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  1. I have recorded it! http://www.sendspace.com/file/tqoyfa Have fun!
  2. I have worked on TimeTravel a little bit. Here is the new version: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qtx7k0 I produce with Fruity Loops. I know its not the best program, but now its enough for me.
  3. @mak Thanks for your positive feedback! @amnesia And what would you say about the tracks? Greeting GhostOnAcid
  4. Thanks for the postive feedbacks. I'm very lucky! Greetings GhostOnAcid
  5. Haha! Thats was really nice! Nice new tracks!! :posford: Greetings GhostOnAcid
  6. Some of you know that I mix from time to time an oldschool mix, but my favorite hobby is to produce my own music. Here are two tracks from my project "GhostOnAcid". I stand at the beginning, but I try to grow from track to track and to develope my sound. Download Have fun! Greetings GhostOnAcid
  7. Here is a new mix from me. The title is ironic. Download Now, I use sendspace to upload my files, no more megaupload. Hope its the better way. *g* So, here the playlist of the mix: ####Partytime 145bpm#### 1. Dimension 5 - Psychic Influence 2. Asia 2001 - Vertige (Goa Gil Burning Man Mix) 3. Khetzal - Trancefuzion 4. Filteria - Tiny Universe 5. Artha - Genretic Formular 6. Cosmo Circle - Lost Universe 7. Colorbox - GreySpook (Eastside Mix) 8. Pleiadians - Alcyone 9. Filteria - Ultimator (Ultimated Mix) 10. Nolax - Silence of the Drums 11. Vox - City of Black Lights ####After Hour 120bpm>#### 12. Khetzal - Listing Winds 13. Aes Dana - Opal-In 14. Aes Dana - Digitalys 15. Radical Distortion - India 16. Talpa - Back to Dreaming 17. Ypslion 5 - Heliosphere Enjoy! Greetings GhostOnAcid
  8. Really nice track. :posford: Sounds nice, but what is for you the psychedelic Spirit? Greeting GhostOnAcid
  9. One of the best releases this year. At the beginning it was a little bit boring, because the tracks have the simlar formular. But with the time it grows on me. The slower tracks not so my cup of tea, but they are ok. The strengths for me are on "Over the clouds", "Mayana", "City of black lights" and "Inner polarity". This are really nice oldschool tunes and the last track is one of my alltime favorites. :posford: My rating: 8/10
  10. Thanks Afgin, Chi A.D., Filteria, Omegahertz and kagdila crew for this very nice compilation. :posford: My favorites tracks are 2, 6 and 8. I give it 8.5/10.
  11. - Dimension 5 - Transdimensional - Asia 2001 - Amnesia - Logic Bomb - Sonic Algebra - Prometheus - Corridor of Mirrors - V/A - Peace Therapy 2 - V/A - Pure Planet 2 - V/A - Psylight Explosion
  12. Here is a new oldschool mix from me. A little bit faster than the other mix: 147 bpm! Enjoy! GhostOnAcid - Dancing in the Moonlight with Fireflies Download here Tracklist: X. Interpret - Trackname [Album, Label, Releasedate] 1. Afgin - Salton [Golden Vibes, Old is Gold, 2007] 2. Vox - Inner Polarity [inner Polarity, Metapsychic Records, 2007] 3. Subra - Shomervan, [Golden Vibes, Old is Gold, 2007] 4. Jikooha - Bay Hall Magic [unreleased, 2007] 5. Filteria - Unfiltered (Moon Remix) [Heliopolis, Suntrip Records, 2006] 6. Red Gravity - Momentary 29 [Twist Dreams, Suntrip Records, 2007] 7. Ypsilon 5 - Titanium [Apsara, Suntrip Records, 2005] 8. Transwave - Flamicogyre [backfire, 3D Vision Records, 2007] 9. Bypass Unit - Nanosphere Courier [Dropz Of Obscure Eclipses, Music Research, 1999] 10. Crop Circles - Lunar Civilization (Filteria Higher Remix) [Heliopolis, Suntrip Records, 2006] Greetings GhostOnAcid
  13. You compare new artists with "masters of goatrance". really bad comparison. this compilation is very good and reflect the movement of the new goa generation. this artists will grow with the time and in the future they will be the new masters of goa-trance. I give it 9/10. Greetings GhostOnAcid
  14. --> Merrow - Utopian Society from V/A Twist Dreams
  15. Hi Oldschool Friends... This mix is from me. But I only have mix with traktor dj studio, not more. Just for fun. I'am not a dj. I interessing more in compose and producing my own tracks. Of course, oldschool vibes. Greetings GhostOnAcid PS: Iam a stupid german, my english is not the best...
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