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  1. Hello hello we try to book merr0w for a party in germany. but he dont answer of our mails, anymore. what can we do? greets sven
  2. Iam not a big fan of Nitzho, but this album is really great, not a masterpiece, but really great! All Tracks are good, no bad tracks here... The best Tracks are #3, #6!!!!!!, #7 and #8. Yes, and the title-track "Psychedelic Dilemma" is a real killer. Pure Power! Rate: 9/10
  3. Grand Cheffs "Lady of Steel" reminds me on Shaktas "Lepton Head" (Deedrah Rmx). Especialy the last 90 seconds. ;-)
  4. Smiley Faces Of The BigBang After two years I recorded a new set. Its a mix between morning and darker sound. Start at 143bpm until 147 or 148bpm. So you can dance all time to this set. Have fun. Download: http://archiv.to/GET/FILE7756EF66AD310 Tracklist: 1. Crossing Mind - Cyclone in your Heart (Suntrip Records, 2010) 2. Filteria - Big Blue (Suntrip Records, 2009) 3. Ephedra - Travel On A Wednesday (2010) 4. Sine Die - The Shaman Trip (Metapsychic Records, 2006) 5. Space Elves - Anjuna Beach (Suntrip Records, 2010) 6. Amithabba Buddha - Trip To Kuros (Phototropic Records, 2010) 7. Cyberion - Linked Soulds (Kagdila Records, 2009) 8. Hypnotic Signal - Seven Nights (Ezel-Ebed Records, 2010) 9. Alienapia - Magic Magnification (Space Baby Records, 2010) 10. Dimension 5 - Harmonic Convergence (Intastella Records, 1997/Suntrip Records, 2007) 11. Etnica - Party Droid (Blue Room Released, 1996) 12. Cosmosis - Gift of the Gods (Transient Records, 1996) 13. Alienapia - Estimate Of Standing Crop (Space Baby Records, 2010) 14. Merr0w - Citrus Circus (Suntrip Records, 2010) Greets Sven
  5. Hm? Dont you believe is it a little bit too much stereotyped thinking? For me it is nice morning-goatrance-track with nice memorable melodies. :-)
  6. Hello. I played at the Spiritual Healing Festival, again. It was very cool and i have very long and cool video.. Have fun.
  7. Yeah, i also say Sundrop is the better sunshine compilation. 1. Mindsphere - The Awakening - The Track is ok, nothing special -> 6/10 2. Astrancer - Inhabitants of the Sun (Gnostic Theory) - Interessting start, but then only ok track -> 6/10 3. KhetzaL - Indian Attic (E-Mantra's Tellurian Remix) - Is one of my favorite Tracks from Khetzal. The remix is a good one, not better then the original. -> 7/10 4. Somnesia vs PharaOm - God's Tears - Sounds to amateurish to me and a little bit boring. Ok track -> 6/10 5. Liquid Flow - Reformation - Reminds me on MWNNs Teleport. Good Track. -> 7/10 6. Astrancer - Athanaton - Best Track on the compilation, really nice melodies. -> 9/10 7. Antares - Eureka - Great beginning, then a little bit to ordinary melodies. But there is the nice atmosphere in the track. Good Track. --> 8/10 8. RA - Time Current (Silver Remix) - Cool remix. But i think the melody in the end is to similar with one of the melodys in 'Icon' from Ra. Anyway very good track. -> 9/10 9. Space Elves - Anjuna Beach - Simple, but very good Track -> 9/10 -> Weakest release from suntrip. -> only 7/10
  8. Hello. I have set a link to your site on my site. Similar project, but only in german. --> http://return-of-the-sun.de/
  9. Zirrex - Voyage So fucking awesome track.
  10. i think its typical goa-cover. but its very cool. i like the typo, its perfect.
  11. Iam not sure about the filteria track. its sounds cool, but the melodies does not so for me. its sounds so average. his older tracks have more unique melodies, than is newer material, i think. the same problem i have with khetzal, if i listen to his new track. hmmmm
  12. Yeah! Vox is a really great musician. I love his music. So powerful and a lot of nice and memorable(!) melodies. And i dont know. for me "inner polarity" is the best track... the last two minutes, if the melody comes back after the short break... dancing with tears in my eyes.. haha
  13. After one year i must say that is a really really great Album. I listen to it again and again and again. Especially the tracks Atlantis and Born Underwater are so good. The melody in Born Underwater at 6:00 is like a swirl on the sea. And this is the a perfect present for Aquarius-born people (like me).
  14. My Top10 of Goa/Psy 1. Khetzal - Corolle 2. Ra - 9th 3. Filteria - Daze of our Lives 4. Filteria - Heliopolis 5. Filteria - Sky Input 6. Aavepyörä - Goddess Guerrilla 7. Trold - Time of Illusion 8. Ra - To Sirus 9. Talpa - The Art Being Non 10. Tamlin - Spectrogram
  15. Uuuui! Samples sounds fucking great! Melodies full of power and energy! Also as download avaible or in other shops? oh i see... beatspace! http://www.beatspace.com/dettagli/dettaglio.asp?id=5381
  16. This album is very good. "Astral Expierence" is on of the best tracks of the year and together with "Old is Gold 2", "Emotions" and "Aden prayers" my favorites of the album. Other track also good. I give it 8/10
  17. Hello Friends... Now I will show you a (very) small impression of my thrid set at a party. I have played on the spiritual healing festival. I was really nervous, hehe. price question: what is the name of the track, which i play in the video... greets sven
  18. +1 We want more Goadelic Breakbeat-Tunes.
  19. The track is a remix of "memory lane" and is only played live.
  20. A friend of mine make this really nice video of the amazing liveset from filteria at the antaris festival... Click here I dont know about the track, which is playing in the video. It is an unreleased one? The melody on 1:30 is sooooo wicked. :posford: greets sven
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