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  1. In a german Facebook group someone ask "what is your favorite goa track". 183 Answers. But only 3 tracks, which I call goa. The rest more or less shitty proggy. Mainstream or unknown untalented artists. Most people have a really bad taste. I lost all my hope to german psy-scene. ;-)
  2. I bought the Vinyl in the Hardfloor-Shop. http://shop.hardfloor.de/ And the shirt.
  3. I think, there is not the typical german party. ;-) Germany is big and every region has his crowd. Berlin has very alternative people in compare to Hamburg or Dortmund. Hamburg has the most parties, but is also the "mecca of prog" and Dortmund and the western part of germany all people love prog. ;-) In Berlin we have much prog, but also a big darkpsy-scene. Not many people knows about "real" GoaTrance. But since the last year a small goa-fanbase has formed. Maybe 5-10 people. They are there if i play a set and dancing like goa-people dance: very happy and crazy. ;-)
  4. Its ok. Life goes on. Iam very thankful for his music. But I wish more artists, if they are bored of GoaTrance, take the genre to new dimensions, instead of leaving the scene.
  5. +1 I think this is a big advantage over other genres like dark or forrest. Dark is only dark and hard. But GoaTrance can be dark, light, happy, emotional and so on... this is a big plus. And as a dj we can mix a colorful set with a lot of variety.
  6. No no no. In your face sounds are the best on the dancefloor. This track is one of the highlights in his livesets. Its pure bliss. Maybe its a fail to compare it with Hallucinogen? Its Filteria: Overlayered, acidic, aggressive. And this is the reason, why we love his sound so much.
  7. Indeed! Big surprise. I thought it will be a good album. Now I know its a great one!
  8. Where is this album? It was on the BOTFB Bandcamp. Now no longer?
  9. I cant help myself, but the Psychic Voyage track is my favorit. For me it is neither flat nor I can say I feel I have listened to this 1000 times. The flow is great, melodywork is great (and I this very important for me), progression and climax is top. "Black Sun" is seemingly made in one piece. Not a filler, it is the keeper of the whole compilation.
  10. Is he the trance-collector on discogs? I want the Trance Experience 4!
  11. At first nice set and nice mixing. Its cool. As a GoaTrance-CD-DJ i can say, if I have nothing to do until the next transition i dance and smile behind the decks, because I love the music, which i play. I never bored if I was preparing a transition or mix one track into another. The next thing is, if you are a GoaTrance-DJ, its really hard to play two overloaded maxium melody tracks at the same time. For you and the crowd. Overkill! Also the kickdrum and the baseline sounds not in every track similar like in FullOn. In minimalistic or techno music it is more possible for experiments or crazy mixing techniques. But as a trance-dj I have more respect for the track. It is one artwork. And also as a dancer: I don't like it, the dj destroy this artwork. But do not get me wrong: You do a good job. And maybe for FullOn / PsyTrance its works.
  12. There is no one god. The god change with the cd in my player...
  13. Up Mindsphere - Patience For Heaven (Suntrip) Etnica - Live In Athens 1996 (DAT) Crossing Mind - The Inner Shift (Suntrip) M-Run - Some Run Just For Fun (Cronomi) Agneton - Wizards From The Future (Sita) Various - Shaltu (Suntrip) Trinodia - Stargazing (Ovnimoon) Hallucinogenic Horses - The Golden Years -The Very Best Off (Lost Theory) Procs - Touchdown In Hizzytown (Lost Theory) InnerSpace - InnerSpace (Suntrip) Down RA - Unearthly (Altar) Floex - Zorya (Minority) Twisted Buddha - Waterfall (Angel Dusted Music)
  14. If I have time, I will write you a new mail with some updates. ;-)
  15. Notice: If I have more than 300 patterns, i am a professional.
  16. I got my copy today. I ordered last week. From Belgium to Germany. Happy Horse update your blog: On your Mainpage is nothing to read about the new release.
  17. Mental Stream is a track from 2003. And I think the rest is also a collection of Joergs work of the last nine years. Iam not sure, but the InnerSpace track should the newest track of the album. In compare with the other tracks, this track sound very complex and have really more progression. Really nice work with the composition and evolution of the melodies. It has something special. This track is one of my alltime favs. I hope he does continue his 'new style' And Iam looking forward to new tracks from him! Surface works very well with the 'old style' of InnerSpace. Ok, the main-melody loops a way to much, but there other elements of progression here, in example adding background melodies. Its a good album, with good tracks and one amazing track: 7,5/10 :-) PS: One of my friends love this album. I think he give a 9/10 or 10/10. He is a big Oldschool-Goa Fan. But he doesnt like all Suntrip-stuff. InnerSpace is one of his favorites and compares him with Filteria, who he also very likes.
  18. GhostOnAcid

    VA - Space Of Power

    Its a good compilation. The artwork is great: 5/5. The artwork is not to be neglected! The best tracks are from Psy-H-Project! Not 5/5, but 4/5. I like the atmosphere and the melodies. Iam looking forward to his album! But overall i would give 3,5/5!
  19. +1 But the track "Patience for Heaven" sounds very very very good and is my favorite and this is a new track.
  20. This is album will be a fucking masterpiece. I like the melodies and the psychedelic power in his tracks. the sound is vibrant and full of energy! And yes artwork is excelent!
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