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  1. Hello everyone! I'm bumping this ancient thread to announce that I'm reviving my Essential Selections project on my new DJing and music fandom blog, From Earth Orbit. Some of you might remember the original version of this project but this new version is much more ambitious. I now include more styles, a consequence of having developed a much broader taste in music, as well as brief descriptions of each release. I just published the first entry, a list of what I consider to be the best and most noteworthy albums of 1995. Hopefully I'll be publishing additional entries throughout the coming years
  2. I got curious, against my better judgement, and yeah... WTF is right. Talamasca is technically competent, and the idea is sort of cheeky good fun, but the end result just sounds bizarre. I don't think classic Goa trance really works with the mash-up or megamix format. Side note: I was amused to hear Transwave's Land of Freedom in there, seeing as how that was a tribute to Man With No Name (who is also featured here. That would make it a meta-tribute, would it not?
  3. I'm several years into completely restructuring my entire collection, listening through, and at least provisionally filing and rating absolutely everything. Since I am mostly interested in working with this music as a DJ all albums and compilations have been dissolved into their constituent parts and scattered to wherever each individual track belongs. Somehow it is all magically coming together... and hopefully I'll end up producing some interesting mixes and maybe even a few articles from all this work some day.
  4. I've always disliked build-ups that don't deliver... now you can hear entire sets of this sort of thing, apparently. I tend to look for some combination of complexity, nuance, and style in whatever music I am listening to, and the bog-standard umpa-lumpa psy-prog with stripped-down returns is exactly the opposite of this. But, much like triplets/offbeat bass, people seem to absolutely adore the stuff. Incidentally, it is funny as hell that some of the same parody videos are still doing the rounds years later... Loud's "10 reasons" video has 4.5 million views by now! And people seem to have taken it as an instruction manual, not a warning? I wonder if anyone has ever dared to drop it at a festival...
  5. I wish I could get copies of Gus Till's Best of the Rhino Years without the terrible mastering job. Still not sure what went wrong here, everything sounds like mud. https://www.discogs.com/Gus-Till-Best-Of-The-Rhino-Years-Vol-1/release/987060 https://www.discogs.com/Gus-Till-Best-Of-The-Rhino-Years-Vol-2/release/1138541
  6. This is an interesting channel. I really should get around to doing something similar to demonstrate my approach to mixing; YouTube has a lot of potential for DJs these days, especially if you want to make a spectacle of yourself
  7. Several aesthetic features of the genre (e.g. ambient intros/outros, ending with a bang, non-standard track structure) probably originate with the use of cassette and DAT tapes in the earliest years of the scene. In some sense, the emphasis on access to obscure or unreleased material and programming/storytelling over technical mixing ability is a matter of tradition, but it doesn't have to be that way. Personally I really enjoy mixing psytrance as if it were house or techno, finding different ways to layer, blend, and combine source material. Plenty of my mixes involve 2 to 4 minute-long transitions between tracks, and occasionally 3 or 4 deck mixing. But I will admit to being less enthusiastic about mixing modern upbeat psytrance in this fashion; there's often way too much going on for aggressive mixing to yield satisfying results.
  8. Psy-Harmonics has many experiments with punk-psychedelic fusion in their catalogue. Experience is a good starting point, especially the opening track (which isn't on YouTube, unfortunately): https://www.discogs.com/Various-Experience-Psy-Harmonics-Volume-5/release/150829
  9. Cheeky fun from a former psytrancer
  10. MFG? Awesome I'd also love to see a remastered/unmixed/BPM fixed edition of a few MFG classics like Psychic Resonator and much of Project Genesis.
  11. Something for the early 1990s techno/trance crate-diggers: https://humanbeings.bandcamp.com/
  12. I'm curious if anyone knows the dates of production for the tracks on this album... or at least which two tracks are the new ones (Dancing Shiva and Fluid Dynamics are my guess)?
  13. Sounds interesting! I also hope to see a remastered version of The Best of the Rhino Years some of what's on those CDs is borderline unlistenable...
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