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  1. Terrafractyl. And its not really that close imo, but Protoculture I guess was up there in his day and Talamasca old stuff
  2. Sooo with 2019 kind of, nearly wrapping up i have been thinking towards what is to come and what im most excited for album wise in the rest of this year and into 2020.. For me im super keen to hear Triquetras follow up album. The first one blew me away and their live sets matched it somehow! Also keen to hear new Median Project after that being probably my album of the year, but that may be a while off... I think maybe Mindsphere is due as well for another great one? And not to forget probably my most anticipated, ok definitely my most anticipated goa album, from Filteria, whenever that may be! What about you? What are you guys excited for and what should i be excited for that i might have missed!
  3. I really need this! Hope there is still copies going when i get home from travelling in a few months!
  4. So the other day I stumbled on a post of mine from 5 years ago or something where i had mentioned hating a certain artists stuff basically (Sensient/Zenon). I actually felt sort of embarrassed at myself because the thing was i realised that not long after that post, and seeing him live again I started to really love that stuff and could appreciate the genre as a whole. Maybe I was just a bit older/wiser or maybe it takes an experience to shape what we like sometimes? Anyway just an example of tastes changing or growing i guess. I still love goa and forest etc the most but over time I became more open to other things I think. What about you guys, how has your taste developed or not developed as you got older?
  5. What did I just watch? Disgusting and neither Full On or Oldschool lol.. and certainly not both! haha..
  6. Was there for that set and while it was nice seeing them it sounded very kinda full onish at times. Like their other later stuff i guess.
  7. Cheers for this.. I was there and ended up missing it due to getting rained in somewhere near our tent with a sick gf.. lol.. Was on my must see list too doh!
  8. Thought i would bump this instead of a new thread! So i read here https://zwook.ru/url/2g?fbclid=IwAR1KDey0bjhksEkNtJYAtgclFjttvVY_OfiVunFLkm7v4FQQSTi in the Summer Evolve magazine just now in an interview with Etnica that the new Pleiadians album Pyramid releases next month! What the hell, i had no idea or else forgot about that totally! Anyone excited or heard previews etc?? Going to see them for my first time at Ozora in a few days and im pretty pumped!
  9. I too love a sunrise set of some melodic full on.. early protoculture style is just perfect for that time imo. No idea really why its not as prevalent nowdays. U Recken and those guys are still making music though his later stuff hasnt grabbed me as much. Hopefully someone here knows some nice new stuff for us!
  10. Hey man, thanks for linking me that one I somehow had missed it! Am reading it now and it is exactly what i wanted! Cheers!
  11. https://ozorianprophet.eu/book/ray-castle-series-how-it-all-began-continued/ Somehow i stumbled on this book by Ray Castle recently and thought some of you guys might be into it. Can read a free pretty long preview on that link to see if you like it. For me I love it as i love the history of Goa and Anjuna the place itself, the people and characters and of course the music. Ray writes in a kind of Tom Wolfe ish way if you like that kind of writing. Those who have been there probably find it cool to read about places you know and think how it was when the story started, which is what the book shows. Anyways not sure if this is the right place but it is generally related to psytrance hah..
  12. Wow there is some fuuun stuff happening in here! This thread has been so goooood, even if to just remind me some tracks i have forgotten haha.. Also, I never heard Quazar before! I don't know how but yeah, never.. and it just blew my mind! As for the original topic.. So hard to pinpoint as most of you already worked out, but Ethereal/BPC/Synsun must be some of the first and well Filteria is his own thing but he gave it that huge kickstart of energy at a perfect time.
  13. Im looking for Portamento’s follow up album for a long time now... Also Blackstarrfinale, dunno what hes up to but thought something was coming, i hope anyways!
  14. Last time i saw them this year in goa i think, they played the same/similar terrible set as when i previously saw them in london... Think i made a similar thread to this on here then :/ Next time im not wasting my time with them.. hopefully lol..
  15. I missed this review thread somehow earlier but anyways.. WOW! What an album, for me it is pretty much now in my top 10 or at least 15 of all time I think... Recently had the chance to hear it "properly" .. and i was completely blown away... From Leave The World Behind until Brain Chemistry is some seriously great tracks. I don't know how many times i replayed that section over and over hah.. Some extremely impressive psychedelic melodies and all with a perfect amount of layers at the same time. Really tickled all the right places inside my earlobes! Denshi Danshi i salute you, just absolutely epic work! This one is staying on my trip rotation!
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