the sub bass distracts me from the progression. The beginning is just fine and I wish it stayed with its original flow. The outro was interesting. Frakatix - Matière Noire I find myself surrounded in a heavy, delicious environment as soon as I hit play. Closer to Full-On, this style reminds me of Xerox and Illumination, yet a bit simpler with added organicness. I love the drum kit very much so. It also has a nice balance in pace, changing the lead at various times to spice things up a bit. I love to hear diversity, and that is important in the most basic of songs. Well mastered, well centered, and well made. Phasenverschiebungen - Ego-Death A nice use of Komplete, commonly used by Solar Fields, can create deep vibes. Phasen expresses his talents with this software clearly, surrounding listeners with long pads and clattering percussion in this ten-minute track. Dancy and clear, he uses a wide variety of instruments to satisfy psychedelic house cravers. The song is more involved than previous tracks, paying attention to multiple layers of sound. This is needed in such a long track, or else it would get boring. I was afraid it would be hard to listen to after a while, but the length is perfect in my opinion. It is even melodic at points, offering a different experience. Nice! (correct me if I'm wrong about the Komplete software) Creative Juices - Bottom Feeder Heavy and dark! I love it. This song matches the album artwork quite well, reminding me of pulsating biospheres. That layered bass brings me back to Astral Projections style, but a lot slower. It starts to get really good when a few of the synths repeat on jussstt the right level. Then it all turns around after 5 minutes. I really enjoyed that move to darkness! I want to play this on the dance floor whenever I get the chance. Quality song. Paracozm - High Pressure (SourOne Remix) It has a slow buildup, but it starts to get interesting around the two minute marker. I don't really like the beginning of the song, but I enjoy how it switches over to a different pace at four minutes. It uses a great combination of bitcrushing and synth textures. I personally feel this is the good part of the song and I really like the wobbly style it takes on. I am sure people can enjoy the simple beginning, but I personally got bored after a while. It is wonderful after that, however, and gets really interesting. I thoroughly enjoy the outro. The Greys - Intergalactic Oh hell yeah. That is a great beatline! The industrial clinking and clanking in the backdrop reminds me of a factory. I can see people walking past each other in a busy train station as I sit on a bench. This takes me on a journey more than any other track on the album. It has a well defined organization of buildups and climaxes. Strongly varied, it begs me to listen for more. The natural sounds used are highly entertaining. There could easily be a music video produced to this song. Rocco Mazzer - The Portal The Portal is theatrical, certainly groovy, and action packed. Using more great voice recordings, Rocco messes around with danceable beats and addicting patterns. A bit funkier than other songs, its mellow and chill out values release progressively until people start dancing. It's simple, but pure, created with a bit lower BPM. Then, at six minutes, it picks up the pace and melodically adjusts its sounds to move heads up and down. It is a great ending to the album! OVERALL: With nice craftsmanship in beat progression, sound after sound is added to form a nice, concrete structure of euphoric buildups and climatic juiciness. Capable of laying down Full-On and Progressive styles, the artists program a castle of gooey bass thumps, addicting synth patterns, and well varied sound fronts. There are only few moments I do not enjoy. Things do get repetitive at times, and It could certainly use more variety, but there are many tracks I can identify as having unique styles. Everything else is smooth and creamy, forming a constant smile on my face. This is recommended for most Progressive / House listeners. For those of you who crave a little mix of darkness in your music, this is for you. 8.5/10 Download here on Ektoplazm (MP3, FLAC, WAV) - Review by FatKidWitaJetPak (Nick Sumbles) - Special Thanks to Ektoplazm for the download bandwidth.
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