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  1. Some insperation. ;-) I think, you must not jumb and going crazy behind the decks. You can playing melodies and turning knobs and also can interact with the crowd. Look at the videos, the musicans have much fun while they make music. :-) And the crowd realize this! The video of Kebu is a concert. Ok here he should play really live. ;-) Ceephax and Cosmic are on partys. Its ok press the play-button on a party, but if the artist play really live its really beautiful for me. :-) And if I like the music i dont need an artist, whos going crazy and cheer me to dance. The music is more than adequate. :-D
  2. Very bad comparison! GoaTrance is music to dance and for the dancefloor. So the best thing to test this music is the dancefloor. But maybe... next time to test the music we invited the people to the suntrip laboratory. Everyone gets headphones, listen to the music and write an essay.
  3. Hello Psynewers. I recorded yesterday a new set. The idea was to take two tracks from the current releases of Suntrip Records ("Reykjavik" and "Alien Pets (Filteria Rmx)") and built a set around. The result is a colourful mix of melodic and darker tunes. Download is available. Enjoy. Tracklist: 1. Dimension 5 - Iron Sun (Rmx) / Suntrip Records 2. Moonweed - Om Life / Anjuna Records 3. Total Eclipse - Pulsar Glitch / Blue Room Released 4. Shakta - Amber Mantra / Suntrip Records 5. Crop Circles - Ghost Circles / DAT Records 6. Cydonia - Haunted World / Blue Room Released 7. Growling Mad Scientists - Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep / Hadshot Haheizar 8. E-Mantra - Approaching Nibiru (Eleusyn Rmx) / Suntrip Records 9. Prana - Alien Pets (Filteria Rmx) / Suntrip Records 10. Lunar Dawn - Golden Arms Of Kresnik / Neogoa 11. Asia2001 - Reykjavik / Suntrip Records // Trans'Pact Productions 12. Lunar Dawn - Blessings From Irij (Imba Rmx) / Neogoa // Suntrip Records 13. Ree.K - Far East Frequency / DAT Mafia Recordings // Cube Factory 14. Psysutra - Free And Independent / Cronomi Records Listen on your favorite portal https://soundcloud.com/ghostonacid/onset-of-trance https://www.mixcloud.com/GhostOnAcid/onset-of-trance/ https://hearthis.at/acid604/onsetoftrance/
  4. People who says this, the first think is "there are listen to this Cd only one time". In some cases I agree, but not here. And not on "Sky Input", "Heliopolis" and also not on the album from Celestial Intelligence. I read often "Sky Input" and "Heliopolis" has random apreggios. But I hear on this so many unique melodies. But maybe it is a matter of perception? also here: Its interessting. I listen to both now. And yes they are have the same key and the beginning of the Snail reminds you a little little little bit of x-indiane, but only you listen carefully and have the mainmelody of x-indiane in mind. In conculsion it is not a remix. But Iam very thankfully for this information. There must work very well in a dj-set. I will check it.
  5. This is more a emotional comment, right? To say he has NO talent is like to say Beethoven has no talent, because i dont like it.
  6. Now iam playing cities:skylines. But iam a fan of point and click adventures since 1993! :-)
  7. Tune in to our new radio show Return of the Sun on di.fm with DJ Soulstone - Cronomi Rec. and GhostOnAcid - Suntrip Rec. as your pilots through the psychedelic realm! Airing every first Thursday of a month! Starting on upcoming April, 2nd! http://www.di.fm/shows/10552840/return-of-the-sun
  8. I dont think so. There are melodies, which are memorable for me. Examples: 1:47 - 2:26, 3:19 - 4:11, 4:26 - 5:05 in Anapa 4:17 - 5:11, 5:38 - 6:32 in Celestial Beings 2:58 - 3:26 in Perpetual Energy and so on.
  9. He played on our last party. And you are not come. Baaaaaaaaad. ;-) -> https://www.goabase.net/party/return-of-the-sun-die-totale-entgleisung-a-psychedelic-sound-gathering/77424
  10. Uptempo 1. Dragon Twins - Only For The Wicked EP / NeoGoa 2. Moonweed - Voice Of Jupiter / Anjuna 3. Goasia - Amphibians On Spacedock / Suntrip 4. Various - Three OM Three / Anjuna 5. Various - Ten Spins Around The Sun / Suntrip 6. Ephedra - Journey Through My Head / Goa Madness 7. Ajna - Search For The Divine / Omnimoon 8. Deviant Electronics - Green Room / Zion604 9. Various - Analog Dreams / DAT 10. E-Mantra - Nemesis / Suntrip Oh... I dont listen to much Downtempo last year. Only 5 releases and not all Psybient. But here my list: Downtempo 1. Aphex Twin - Syro / Warp 2. Various ‎– Ten Spins Around The Sun / Suntrip 3. Carbon Based Lifeforms ‎– The Path 4. Tycho - Awake / Ghostly 5. Christopher Willits ‎– OPENING /Ghostly
  11. Its time to post my new Track on this forum. ;-) Maybe you have some feedback. btw: "Tauchgang" is german for dive. ;-) Have Fun. :-)
  12. Hello! :-) I make a new dj-set. Music for the morning hours, if the sun sends her first rays of light. ;-) Here is the Tracklist: 1. Crossing Mind - Hydrophobic Visions /Suntrip 2. Blue Planet Corporation - Midian (Astral Projection Remix) /TIP 3. Pleiadians - Asterope /Dragonfly 4. Centavra Project - Journey to Another Worlds /unreleased 5. Ra - Initiated /Blue Moon 6. Hypnagogia - Secrets of the Mind /Dimensional 7. Somnesia - Cosmic Gate /Gliese 581c 8. Glass Walker - Celestial Body /M-Track 9. MFG - Space Travel /Phonokol 10. Celestial Intelligence - Anapa /Suntrip 11. Qiujan - Light Truth Soundcloud(with Download): https://soundcloud.com/ghostonacid/sunrise-in-your-heart-dj-set Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/GhostOnAcid/sunrise-in-your-heart/ Have Fun. :-)
  13. If you want to dance, use your body , not your head !
  14. Nothing is wrong with the guy. But this is not live. We must find new terms for this art of presentation. The guy should not announce as an live act, but as a dance act. On the flyer: Paranormal Attack (Dance to his music) or Paranormal Attack (giving a show) but NOT Paranormal Attack (Live) maybe Paranormal Attack (Live Dance) or Paranormal Attack (with aerobic)
  15. Is there a Version of this track without the annoying vocal samples? Otherwise a great track.
  16. I have positive feelings with this album. Its a good one. After some listings "The New Orient" and "Dolphins of Jupiter" are my favorites. I imagine this two tracks works very good at the dancefloor. The parts with the fast and positive melodies are pure moments of happienes. If I hear this i go crazy on the dancefloor. :-) The very good thing about Goasia is they have their own style. If I hear an unknown track from Goasia, i know this is Goasia! Other good thing is they compose unique melodies, which i can remember after two days. ;-) This album is better than their second "dancing with the blue spirit".
  17. Often I think, the only think you need for a dancefloor-stormer is a strong kick and bass. The bass is offbeat, double or triplet. Boooring.
  18. In a german Facebook group someone ask "what is your favorite goa track". 183 Answers. But only 3 tracks, which I call goa. The rest more or less shitty proggy. Mainstream or unknown untalented artists. Most people have a really bad taste. I lost all my hope to german psy-scene. ;-)
  19. I bought the Vinyl in the Hardfloor-Shop. http://shop.hardfloor.de/ And the shirt.
  20. I think, there is not the typical german party. ;-) Germany is big and every region has his crowd. Berlin has very alternative people in compare to Hamburg or Dortmund. Hamburg has the most parties, but is also the "mecca of prog" and Dortmund and the western part of germany all people love prog. ;-) In Berlin we have much prog, but also a big darkpsy-scene. Not many people knows about "real" GoaTrance. But since the last year a small goa-fanbase has formed. Maybe 5-10 people. They are there if i play a set and dancing like goa-people dance: very happy and crazy. ;-)
  21. Its ok. Life goes on. Iam very thankful for his music. But I wish more artists, if they are bored of GoaTrance, take the genre to new dimensions, instead of leaving the scene.
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