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  1. This is an interesting channel. I really should get around to doing something similar to demonstrate my approach to mixing; YouTube has a lot of potential for DJs these days, especially if you want to make a spectacle of yourself
  2. Several aesthetic features of the genre (e.g. ambient intros/outros, ending with a bang, non-standard track structure) probably originate with the use of cassette and DAT tapes in the earliest years of the scene. In some sense, the emphasis on access to obscure or unreleased material and programming/storytelling over technical mixing ability is a matter of tradition, but it doesn't have to be that way. Personally I really enjoy mixing psytrance as if it were house or techno, finding different ways to layer, blend, and combine source material. Plenty of my mixes involve 2 to 4 minute-long transitions between tracks, and occasionally 3 or 4 deck mixing. But I will admit to being less enthusiastic about mixing modern upbeat psytrance in this fashion; there's often way too much going on for aggressive mixing to yield satisfying results.
  3. Psy-Harmonics has many experiments with punk-psychedelic fusion in their catalogue. Experience is a good starting point, especially the opening track (which isn't on YouTube, unfortunately): https://www.discogs.com/Various-Experience-Psy-Harmonics-Volume-5/release/150829
  4. Cheeky fun from a former psytrancer
  5. MFG? Awesome I'd also love to see a remastered/unmixed/BPM fixed edition of a few MFG classics like Psychic Resonator and much of Project Genesis.
  6. Something for the early 1990s techno/trance crate-diggers: https://humanbeings.bandcamp.com/
  7. I'm curious if anyone knows the dates of production for the tracks on this album... or at least which two tracks are the new ones (Dancing Shiva and Fluid Dynamics are my guess)?
  8. Sounds interesting! I also hope to see a remastered version of The Best of the Rhino Years some of what's on those CDs is borderline unlistenable...
  9. I quickly skimmed some samples and don't understand the negativity. The last album was fantastic and this sounds really cool too.
  10. I am constantly impressed with the amount of effort that goes into these excellent re-releases. Some mistakes when dealing with such old source material is entirely understandable IMO. Sorry for the drama and hate you gotta put up with, but keep doing this wonderful thing you do
  11. Just stumbled upon this without reading the promo and was impressed with how well the producers nailed that proto-Goa vibe... this is what I've been hoping newer artists would try! And then I read the rest now I'm burning with curiosity...
  12. Thanks for sharing this here... I should emphasize one point that seems to have gotten lost in translation: although the label in question ripped plenty of tunes from Ektoplazm many commercial labels were also affected. I've seen some people sharing this status framing it as a problem with Ektoplazm, Creative Commons, or free distribution, but it's not exactly the case. Major labels register tracks with third-party services that scan sites for copyright violations, something that Ektoplazm presently doesn't have the resources to do, but the same goes for anyone else. Anyway, I'm always going to do what I can to fight for the rights of the labels and artists I help with distribution but we'll all have to remain vigilant for shameless operators like the "label" responsible for this mess.
  13. Thanks and here's another one for the pile... PROTOTYPES 2 Zen Lemonade - Zodiac Guns (2002) Bedrock - Voices (Freelance Icebreakers Remix) (2000) Ballroom - Passenger (Steve Porter Remix) (2001) James Benitez - Star Chaser (2003) Medway - Release (Lexicon Avenue Remix) (2001) Kr├╝ger & Coyle - Prock Rock (2004) Paris & Sharp - Aphrodite (2001) Pete Lazonby - Sacred Cycles (Quivver Remix) (2000) Vision & Canedy - Aeroplane (2004) Blakstone - Superfrill (2002) Chab - Matica (Matrix Mix) (2000) Nathan Fake - Outhouse (Main Mix) (2003) Holden & Thompson - Nothing ('93 Returning Mix) (2003) https://www.mixcloud.com/Basilisk/dj-basilisk-prototypes-2/
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