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    RA - 9th

    For me 9th is the best Goa-Trance Album ever made. Its so amazing and beautiful.
  2. Ajna - The Art of Happiness - Best Track of 2008 for me. Everytime I listen to it, its makes really happy... :drama:
  3. It wasnt my intention... Ok. If I have time, i record the mix again. But then in stereo.
  4. Hey friends of the GoaTrance-Sound. After long time i record a new mix: RETURN OF THE SUN Here is the tracklist: 1. Ra - Gateway Eight | Suntrip Records | 2008 2. Zolphinia - Fifth Dimension | Phototropic Records | 2008 3. Psylent Buddhi - Lunar Core | 1997 4. Astral Projection feat. MFG - Radical Blur | T.I.P. Records | 1996 5. Magic & Witchcraft - Stareye | Ektoplazm | 2008 6. Liquid Flow - Phase Shift | Shivlink Records | 2007 7. Radical Distortion - The Dreamer | Suntrip Records | 2008 8. Pan Psychic - Vishnu Avatars | Sun Station | 2007 9. K.O.B. - Missing some Marvles | Old is Gold | 2008 10. Liquid Flow - Artificial Paradise | Shivlink Records | 2007 11. Diaks - Seths Betrayal | unreleased | 2008 12. Goasia - Taboo | Suntrip Records | 2007 13. Cosmo Circle - The Truth is Out There | Ektoplazm | 2008 14. Yudhisthira - Nara - Hari | Glowing Flame Records | 2008 15. E-Mantra - Voyager II | Suntrip Records | 2008 Download: Here One note: I'm sorry to say that I have record the mix in mono, because it was the first time I have record a set with my new equipment (now I work with CDs, before I mixed digital with traktor and midicontroller) and the recording-program record it in mono. I realized that after the record. Anyway... I hope you enjoy the mix and give me a feedback. Greetings Sven aka GhostOnAcid
  5. I downloading your mix. I give you a feedback in few days... But at first, upload your sets in 320kb MP3, because wav (especially 652 MB!) is to big for internet.
  6. The "Orient Express" is back in train station. Here the new Downloadlink: http://archiv.to/?Module=Details&HashI...LE493A9EF9B1BE3 Enjoy. In few days (maybe tomorrow ) i record a new GoaTrance mix (with a little bit suomisaundi)! See you soon. :drama:
  7. Here we go! The new Download-Link of "Goa is Dead"! http://archiv.to/?Module=Details&HashI...LE4939AEB252952 Enjoy.
  8. hey friends! I will try to answer of your pms and i will try to reupload both mixes (goa is dead & orient express) tomorrow! and in few days i will record a new mix. I am very, very, very happy, that you enjoy my mixes so much... See you soon. :drama:
  9. 109 downloads and no feedback. Come on, guys and girls.
  10. Sorry. But try again. I have repaired the link! Click here
  11. Here is a new Track from me. What do you think?
  12. Hallo mates. I have mix a new Oldschool/Newschool GoaTrance - set. Here is the Playlist: Orient Express 1. New Born - Trip of The Luna King 2. Yesod - On The Edge Of Time 3. Khetzal - Indian Attic 4. Asia2001 - Strange World 5. Dimension 5 - Purple Om 6. Goasia - Space Travellers 7. Chi-AD - Blacklight 8. Bypass Unit - Spectral Collapse 9. Transwave - Anakata 10. Ypsilion 5 - Ground Zero 11. Cosmo Circle - Unreal Reality 12. Trold - All About Cycles 13. Mindsphere - Wasted Years 14. Filteria - Stars (Starstuff Remix) 15. SynSun - Sirens 16. Lost Buddha - Regeneration 17. Mindsphere - Painful Stories ---- 18. Koan - Wheels of Fortune //ChillTrack at the end Download: Here Have fun! Greetings GhostOnAcid
  13. He has set a link in his myspace-blog to rapidshare, who he uploads the track as .wav . I like the track. Looking forward to your new tracks.
  14. Try again. http://www.sendspace.com/file/ucrhm7
  15. I have recorded it! http://www.sendspace.com/file/tqoyfa Have fun!
  16. I have worked on TimeTravel a little bit. Here is the new version: http://www.sendspace.com/file/qtx7k0 I produce with Fruity Loops. I know its not the best program, but now its enough for me.
  17. @mak Thanks for your positive feedback! @amnesia And what would you say about the tracks? Greeting GhostOnAcid
  18. Thanks for the postive feedbacks. I'm very lucky! Greetings GhostOnAcid
  19. Haha! Thats was really nice! Nice new tracks!! :posford: Greetings GhostOnAcid
  20. Some of you know that I mix from time to time an oldschool mix, but my favorite hobby is to produce my own music. Here are two tracks from my project "GhostOnAcid". I stand at the beginning, but I try to grow from track to track and to develope my sound. Download Have fun! Greetings GhostOnAcid
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