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  1. Delirious Noon - Launch to Lanctus The album I play to people new to modern (ish, 6 years ago now!) psytrance. Cracking, phenomenal melodies, punchy bassline, peaks and climaxes. In terms of Goa stormers, Transwave - Quasar, Zero Density, GNOTR - Ring of Fire, Cosmosis - Howling at the Moon.
  2. Indeed, a bizarre outlier.
  3. That is another factor, but I so rarely buy new games these days that I can justify it for something special. I probably wont be getting it until the Summer though, and then i'll be torn between that and No Man's Sky.
  4. Everyone has Fallout 4 except me . . . It's a choice between trying to get a degree and playing a brilliant looking video game, and it's not an easy choice.
  5. Colorbox - Train to Chroma City I always think of this album as a good example of a narrative driven / concept album, besides being bloody good Goa!
  6. Procrastinating when I have work that I should do!
  7. 7/10 I actually like this, it's got some solid techno influences but shares in the trancey side of Darshan. Some Darshan then:
  8. These days: Anything where the cover features a photograph of the artist's face, including (but not limited to) the addition of sunglasses and lightly clad women. More than 7/8 years ago: Psytrance which has typically been slowed down slightly and stripped of much of its "trippy" fx, leaving a psychedelic but subtle atmosphere.
  9. The Future Sound of London Beaumont Hannant Cell Tangerine Dream Children of Paradise With some groups I have such strong associations with the artist name and the music they make that I find it hard to judge the name on its merit alone.
  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pIU1pUMZhA Top 3, for sure.
  11. '96 - Alien Proten. '97 - Very difficult indeed, putatively I.F.O but personally Multimoods... maybe
  12. Got to agree with Trance2MoveU on Gangnia. I've always mentioned them in any of our many 'underrated. . .' threads, but they still don't have anywhere near the attention they ought to. The prices on discogs are astronomical as well.
  13. You're an absolute trooper Trance2MoveU; your relentless efforts have made Psynews the enclyopaedia which it is!
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