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  1. Logging in after ages , happy to see some familiar names still posting ! Sup Otto, Reger ,psytones ? Not sure about the aggressive stuff but on the opposite spectrum listening to State Azure - Hex brought me here to check if i could find more stuff like it ! i cant recommend his music enough to get into a chilled transcendental state 😍 absolutely fucking divine
  2. Some of the playlists are quite good . been discovering some hidden gems like ZZ Bing - The key playlist I like the above playlist a lot. I have been missing such sounds for a long time. Had a lovely day listening to psychedelic in Fitzroy gardens on a cold , windy day in Melbourne. Gotta love the green spaces here, nothing beats the feeling of taking a stroll amidst nature listening to some crazy tunes. Look forward everyone sharing links to other playlists.
  3. anima animus - change the world the world needs more of such music !! suomisaundi has the power
  4. thank you for the welcome and the information tsotsi! really appreciate it im going to My Aeon for the Ryanasouras gig and really looking forward to it ive sent you a pm mate have a look!!! cheers mate
  5. heya guys dont know if this goes here or in offtopic so ive moved to melbourne for atleast a couple of years maybe more. going for a zenon party (rynasouras) on the 21st of september which i think is at a club but i would need a fix of them bush doofs in the outback let me know if one of you doofers are in or around melbourne pm me preferably cheers
  6. Just stumbled on this beautiful album this wonderful morning I checked the reviews section in 2010 for the dreamatc EP and didnt see a review !! He has produced some full length albums but this EP is what psychedelic music is !!! 3 wonderful tracks that could suck the juice out of any dancefloor !! was sitting in my room and visualizing a particular spot in goa that i love !! super morning music and excellent production . wonder who has mastered it ?? Looking forward to some sexy music like this EP!!!! Any similar recommendations anyone?
  7. whups, was supposed to go as PM


  8. Just heard the whole thing , its fantastic ! Zenon definitely isnt dead .. Not by a stretch ..not even in anyone's wildest dreams! This album is the reason why i wont give up on psytrance .. so glad i discovered this gem. A fish in a fish tank is my favorite, ironically i think fermented behavior is the weakest track here . But with an album this powerful its easy to ignore any weak tracks. Top top stuff this.
  9. Nangijala - Fermented behavior Finally a good psychedelic album this year what an amazing 8 track journey . the irony is the title track is the weakest imo
  10. I think soundcloud is the best application for music due to its background feature that enables the listener to carry on other tasks while listening to music . YouTube although great for the amount of music it has , the app cannot be minimized without losing the audio of the track you're listening to , unless i have missed some upgrade? So please posts the artists / festivals you guys are following on soundcloud for release updates , sample tracks , full tracks and DJ's for their sets ? Im following just a handful eg Zen Mechanics & Suduaya but am looking for a wider selection. Please feel free to post music from other psy influenced genres (if applicable) that is worth mentioning as well. ( psytechno, psytechhouse , deeppsyhouse etc ) Thanks in advance
  11. Goatree is always super fun to listen to , no nonsense BANGING music , just the way Goa/Psy should be !! bom bom
  12. Just listened to it on my bose headphones and was BLOWN AWAY !!! Deep heavy pulsating rhythmic divine ACID!!!!! why the heck did i not listen to it earlier ??? Im gonna dig deeper now !! Great reviews Antic and Starkraver 10/10 from me
  13. Im sold ! checked out some reviews and most say it has a cult following , love the simple design and the fact that it comes with a sub-woofer . they even have worldwide shipping ! bit of a problem is that it is a bit off budget but for this i can make an exception now the real problem " I understand The new MRBT-2 Minirig comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.2 software " one review said this might prevent daisy chaining using analogue cables with the old minirigs (im not even sure how this makes sense since daisy chaining shouldnt have anything to do with bluetooth tech) but thats not a show stopper since i dont own the old minirigs , im just wondering if this could lead to a compatibility issue connecting to the standard smartphone / laptop bluetooth functionality ? Also if i buy both the minirigs , will i be able to connect to both wirelessly using BT given the standard procedure allows pairing and connecting to just one device at a time ? Ps - do you own this baby?
  14. Ive got my eyes set on the bose revolve .. very boomy sound. Was very impressed with the demo , sounded atleast 2X of the soundlink Pros : 360 degree omnidirectionality , very good battery back up , doesnt heat up There is also B&O's beoplay a1 which has very true trebly sound but the only issue is the 180 degree omnidirectionality and the fact that it heats up very fast I have been checking on youtube for comparative reviews between the 2 but still havent made up my mind Are there any other speakers in the range of 300-350 $ that you could recommend ? Thanks for your time
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