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  1. Hey all! I have two mixes to share in this thread. Both are recent recordings, unusually long, and feature music from the last decade or so. I put a huge amount of work into both of them and hope this forum is still home to some adventurous listeners dig in! This first mix was recorded to showcase the Techgnosis Records sound... but there's a lot more going on here than just that! Full details and download links: https://fromearthorbit.com/mixes/hermetic-expanse/ This second mix is too long to fit on SoundCloud... my goal was to create something unhindered by time constrai
  2. Maybe there's a revolution going on but it's not coming out of anything we'd normally associate with the psytrance scene. Check these out: https://darkleader.bandcamp.com/album/dark-leader-005 https://dearsoil.bandcamp.com/album/rambal-cochet-ufo-researcher
  3. There's quite a lot of interesting stuff coming out of the modern acid house, analog techno, and dark disco domains that ends up sounding like something reminiscent of the proto-Goa period (1989-1994). Some entrancing selections below, for those who don't mind the slower BPMs:
  4. Not sure if this meets the threshold for "new" but it's super cool and something disenchanted Goa trance fans should check out sometime:
  5. Just noticed Phantasm/Psychic Deli is on Bandcamp... and they've released a bunch of old school rarities (including the original "Fill Your Head" compilations in unmixed form!) https://phantasmdigital.bandcamp.com/music
  6. No, they never do when compared to properly mastered digital files sourced from tape or whatever.
  7. I see some rare and vinyl-only tracks I've been hunting for in digital quality... but Koxbox - WTP and the Tegma releases are vinyl rips.
  8. Basilisk


    Ladytron has many great songs in their back catalog (and there are some pretty tight remixes around too). Er, we should probably be a little careful how much we use the quote feature in here though, the page could easily become difficult for some users to load
  9. Basilisk


    A few relatively recent selections... some more indie or underground, but still pop format.
  10. Looks interesting... this duo has quite a fascinating discography to explore! Plenty of great sounds for science fiction music lovers...
  11. Naming creative projects is tough enough to begin with, now add 7 billion human beings and a century of increasingly diverse and productive music production and you've got a recipe for name conflicts and shortages. Obviously the best thing to do is pick something completely unique that has zero results on Google (and doesn't sound like any other artist after you account for non-standard spelling). Failing that, picking a name not used in your target genre/market might be acceptable, if the other entity with your name is not too well known in theirs... but in general, as soon as you are mucking
  12. I'm guessing this video is actually some kind of sneaky promo for his new album or something along those lines. I'm not sure why the mods haven't moved this somewhere or closed the thread, it's obviously just bait.
  13. Agreed. Plenty of his newer tracks still sound amazing, as do his collabs. He still has a magic touch!
  14. Psytrance isn't dead, it just smells funny.
  15. Two essential projects you must explore: Decoy (a progressive psytrance project by two actual jazz musicians from Australia) and IMPS (Decoy plus Minilogue). This interview might also be of interest: https://australiens.net/features/decoy/
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