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  1. Its from 2019. I like the releases of the Berlin based Label ISMUS. https://ismusberlin.bandcamp.com/album/ismva0031
  2. I think, there is nothing to discuss on my post. I only say there is a book about veganism which deals with facts, not opinions. I read this, because iam interested in nutrition to change it to more vegetable nutrition. ;-) My opinion: Everyone can eat what he wants, but should be concerned with his diet and its effects on the environment!
  3. Iam not vegan, but I recommend that you deal with a vegan diet before you go in practice. I read this book (only in german): "Vegan Klischee ade" by Nikko Rittenau. He is a nutritionist. His work based only on science. He doesn't gloss over anything, he says what the nutritional science say about veganism. A lot of quotes and a big list of references enable you to check his arguments. His conclusion: A vegan diet is possible and well tolerated and healthy if you pay attention to a few things. https://www.nikorittenau.com/vegan-klischee-ade/ He has also a channel on youtube.
  4. Last games i played: Day of the Tentacle Remastered, Full Throttle Remastered, Samarost 3, Broken Sword 2, Kathy Rain, Gabriel Knight 1, Broken Sword 5, Age of Empires 2 Definitiv Edition.
  5. Pre-order here: https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/human-control ;-)
  6. +1 I like the liveact @ Trancidelia Livestream. Many unkown amazing new tracks and a joy to watch their live performance. :-)
  7. Haha.. I saw him live last year at Superbooth here in Berlin and he played Crockett's Theme. :)
  8. I dont know. But he cut the climax and make them shorter. What a bad idea!
  9. Look at the older review-sections (until 2002). There are a lot of short comments. And this is ok. Not every post must be an excellent review, i think. Its better many user tell their opinion. :-) "Beyond the Wormhole" is an solid album. "Wormhole" is a very groovy and funky track and reminds me of M-Run. The melody in the climax at 5:29 is very cool, but the length of the climax is to short. The remix of "Microdive" is fantastic and the best track of the album. Its more a rework than a remix, but it takes the best part of the original and makes it longer and more intense. I mean the buil
  10. Maybe someone is interested. ;-) I was looking for "Martian Civilization (Domestic & DJ Goblin remix)" on discogs and i found two digital re-releases. :-) https://www.junodownload.com/products/children-of-the-dat-archives-vol-1/4419766-02/ https://www.junodownload.com/products/children-of-the-dat-archives-vol-2/4432784-02/
  11. MFG ‎– Pure Energy Label: Suntrip Records ‎– SUNCD59 1 New Kind Of World Tour Intro 2 Why (Demo Version) 3 Dark Horizon 4 Pure Energy 5 Hypnotized (Original Version) 6 Sanctification Of The Moon (Maya Moon Full Version) 7 New Kind Of World (Live Edit) 8 Inspiration 9 Desert Sun (Original Version) 10 Have A Nice Day (Ambient Mix) Really good work by MFG. I will write only something to my three favorite tracks. This are: Dark Horizon The track has a high energy fast feeling. The melody @3:05 is amazing and give the track a dreamy emotional touch! Foll
  12. Goasia-Etnic City Artha-DNA Alienapia vs Psy-H*-Fear And Anger Filteria-Illogical Logic Lapsus-Holocron M-Run-Goat Man Antares-Astral Plane Hypnagogia-Secrets Of The Mind Javi-The Forest Masters InnerSpace-InnerSpace Mindsphere-Patience For Heaven M-Run-Etheral Resonator Crossing Mind-Hydrophobic Visions Filteria-Amnesia Reaction Dragon Twins-The Acid Man Filteria-Lost In The Wild Nebula Meltdown-Alnitak Sunrise Dragon Twins-Time Has A Mouth Dragon Twins-The Third Wave Dragon Twins-Shattered Sense Dragon Twins-Illa Tahin Psy-H Project-Precession Of The
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