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  1. This must be my most anticipated artist album this year I think... Can't wait to hear the goodness!
  2. What's some good Full On

    Morning/Melodic - Terrafractyl
  3. What about Smilk, a relative newcommer to Zenon label... Maybe not as psychedelic as you are looking for? Not really dark at all and definitely has some funk behind it..also definitely positive and progressive. I love a lot of his stuff anyways.
  4. What do you expect from a Trance dj set?

    I like when its a balance of new and old.. the somewhat expected mixed with the totally unexpected and sometimes even unknown. One big thing no one mentioned yet is I love when a DJ can read a crowd/dancefloors energy and changes their set on the fly to suit perfectly. Gives the dancers energy when they need it and lulls or troughs in the music also at the perfect times. Obviously if people are playing pre-recorded sets there is not much reading of the dancefloor going on.
  5. Holy shit these guys are so good!! They seem to have their own sound I can't quiiiiiite put my finger on yet.. Need to remind myself to buy day 1!
  6. Global Sect Chronicles

    Is this in reverse order and Artifact303 album will be first or not really?
  7. Samples sounding veeeeeery nice! Super keen to hear the remix of Life Support System!
  8. How would you rate 2017 when it comes to psytrance?

    Probably a 5/6 out of 10 so far.. buttttt in saying that i have heaps to catch up on so it will surely improve. Thats one of the things I love is that theres always new stuff to discover even if you think you caught it all..
  9. Hypnoxock - Eurythmia [Goa Madness Records]

    Just bought this thanks to this review, nice one man.... For some reason he has never been on my radar but i was pleasantly surprised thats for sure. Its a little mellow for my usual goa flavour but as far as the style he is pursuing its pretty much perfect.. and that production level.. whoa.
  10. Terrafractyl

    T Frizza is indeed the man, has been for a while! Great that you are discovering him, I could probably list my top 20 tracks for ya but almost better to form your own opinions. I will say his first album is actually my favourite of them all as a cohesive journey. You'll find not that many people on here are into him but there are some from previous experience. Also this belongs in general not reviews! *mods*
  11. ZNA aftermath!

    Dayumnn... Sounds and looks so good! Thanks for sharing all that wow... Mmm what do you mean by 2019? Is ZNA every couple years? Only asking coz we are travelling next year (18) hah.. +1 Technosomy to gettin Ray to bring goa back to Oz again hah... Also, how was the Miranda set if anyone caught her??
  12. most talented artist/band in the scene?

    Its Simon. No one else has come close to that kind of effortlessness in production and of creating a journey quite like him. Felix/Terrafractyl is musically there as well obviously but its a matter of taste if you like the music or not.
  13. Are there any "next level" goa/psy producers right now?

    BlackstarrFinale is the last guy I know who mixed genres succesfully like that.. his mix of melodic/hard full on with goa elements hasn't been touched as far as i have heard in the past few years.. keep your ears out for his new album..
  14. A little love for Merkaba/Kalya Scintilla

    Really nice stuff and really good vibes if you ever catch him live in the morning for sunrise... Had some great times to his sets! Don't know about the Goa tag on this topic though haha.