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  1. My guest mix for Psybient.org is now available on my own channels, including my homepage, where you can download it: https://djbasilisk.com/mixes/resilience/
  2. My latest mix marks a return to heavy psychedelic trance. I've spent most of the last several years exploring all sorts of other styles and really only making glancing contact with modern psytrance but here's four hours of cutting edge sounds, mostly darkpsy, with some twilight full-on and new school Goa trance. As usual for my long-form mixes of the 2020s you can expect some more ambient, breakbeat-oriented, and experimental sounds at the beginning and end, so please listen with an open mind! Full track list and other details can be found on my site: https://djbasilisk.com/mixes/celestial-expanse/
  3. Full info, track listing, and even cue sheets (does anyone still use those?) for Cytherean Expanse now available on my site: https://djbasilisk.com/mixes/cytherean-expanse/
  4. The fifth entry in the Expanse Cycle explores dark disco, acid techno, progressive house, dub, and IDM, all with a psychedelic touch. Soft launch on SoundCloud now, with full info and wide release coming soon:
  5. My tribute to French psytrance from around the turn of the millennium is now available on my usual channels. (It's the same one posted in the second message in this thread.) Full info and track listing on my site: https://djbasilisk.com/mixes/ybyzar-19/
  6. I have another hefty mix out today, this time focusing on the minimal wave of the early years of the new millennium. It's 4+ hours long and covers a lot of ground, but mainly focuses on quirky technoid rhythms and brutal beats. Full info and track listing available on my site: https://djbasilisk.com/mixes/transmissions-from-valhalla/
  7. I think they'll be offering the MP3 for download to Patreon subscribers. In six months I'll post it on my channels (including my website with download links) so check back later
  8. My guest mix for Psybient.org is now live on SoundCloud! It's a heady mix of ambient, downtempo, nu-disco, Goa trance, dub techno, and plenty more: Full info available here: https://www.psybient.org/love/psybient-org-podcast-ep-44/
  9. I have another new mix out this month, the fourth chapter of the Expanse Cycle, which focuses on ambitious cross-genre journeys. 76 tracks and nearly 5 hours of cutting edge techno, psytrance, electro, downtempo and ambient, all smoothly mixed and properly mastered: Full info, track listing, download links, and even a cue sheet available from my website: https://djbasilisk.com/mixes/saturnine-expanse/
  10. Here's a new mix exploring the roots of modern psychedelic techno. It's a period piece set in 2010, hopefully not too recent to arouse a sense of nostalgia for some: Full info and tracklist available on my site: https://djbasilisk.com/mixes/transmissions-from-hyperborea/
  11. I am also active in producing guest mixes for different channels. I'll eventually post this one on my own site, but for now, if you'd like to hear my tribute to Y2K-era French psytrance, techtrance, and progressive, check out the first 80 minutes of this broadcast:
  12. Hello again! It's a new year so I'm starting another thread for fresh mixes. Everything I'm doing these days is carefully curated, properly mastered, and sourced entirely from lossless audio. First up is this Y2K-era progressive mix, but it's not only (or even mainly) progressive psytrance. You'll hear progressive house, progressive trance, and a healthy serving of techno in various forms. As with most of my other long mixes this one builds slowly and has a nice comedown filled with broken beats, IDM, downtempo, and pure ambient. Full info and download links are available on my site: https://djbasilisk.com/mixes/transmissions-from-arcadia/ For reference, here's the thread from last year:
  13. There were outdated and often contained broken links. These days I'd rather self-publish reviews on my own site. I've also learned a lot about music over the years and my taste developed and changed, so it's sometimes a little embarrassing to look at old writing from back in the day, especially during the peak of the "write super long in-depth track-by-track reviews" era
  14. Sorry about the confusion, I swapped domains again; djbasilisk.com will be my homepage moving forward. I haven't made any new entries in the series since 2020 but all future entries will appear here.
  15. From my vantage point there was a bit of a rough patch around 2011 to 2014 or so when there was a lot of low-quality, derivative stuff coming out of this quadrant of the psytrance universe... but the style has definitely bounced back (if indeed there was much of a downturn at all) and Zenon itself continues to set standards and inspire. It takes some effort to sort through what comes out of their release cannon though; they've been extremely prolific and it's hard to keep up with the dizzying number of releases they've been pumping out, to say nothing of the dozens of other labels still probing the depths of this murky dark-light-psychedelic-minimalistic fusion space. Some projects worth checking out 2016 to present: Airi, Amortalist, ETN, Golikem, Gojja, Grouch, Ivort, Nangijala, Pspiralife, Sourone, Triforce, plus old giants like Sensient and Electrypnose (when he dabbles in this field). A few dark selections pulled from my crate: Finally, a palate cleanser, in the form of some good ol' slapbass-infused Zenon style murky morning tunage. There's a ton of great Zenonesque out there... get digging!
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