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  1. Goatree is always super fun to listen to , no nonsense BANGING music , just the way Goa/Psy should be !! bom bom
  2. Nervasystem - Brainradio (Phantasm Rec.)

    Just listened to it on my bose headphones and was BLOWN AWAY !!! Deep heavy pulsating rhythmic divine ACID!!!!! why the heck did i not listen to it earlier ??? Im gonna dig deeper now !! Great reviews Antic and Starkraver 10/10 from me
  3. Best bluetooth speakers for EDM /psy?

    Im sold ! checked out some reviews and most say it has a cult following , love the simple design and the fact that it comes with a sub-woofer . they even have worldwide shipping ! bit of a problem is that it is a bit off budget but for this i can make an exception now the real problem " I understand The new MRBT-2 Minirig comes with the latest Bluetooth 4.2 software " one review said this might prevent daisy chaining using analogue cables with the old minirigs (im not even sure how this makes sense since daisy chaining shouldnt have anything to do with bluetooth tech) but thats not a show stopper since i dont own the old minirigs , im just wondering if this could lead to a compatibility issue connecting to the standard smartphone / laptop bluetooth functionality ? Also if i buy both the minirigs , will i be able to connect to both wirelessly using BT given the standard procedure allows pairing and connecting to just one device at a time ? Ps - do you own this baby?
  4. Ive got my eyes set on the bose revolve .. very boomy sound. Was very impressed with the demo , sounded atleast 2X of the soundlink Pros : 360 degree omnidirectionality , very good battery back up , doesnt heat up There is also B&O's beoplay a1 which has very true trebly sound but the only issue is the 180 degree omnidirectionality and the fact that it heats up very fast I have been checking on youtube for comparative reviews between the 2 but still havent made up my mind Are there any other speakers in the range of 300-350 $ that you could recommend ? Thanks for your time
  5. Swedish Masters

    Derango , Miraculix , Artax , Steptime , Tegma ! Always thought Atmos was french .
  6. What music are you listening to right now?

    psychaos - chaos to order was looking for track that made my day , couldnt find it so posted here instead
  7. Your signature track

    The youtube version doesnt sound up to the mark . Ok let me put it this way .. if you were to sign off as a musical carbon based psychedelic lifeform which track would you bring to life as yourself ?
  8. Your signature track

    Post just one track that captures your psychedelic personality Yes you heard it right , just one! The first 2 minutes is pretty much me
  9. Psydrop - Fantasy Seeds

    I rated this topic 5 stars just for wisdom quest . Its oozing with so much energy . Total dance-floor killer !
  10. Psytrance tracks that blow your mind!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zxyK-1qsrGo dope!
  11. Audiolize . Any idea if this person still releases music ? Even though "wanted" was a complete album I dont think he released another album ( would be happy to be proved wrong like in the case of Middle mode) . Wanted remains one of the best full on albums released to date for me, way ahead of its time!!
  12. Death

    Sorry for your loss . Life is brutal and no one gets out of here alive. Live each second to the HILT. I lost my real sister 6 years ago and its still hard to come to terms . A very inexplicable feeling , like you said
  13. Well to be honest i just skimmed through the tracks looking for something to hold on to , something to get my groove on to and those moments didnt come . Maybe its that feeling ive heard it all before and there is nothing new ? I know this is a very generic statement when you want to dismiss an album outright but i feel this is the truth because i did give it a fair chance . From what i could tell in those 30 odd minutes while driving to work, Groove attack is probably the only track that manages to hold my attention and despite that its way too minimal in approach and execution, other tracks have too many moments of this experiment with weird sound manipulations where nothing really happens other than to showcase some sort of sound evolution , far too many build ups not leading to any peak . IMO they have tried to play the fine line to not get too pure/arty/ inaccessible or too commercial/dubsteppy with vocals and thats where it comes up short , the new EDM crowd will love it and go nuts ( they probably already are ) , i consider myself a purist and this falls way below what i would consider good psytrance . Again this isnt the worst release ever , just weak sauce and not return to the sauce
  14. Donald Trump.. sociopath?!

    https://antidotezine.com/2017/01/22/trump-knows-you/ Not sure if this has been posted before but this is how the sociopath rode to power .mixed pointed micro digital marketing all driven by Big data .. the man may be behaving like a little boy with a twitter account but there is a huge team advising him on how and what to do with it