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  1. I see some rare and vinyl-only tracks I've been hunting for in digital quality... but Koxbox - WTP and the Tegma releases are vinyl rips.
  2. Basilisk


    Ladytron has many great songs in their back catalog (and there are some pretty tight remixes around too). Er, we should probably be a little careful how much we use the quote feature in here though, the page could easily become difficult for some users to load
  3. Basilisk


    A few relatively recent selections... some more indie or underground, but still pop format.
  4. Looks interesting... this duo has quite a fascinating discography to explore! Plenty of great sounds for science fiction music lovers...
  5. Naming creative projects is tough enough to begin with, now add 7 billion human beings and a century of increasingly diverse and productive music production and you've got a recipe for name conflicts and shortages. Obviously the best thing to do is pick something completely unique that has zero results on Google (and doesn't sound like any other artist after you account for non-standard spelling). Failing that, picking a name not used in your target genre/market might be acceptable, if the other entity with your name is not too well known in theirs... but in general, as soon as you are mucking
  6. I'm guessing this video is actually some kind of sneaky promo for his new album or something along those lines. I'm not sure why the mods haven't moved this somewhere or closed the thread, it's obviously just bait.
  7. Agreed. Plenty of his newer tracks still sound amazing, as do his collabs. He still has a magic touch!
  8. Psytrance isn't dead, it just smells funny.
  9. Two essential projects you must explore: Decoy (a progressive psytrance project by two actual jazz musicians from Australia) and IMPS (Decoy plus Minilogue). This interview might also be of interest: https://australiens.net/features/decoy/
  10. Shadows is the album I was thinking of. I'm not sure it's really all that good, but it is certainly a faithful imitation of WCOOH, and even includes a remix of Freak. Worth a listen if you're seeking more of that particular sound, but don't set your expectations too high.
  11. Circling back to the original question, I'd like to take a stab at it. Modern comparisons to X-Dream's second album are difficult because most new school Goa trance emphasizes Pleiadian maximalism or Dimension 5's emphasis on whirling cosmic melodies. X-Dream circa 1996 is distinguished by a much cleaner sound palette, sunny melodies (with an occasional hint of something sinister), and those warm, bubbling bass lines that everyone loves so much. I rifled through my collection and didn't find too much along these lines... but two albums jumped out at me: Robert Elster's Still Breathing and Soli
  12. You're probably thinking about Future Prophecy, which was pretty much an X-Dream cover band [edit] around when they released Shadows. Plenty of Israeli projects around the turn of the millennium took a lot of inspiration from X-Dream; I'd say Cosma was the best of the lot (in that he learned from X-Dream and created his own unique sound), but there are plenty of others that might scratch the itch.
  13. Spawn is quite a special tune. If you'd like to hear it in the context of a mix, it's briefly featured on In Exile, around the 45 minute mark. https://fromearthorbit.com/mixes/dj-basilisk-in-exile/
  14. This is a really cool initiative and I was happy to snap up (and promote) the Prana singles collection! One thing I'm curious about is the sourcing for some of these releases... for full albums or compilations I'd assume it came from the original files, but for some of the collections (Athena, M.O.S., etc.) the material might come from all over the place, but I seem to recall seeing no mention of remastering or any other special treatment. Even if it's just some tracks collected from various commercial releases it would be cool to explicitly state as much, so us collectors have some idea of wh
  15. Sounds like a good candidate for remastering and re-release!
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