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  1. Sorry about the trouble with download links. I've been receiving sporadic reports that those links don't always work... I'll look into it, but in the meantime, just keep trying Most of the new mixes are pretty time-consuming, but I've got a really solid workflow in place, and I record in multiple sessions when I need to, so it all works out. Composing/arranging/practising is probably the biggest time sink. Editing tracks might take some extra time, depending on what material I decide to use (most of my new mixes contain edits, and some of them require many hours of additional work). Recording goes by relatively quickly; I tend to use the first take rather than recording the same sequence multiple times. Post-production can be pretty arduous, particularly since I'm adjusting the level of compression from track to track in Ableton these days. And then there's all the work involved in completely fleshing out track listings, time-stamping the mix to make cue sheets, cover design, authoring promo text, uploading, promotion and whatever else. And yeah, some old mixes were ret-conned into my work as DJ Basilisk. At some point I decided I rather not bother with multiple identities, different social media accounts, paying for more than one SoundCloud, etc. I'm also trying to make cross-genre experimentation and ambitious mixcrafting my brand rather than saying "this is my psytrance project" and "this is my house/techno project". Maybe it's foolish from a marketing perspective but since I'm not really playing out much anymore I'm inclined to pursue my musical vision without concern for such things.
  2. Radiant Expanse is out today! 4+ hours of summer festival sounds, mostly centered on progressive psytrance and progressive house, with onward excursions into midtempo breaks, chill out, and beatless ambient. Tune in and get lost! Full track list and download links available on my site: https://fromearthorbit.com/mixes/radiant-expanse/
  3. Sure! I have a bunch of Goa trance sets that I would recommend. This one documents high-intensity night-time psychedelic trance of the late 90s: https://fromearthorbit.com/mixes/blacklight-metropolis/ This one is in a similar vein but more technoid: https://fromearthorbit.com/mixes/moonshadow/ A unique mix exploring 120 BPM Goa trance and compatible styles: https://fromearthorbit.com/mixes/circadian-rhythms/ If you just want to be blasted by a bunch of morning classics: https://fromearthorbit.com/mixes/regenerate-2011/
  4. My guest mix for Digital Diamonds is now streaming on my channels: You can also download the mix and read more information on my site: https://fromearthorbit.com/mixes/digital-diamonds-podcast-35/ I also un earthed a classic progressive house set I played a couple of years ago... it's nowhere near as polished as the other new mixes I'm posting but might be of some interest. All tracks from 2002 to 2006 or thereabouts: It's also available for download from my site: https://fromearthorbit.com/mixes/prototypes-3/
  5. Music is a continuum, and nothing is completely original, so it's difficult to pick one specific track and say "aha, this is the one!" Plenty of candidates exist, depending on how you want to define your criteria and narrow the search. "Goa trance" as a concept didn't really begin to really take on identifiable features until 1993 or 1994 anyway; originally it was an expression that captured quite a range of different yet compatible sounds heard on those halcyon beaches... so really it depends on how you want to approach the question, and how flexible you're willing to be. Some early tunes that have that distinct Goa trance vibe... starting with this new beat classic from 1988: Italian progressive house from 1990... but there's a definite Goa trance vibe with all those eastern melodies: New York techno circa 1990 produced by none other than Joey Beltram... sure sounds like Simon Posford could have taken a cue from this tune tho! Ramin is perhaps best remembered in the Goa trance scene for his work with Afrotrance, but what about this obscure tune from 1990; it is the template for modern-day darkpsy? The first really good Eat Static tune IMO... dating back to 1991 but very rare and hard to get until it was released on Bandcamp more recently: Ever wonder where X-Dream got some of their ideas from? Goa trance fans idolize "The Frog", probably without realizing something very like it was released in 1991... Another one of those tunes that you might say is too far into new beat territory... but this classic from 1991 features plenty of Goa trance tropes (and obviously inspired Etnica): Here's a brilliant and sadly overlooked tune from 1991 that I believe has never been released in full-length, digital quality... produced by Jorg Burger and Wolfgang Voigt (co-founder of Kompakt): Once you step into 1992 the choices begin to proliferate so I'll just leave you with this classic for now... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QA7AM7hmIu8
  6. Not bad, especially the previously unreleased tunes... but it would be nice to have more of the vinyl-only tracks, and a little remastering would also be welcome. I'd love to have Lumen & Slide's Carquake in digital quality...
  7. Any idea what that "XDR 02" track is on the Amtinaous singles collection? Jerome released a record on X-DR but it was X-DR 008... no samples exist so I can't confirm whether it's actually one of those.
  8. Thank you for the comments it's a rare pleasure these days, when people are often too busy to comment on music, much less DJ mixes! I have two more coming out soon, both premiering on their respective channels before I eventually post them on my own site. "Radiant Flux" will be debuting on Radiozora tomorrow (Saturday, May 29th); check their homepage or Facebook for the schedule if you happen to catch this message... but for now, here's a guest mix I made for Digital Diamonds featuring 100% psychedelic techno gems! https://soundcloud.com/digital-diamonds-netlabel/digitaldiamonds-podcast-035-by-dj-basilisk
  9. Hey all! I have two mixes to share in this thread. Both are recent recordings, unusually long, and feature music from the last decade or so. I put a huge amount of work into both of them and hope this forum is still home to some adventurous listeners dig in! This first mix was recorded to showcase the Techgnosis Records sound... but there's a lot more going on here than just that! Full details and download links: https://fromearthorbit.com/mixes/hermetic-expanse/ This second mix is too long to fit on SoundCloud... my goal was to create something unhindered by time constraints without repeating any project or label. The end result spirals through quite a few different styles before returning to where it began: Full details and download links: https://fromearthorbit.com/mixes/dj-basilisk-uroboros-1/
  10. Maybe there's a revolution going on but it's not coming out of anything we'd normally associate with the psytrance scene. Check these out: https://darkleader.bandcamp.com/album/dark-leader-005 https://dearsoil.bandcamp.com/album/rambal-cochet-ufo-researcher
  11. There's quite a lot of interesting stuff coming out of the modern acid house, analog techno, and dark disco domains that ends up sounding like something reminiscent of the proto-Goa period (1989-1994). Some entrancing selections below, for those who don't mind the slower BPMs:
  12. Not sure if this meets the threshold for "new" but it's super cool and something disenchanted Goa trance fans should check out sometime:
  13. Just noticed Phantasm/Psychic Deli is on Bandcamp... and they've released a bunch of old school rarities (including the original "Fill Your Head" compilations in unmixed form!) https://phantasmdigital.bandcamp.com/music
  14. No, they never do when compared to properly mastered digital files sourced from tape or whatever.
  15. I see some rare and vinyl-only tracks I've been hunting for in digital quality... but Koxbox - WTP and the Tegma releases are vinyl rips.
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