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  1. Infected Mushroom become fammous in my opinion because they produce impressive music. Some of their tracks are the best tracks that have ever been produced. Tracks like Dancing with kadafi or The Messanger or many other tracks are just out of this world. Other tracks were also impressive like many of the tracks from the album Converting Vegetables. Some people don´t seem to like that album a lot, but in my opinion even this album is great apart from the singing in some tracks. Whenever male singing appears in goa trance or psy trance it sounds strange to me, but the instrumental parts of Infected Mushroom are impressive in my opinion.
  2. I talked about this album many times over the last years in this forum. I fin this album truly impressive. Altough it is lounge music, the album has all elements that are common for Boris Blenn. For me it is a mix between lounge and ambient with incredible sounds. An absolute masterpeace in my opinion. I don´t think other lounge music sounds like that. It´s like when Shpnogle makes ambient. Altough the music is ambient, you can hear the Posford touch, just like with Boris Blenn´s lounge music. Both kinds of music are ivery psychedelic.
  3. I am just listening to some of the newer Boris Blenn albums and all of them have something to say. The two latest albums have strange sound structures however, the arrangements of the notes are a bit strange, but the tracks are still good. The album Sonic extasy seems to be a great album with 100% Boris Blenn sound. Especially holographic, but we will see the later albums. Holographic is a true masterpace, it is a bit empty in melodies, but the melodies themself are definatly as good as great oldschool masterpeaces. Also the pure boris Blenn melancholic sounds. Those albusm really show that Boris Blenn is indeed one of the best produces in the psychedelic trance scene that has ever existed. He is simply unique and I don´t know who else can put so much melancholia, emotion and spirit in his tracks as Boris Blenn. All of his tracks are like you are in a state of dream.
  4. Let's change that profile feed, won't we ?

  5. while I am listening to the incredible Berlin future lounge of Boris Blenn, I am asking myself how all the new Electric Universe albums sound? He released so many albums in the years tha I don´t know. The last album I know from electric Universe is Cosmic Experience. How are the later albums? Is hthere anything really good out there? His Berlin Future lounge is a pure masterpeace in my opinion that sounds just as I want it. Dark and melancholic, it really makes you think. Only the mastering of that album is not as great as it could be. There is something strange about it. Nethertheless the music on that album is perfect, but how are the other albums? I don´t know how he is able to rlease so much music with good to great quality. Really a skilled artist.
  6. radi6404


    Yes but with those fruits and vegetables you can improve your health status even more.
  7. radi6404


    I know this very well and have been through such times aswell. What I can recommend is, go to the doctor every few months and have a full check-up with ultrasound and blood test so the doctors can confirm you are fine. I did that aswell. What i can also recommend, eat and drink healthy foods and drinks so you know you are caring about your health state. In Greece there are many popular egetables like Olives that you can eat regurarely in order to keep your body healthy. Also you should buy pomegranade juice once a wekk and drink one cup a day or one cup between two days since pmegranade is one of the healthiest fruits that exist. You should also eat blueberries and other kinds of berries from time to time and some nuts like almonds. They are very healthy and contain a high amount of vitamin E and other healthy substances. In addition to that, drink black and green tea on a regular basis. I don´t know if you have weight problems, but if you do, black tea can reduce your weight if you drink 2 or more cups a day without too much sugar. Another healthy vegetable is the grape. Red grapes are very healthy since they contain rospharatol, a very healthy antioxidative substance that imakes red wine so healthy. If you eat wine grapes, you take all the healthy substances of wine without the unhealthy alcohol. In order to live healthy, I can also recommend you to stop eating all kinds of red meet like pork, rind or lamb. some scientists say that low amounts of those meat aren´t unhealthy, but others recommend against the consumption of such meat. a vegetarian diet is according to many studies about health the best diet you can have. Besides a healthy diet it is important that you go out and walk every day. For example go out in tne noon or the afternoon or the night and walk about two kilometers. That way you stimulate your muscles and metabolism which is important to control your weight. It is also healthy for the heart and other parts of the body. I can tell you, not a long time ago I was acting hohondric and was very afraid, but now it settled. That´s why i can recommend you, consume healthy fruits and vegetables, go out regurarely and do enjoyable things. Sports can also help. And in case you are smoking, get cigarettes with coal filter. When I smoke a cigarette, I smoke a cigarette with coal filter and it feels less unhealthy as a cigarette with normal filter. Of course smoking is not healthy, but for example I don´t feel cold or weak after smoking a coal cigarette while I do feel cold and exhausted after smoking a normal cigarette. The coal filter is a very strong filter and filters a lot of the toxic substances of cigaretttes. I discused this issue with my cousin aswell and he agrees that coal filters are very strong which is why they are not only used in cigarettes, but everyhwere where a strong filter is neccesary.
  8. Hello people! it´s been a long time since i was here, I think about four months. What are you people during, are you all okay? I am currently working at home again and trying to increse my income by finding more pages to work for and by thinking about more ways i can work. I have some plans for the future like buying a cheap house in bulgaria and renovating it. In Bulgaria there are some very cheap old houses costing 10000 to 15000 quid. Saving that much money is not such a big problem and can be achieved with some work. such ahouse can be renovated for several thausands of additional euros. Owning a house is a great feeling of protection and secureness. You know you have something and can do whatever you want in that place and aren´t afraid that you have to move away if you don´t have a lot of money. with some inspiration i may be able to find enough work to save it in relatively short time and then think about other things I want to do. In the meantime I am looking for some forums where I can talk with other people about interesting subjects and pass the time. As most people from this forum know, I don´t have a lot of contacts here. I can visit a guy I know from Stuttgart, but that can happen one time a wekk and most and is not enough. I and that guy were together in a apprenticeship like course, but I quit that course because it was too exhaustive for me and most people were quiet different to me. The working day on that course lasted from 7:30 til 16:45, which was definatly too long for me. the course was occupying all of my day and Iwasn´t able to do anything else. Soe people may consider the working time ot be normal, but for me it was too long since the hours didn´t pass by quickly at that course anyway. Despite of being able to a few interesting people, the course wasn´t pleasuarable at all to say the least. I dind´t like it at all, and therefore I quit. Nor I am working from home, but don´t have much social life unfortunately and want to sign up to some forums where I can talk about interesting and casual topics. I will also rethink my social situation and may start going to pubs or clubs from time to time. Still I want ot know some active forums where I can stay, does anyone know some? I will appear here more often aswell, but as it looks this forum isn´t the most active forum for some time.
  9. In this thread I want to aks you which tracks you would love to hear remixes of. In my opinion there are many goa trance tracks out there that have been produced in the golden days without any remixes while other tracks have several of them. Soem tracks are so great that I am wondering why there aren´t remixes of them. One example of that is SFX - Butterfly Trip. This is one of the best tracks ever produced. It sounds so hypnotical and floating that it truly sounds out of this world. In my opinion this track sounds as if it wasn´t produced by humans, but really produced by gods. When I listen to goa trance, there are many great tracks, but I can hear the ideas behind the tracks and the emotion behind them. Other tracks however like Butterfly Trip ruly sound like they were produced by gods or beings upper than humans. I don´t know what the people from SFX where thinking when they produced that track. Butterfly Trip is really a trip and a track that can wash my brain like a washing mashine with maximum rotation, just unbelievable. Another track I woud like to hear a remix of is Celestial Groove by SFX. It is also a great track and it could sound even more interesting with more synths and sounds so it would be great to hear a remix of that track. MFG - Journey beyond the planet is also a very intresting track that I would love to hear a remix of. It can sound even more magical an have better production quality. I will list more tracks when they come into my mind later, but i would also like to hear the opinion of other psynews members. What track would you love to hear a remix of?
  10. I am interested in your opinions about total Eclipse. My opinion about him is very high, while I didn´t listen too often to his tracks all the years, it was always a great time when i did listen to them. then I somehow forgot about them, altough they are really magical. In my opinion total Eclipse is very geniune goa trance that sounds very energetic and magical, yet hypnotical. His music isn´t as emotional as the music of other bands, but it is more powerful, and it sounds very springlike. Many of his tracks sound very fresh and springlike, as if you are walking outside at early spring and the sun shines the whole day. When the sun in early spring, just like now, shines all day long, you recieve positive energy from it because of the vitamin D that your body produces. For me total Eclipse somehow feels that way. Also the music of Total eclipse sounds very analogue and classical. While not all his tracks are great, some of his tracks are overwhelming and unique, and belong in the list of best goa trance songs. Some of my favourites are The Crunible, Waiting for a new life, Aliens, Hit and run, Transparent Mind, Blade runner, Bad Data, Espanolizer, and more. With his fresh, sunny and very deep sound his music is definatly something that can make me trip.
  11. Hello guys, it is a long time since I wasn´t here, but I was in the holidays and then forgot to post here for a while. When I feel like it, I will post some new offtopic information about how I am and what I am doing right now, but in this thread i want to talk about a different subject. I wanted to know if artists will produce or allready produced tracks like Hallucinogen - LSD, since Astral Projection created a remix of it and the remix sounds almost as good as the original. Only the mastering somehow doesn´t sound clean enough in my opinion, as if the heights aren´t crystal clear, but the track itself is as good as the original. will people produce more tracks like that or not? I really like tracks that are similar to Hallucinogen - LSD and the remix by Astral projection is absoltely an addition to it. I am looking forword to your answers, anyway, cheers to all people here!
  12. I don´t think that this tune is very similar to "Bees". This tune is more straight forword and not as interesting and mysterious as Bees. It would be great to hear a tune that is really similar to Bees because the sound of Bees has something dark and strange in it. It sounds mysterious, nostalgic and somehow melancholic. It aktually sounds a bit distorted, like you see the world through glasses that show you distorted colours. I think I heart other tracks by Xerox that are similar, but I don´t find that one too similar beccause it is more active and more straight forword. there aren´t many tracks out there with this sound in the genre of psychedelic trance I think. this track is more similar, but not as good. Except this track i checked 4 other tracks by Xerox and Freeman and I liked that all. their music is goa trance with psychedelic elements and big atmosphere. respectable.
  13. I am glad you like my tracks, they are definatly some of the best downtempto tracks I know. About Shpongle, indeed many people know them, and we´d have to post too many tracks in one post.
  14. Great thread, it was high time we discuss impressive downtemppo tracks because in my opinion they are at least as expressive as uptempo tracks or maybe even more expressive. My all time downtempo favourites are as followed: This ss a very impressive downtempo track by Astral Projection that has a unique sound. The sound is great for winter listenings during sunny autumn and winter days. The sound is mildly melancholic and a bit abstract in sound. The track is very floating and not very linear. The people from Astral Projection put a lot of effort into this track to make it sound timeless and complete without too much repetition or boring elements. Every second of this track sounds interesting and there is no part where yo could say Astral Projection acted carelessly. Lunatic by Zerotonine is a very high quality downtempto tracks with a very clear sound. The rythm and strings are very magical in sound and really send you into a journey. The main meldoy of this track sounds a bit clubby, but very magical and nice in sound. After the main melody in the middle of the track you can hear an addition to the main melod that makes the song very interesting and complete. I liek the complete and harmonious sound elements of Lunatic and the dreamy atmosphere make that track one of the best downtempo tracks. there are many more impressive downtempo tracks that I will post here later on. I wont post Shpongle tracks since I´d have to post 5 tracks at leas because I don´t have only one Shpongle favourite.
  15. I am looking for tracks like Xerox & Freeman - Bees (live mix). The track has a very interesting dark atmosphere and is almost as diverse as hallucinogen. It is very different to the rgular goa trance because it is not as melodic, but rougher and harder in sound. It is a very driving and hypnotic track with the interesting melody at the second half of the track. Does anyone know any similar tracks to that track or is that an excpetional track by Xerox and Freeman. I listened to other tracks by Xerox, but none sounded alike in my opinion.
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