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  1. Just got this album and really liked!! Or better say Loved it! Technical dark style gives me good vibrations. And most weird thing happend when i was listenning song Psychomachine.. Listenned it with phones and quite loud.. When this psychosound started and then This boom whooom, i got really euphoric feeling like i had took something.. u know.. And i was just.. What the fuck.. Song made me huge impression. Almost every track is good on their own way, but best tracks are The Invisible Witness, Dos Canones and last but not the least Psychomachine! MiliZ ruleS!!
  2. It takes me deep in somewhere, where i got balance with everything... It combines me with many of my friends.. It's like a little trip where you can touch your toughts... See what u feel... Hear what you taste.. It's not like some rockmusic.. It's more deeper. It's me.. Whee.. That was a story!
  3. Midi Miliz RuleZ!! Their new album NO STANDARTS is also Great. Dark & Technical.. Yumm. BTW! Now playing: Phutureprimitive -Ritual (Athmospheric soundtrip)
  4. Luomuhappo. You better listen to their new album -Pog-o-matic-pogomen-3000000- ....
  5. Listenning to radio!! Im in job and i have to listen this finnish popmusic crap and listhits... Damn I HATE RADIO!!!!
  6. Slowhill -Yesterday star Finnish Jazzy electro hiphop
  7. Exciting! It's really intresting to see what kind of sound xenomorph brings to us! Qlippoth and cassandras nightmare are past but best tracks they made.. Hope they bring dark to light again!
  8. Now playing Stakka & Skynet -Mutationz Bit darker dum&bass beat..
  9. Peter Gun -Pressure point mmm.. Dededeeep Houzysound..
  10. Vote really went to right adress!! Im quite much friend of darkpsy and i think there's one artist i can remind here! Planet B.E.N -Test [album] Im really stuck track called Straight aHead!
  11. Xenomorph! U forgot this one too. Mmm i like their song called haunted
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