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  1. This album seems to polarize. 😄 For me it is the best new goa album for a long time. It has something of neogoa of the 2000s. 🙂 I remember we booked Xenomorph for a party here in Berlin in 2014. He played a 2 hour liveset. Most of the crowd get bored of his dark sound. People came to me and ask me when he is coming to an end. I think with his current new music the crowd will dance like mad. Maybe this is the reason his new music is more melodic. And possibly he listen a lot to Filteria and similar in the last 17 years. 😋 Every track here has his own signature. Track 2, 3, 4, 5 are pure killers!! And as a DJ I say this tracks will work very good on the dancefloor. 8/10!
  2. Equipment I use Hardware-Synths: Behringer Deepmind 12, Roland TB-3, Korg Minilouge, Korg Microkorg, MFB Tanzmaus Software-Synths: Sytrus, D16 Punchbox... DAW: FL Studio
  3. https://bbbbbbrecors.bandcamp.com/album/chronicles-of-psysick-hangover https://spacetraxberlin.bandcamp.com/album/sptva02-aurora-lights https://ute-rec.bandcamp.com/album/utecd002-first-light
  4. Hehe. No problem. Some critical voices are missing here. As I said before i am not a big fan of the current goa, maybe since the second album of Median Project. A big benefit goes to the great production quality, mixdown sounds very clean. But maybe at the end it can be the problem, that its sound to perfect, to digital, i think. And at the end with the formualic, generic melodies it bores me. Musically, it doesn't bother me at all. It seems Goa nowaday is reduced of cliche and typical elements. What do you mean with club trance? Uplifting trance? Talla 2XLC? The closeness to psytrance and fullon is right, i think. Both i dont like (anymore). Instead of experiment with elements of Progressive and Full On its for me more interessting to experiment with genres outside of the psy scene: techno, breaks, house and so on.
  5. If you are interessted for psychedelic music outside the goa/psy-scene, here is maybe a interessting release for you. Adam Pits - A Recurring Nature https://onrotation.bandcamp.com/album/a-recurring-nature It has more a vibe of the trance of the early 90s, but it sounds modern, fresh and psychedelic. I like this. A lot of varity: downtempo, trance and breaks. And the coverart is nice.
  6. The artwork is looking nice. I am curious of the tracks by Filteria, Merr0w, Party Droid and Triquetra. Looking forward! https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/suntopia
  7. I think, you dont understand techno. In goa and trance the tracks stand for its own. Techno is more produced for dj-mixes. The storytelling is the work of the dj. One track is more a chapter, and the dj makes the whole story. But you want some storytelling techno, here we go:
  8. Hmm. I think the current Neogoa is not my taste. I beginn to listen to the tracks and i think wow, cool sounds, high energy, good productions, but later my ears are tired of the wall of sounds without break. Its to overloaded for me, alot of good ideas and espiecally climaxes going under, because the volume is almost the whole track at maximum. Then i reflected, because i like overloaded music. Example: Filteria. I listen to "Navigate", one of his older tracks. He dont used a lot of sounds, he worked with one big synthline, which demands alot of the frequency spectrum. And also he worked with small parts (only 1-2 seconds) with pure silence or parts with only bass, kick and drums maybe with solos of acid. So my ears can recover and are ready for the next climax.
  9. Maybe i am the Dragon-Twins-Fanboy of the forum ;-) , because i like all tracks of this project - its experimental, brave, sounds fresh and also oldschoolish raw. And its no surprise, for me this track is the best of the compilation. What do you mean, "most of the layers sounding completely wrong?" Harmonically? For me its sounds right, all works fine. No wrong notes. :-)
  10. A new set for a long time. :-) My recording from the radio show "GOA NIGHT by Axe" on Radio Underground Six on November 20th, 2020. Have fun! Tracklist: 1. Oforia - Emotionally Charged Memories //Suntrip 2. Hallucinogen - LSD //Dragonfly 3. Cosmic Baby - Cosmic Force //MFS 4. Green Nuns of the Revolution - Cor //Flying Rhino 5. Slinky Wizard - Supernatural //Flying Rhino 6. MFG - Pure Energy //Suntrip 7. Genshi - Psycho Genetic Time //DAT 8. Shiva Chandra - Caraman //Spirit Zone 8. Hypnagogia - Cosmic Interference //Space Dock 9. Triquetra - Forget About The Earth //Suntrip 10. Subcouds - Space Angel //Psychic Deli 11. Filteria - Mind Expansion //Suntrip
  11. Something is going is in the techno-scene since few years. The sound is more melodic and faster. In the beginning it was called melodic techno. Now, the owner of the new labels (Space Traxx, UTE, ISMUS, ...) are more self confident and call it trance or hardtrance. I love this new fresh old trance-sound. Moreover some of the Djs of this labels play Goatrance in their sets, mix it with Techno and Trance, or mix full goatrance-sets (https://soundcloud.com/x-wave9/11-philipp-drube-24102020), or support Goa-Djs. And now Clements release a track on a compilation by UTE Records. Here it is: https://ute-rec.bandcamp.com/album/utecd002-first-light Is there a big chance for Goa to celebrate a big comeback on the dancefloor in this new growing scene? :-)
  12. Its from 2019. I like the releases of the Berlin based Label ISMUS. https://ismusberlin.bandcamp.com/album/ismva0031
  13. I think, there is nothing to discuss on my post. I only say there is a book about veganism which deals with facts, not opinions. I read this, because iam interested in nutrition to change it to more vegetable nutrition. ;-) My opinion: Everyone can eat what he wants, but should be concerned with his diet and its effects on the environment!
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