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  1. I think, there is nothing to discuss on my post. I only say there is a book about veganism which deals with facts, not opinions. I read this, because iam interested in nutrition to change it to more vegetable nutrition. ;-) My opinion: Everyone can eat what he wants, but should be concerned with his diet and its effects on the environment!
  2. Iam not vegan, but I recommend that you deal with a vegan diet before you go in practice. I read this book (only in german): "Vegan Klischee ade" by Nikko Rittenau. He is a nutritionist. His work based only on science. He doesn't gloss over anything, he says what the nutritional science say about veganism. A lot of quotes and a big list of references enable you to check his arguments. His conclusion: A vegan diet is possible and well tolerated and healthy if you pay attention to a few things. https://www.nikorittenau.com/vegan-klischee-ade/ He has also a channel on youtube.
  3. Last games i played: Day of the Tentacle Remastered, Full Throttle Remastered, Samarost 3, Broken Sword 2, Kathy Rain, Gabriel Knight 1, Broken Sword 5, Age of Empires 2 Definitiv Edition.
  4. Pre-order here: https://suntriprecords.bandcamp.com/album/human-control ;-)
  5. +1 I like the liveact @ Trancidelia Livestream. Many unkown amazing new tracks and a joy to watch their live performance. :-)
  6. Haha.. I saw him live last year at Superbooth here in Berlin and he played Crockett's Theme. :)
  7. I dont know. But he cut the climax and make them shorter. What a bad idea!
  8. Look at the older review-sections (until 2002). There are a lot of short comments. And this is ok. Not every post must be an excellent review, i think. Its better many user tell their opinion. :-) "Beyond the Wormhole" is an solid album. "Wormhole" is a very groovy and funky track and reminds me of M-Run. The melody in the climax at 5:29 is very cool, but the length of the climax is to short. The remix of "Microdive" is fantastic and the best track of the album. Its more a rework than a remix, but it takes the best part of the original and makes it longer and more intense. I mean the buil
  9. Maybe someone is interested. ;-) I was looking for "Martian Civilization (Domestic & DJ Goblin remix)" on discogs and i found two digital re-releases. :-) https://www.junodownload.com/products/children-of-the-dat-archives-vol-1/4419766-02/ https://www.junodownload.com/products/children-of-the-dat-archives-vol-2/4432784-02/
  10. MFG ‎– Pure Energy Label: Suntrip Records ‎– SUNCD59 1 New Kind Of World Tour Intro 2 Why (Demo Version) 3 Dark Horizon 4 Pure Energy 5 Hypnotized (Original Version) 6 Sanctification Of The Moon (Maya Moon Full Version) 7 New Kind Of World (Live Edit) 8 Inspiration 9 Desert Sun (Original Version) 10 Have A Nice Day (Ambient Mix) Really good work by MFG. I will write only something to my three favorite tracks. This are: Dark Horizon The track has a high energy fast feeling. The melody @3:05 is amazing and give the track a dreamy emotional touch! Foll
  11. Goasia-Etnic City Artha-DNA Alienapia vs Psy-H*-Fear And Anger Filteria-Illogical Logic Lapsus-Holocron M-Run-Goat Man Antares-Astral Plane Hypnagogia-Secrets Of The Mind Javi-The Forest Masters InnerSpace-InnerSpace Mindsphere-Patience For Heaven M-Run-Etheral Resonator Crossing Mind-Hydrophobic Visions Filteria-Amnesia Reaction Dragon Twins-The Acid Man Filteria-Lost In The Wild Nebula Meltdown-Alnitak Sunrise Dragon Twins-Time Has A Mouth Dragon Twins-The Third Wave Dragon Twins-Shattered Sense Dragon Twins-Illa Tahin Psy-H Project-Precession Of The
  12. My recorded set of our last goatrance party here in Berlin. It was the last set of the party. It begins with more energetic goatrance and float to more morning emotional stuff. :-) Our next party is on 29. May at the same place. Come in and dance wild! :-)
  13. I like the first album more. :-) I prelisten to Odysseus alot. But it dont catch me. For me it lacks in melodicial work. Again a firing of typical melodies and sounds in goatrance in too deliberate aggressive way the whole album. In the end its a solid album, but not more for me.
  14. My favorite time with modern Goatrance was 2004-2009. The number of releases was manageable and every release was emotionally a hit. :-) Then the sound and of course my taste chanced after 2009. Still i listened to 100% Goatrance (with some exception) at this time, but I judged more differently about the music. Not all wasnt a hit anymore. And the last two years my attention for techno and retro trance grows.Techno become more melodic and faster again, and i like the varity of sounds and styles in techno. This is what i am missing in modern Goatrance today. Alot sounds the same. Same
  15. Nice characterization of the album, DoktorG. Seen objectively its a good album with a lot of ideas in sounddesign, composition and percussive work. Battle Of The Future Buddhas masters of their craft. But in the end, it doesnt catch me that much. I feel boring, if i listen to the whole album. I think the sound design is too similar within "The Light Behind The Sun". There are alot of good composition, but to low progression within the tracks. The suspense can't beeing held. In compare to "One Love": "One Love" has this one significant composition, this one significant strong
  16. Artwork by: Pieter Pan Waiting for this album since the Feel Festvial, where they played.
  17. Really cool "Space Disco"-Set by Perel. Sounds very housy, electro with 80ies synthwaves.
  18. +1 My favorite is "Far East Frequency " and this was, as you said, on the mind rewind. All in all a little bit disappointing for me. But the cover-art is very very good.
  19. The EP is good. I like the fact, that they set the focus on midtempo-goatrance and keep it a little bit more dirty and row.
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