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  1. Shpongled247

    Meat eater/Vegetarian/Vegan. What are you?

    This thread is actually better than i thought it would be at least! I look forward to the day our childrens children look back on the meat industry as we know it as barbaric! Also of course one shouldn't care what other people eat, but frankly shouldn't people care what other people kill?
  2. Shpongled247

    Artifact303 - Feelings -the epitome of Neo Goa

    No no, it is indeed the one!
  3. Shpongled247

    Meat eater/Vegetarian/Vegan. What are you?

    Vegan here. Its soooo easy nowdays there was just no excuse for me anymore a few years back. Haven't looked back and never will. Can't believe i was raised to eat animals honestly.
  4. Hey man this stuff sounds good already, don't know how long you been producing but damn! Reminds me a bit of Cronomi vibe stuff. Keep going!
  5. Shpongled247

    Merr0w - Out of Control

    Hah, nice review man. I have always kinda thought that about Merrow and Felipe's style. Seriously though this was pretty solid and good to see him active again. I did have a wonder about the cover art... Is this legit in use from ASM himself or?
  6. Shpongled247

    Unknownium - Self titled LP (BMSS Records)

    Holy crap how did I miss this!?? This is the goa crossover style i was seeking for a long time.. Incredible production and great journey all round. Thanks for bringing to my attention Jaza!
  7. Goddamn I need more $$ aside for all the good stuff coming out the past few weeks!
  8. After that blistering 2015 release on Suntrip, I don't think i have heard that many new tracks from the guys? Anyone know if they are on track to release something soon or? Have I maybe missed something!?
  9. This must be my most anticipated artist album this year I think... Can't wait to hear the goodness!
  10. Shpongled247

    What's some good Full On

    Morning/Melodic - Terrafractyl
  11. What about Smilk, a relative newcommer to Zenon label... Maybe not as psychedelic as you are looking for? Not really dark at all and definitely has some funk behind it..also definitely positive and progressive. I love a lot of his stuff anyways.
  12. Shpongled247

    What do you expect from a Trance dj set?

    I like when its a balance of new and old.. the somewhat expected mixed with the totally unexpected and sometimes even unknown. One big thing no one mentioned yet is I love when a DJ can read a crowd/dancefloors energy and changes their set on the fly to suit perfectly. Gives the dancers energy when they need it and lulls or troughs in the music also at the perfect times. Obviously if people are playing pre-recorded sets there is not much reading of the dancefloor going on.
  13. Holy shit these guys are so good!! They seem to have their own sound I can't quiiiiiite put my finger on yet.. Need to remind myself to buy day 1!
  14. Shpongled247

    Global Sect Chronicles

    Is this in reverse order and Artifact303 album will be first or not really?