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  1. Vapauisvoima is a real classic. Every party our suomi dj play it. :-)
  2. Giving the track a new mixdown. Maybe it sounds a little bit better. ;-)
  3. Children brings me to electronic music. :-) Dreamland is the album of my childhood. Anyone knows the other albums of him? 23am (Breakbeat, Dreamhouse), Organik (Breakbeat, Experimental), Miles&Gurtu (Electronic Jazz) and Thirteen (Rock with electronica)? I love Children and his other stuff in style of Dreamhouse, but he produce alot more stuff in other genres... :-)
  4. After I listen a lot of Stevie-Be-Zets 'Archaic Modulations', Mindspheres 'Mindream' is the right Album. Its my Cup of tea. Beatless Ambientis one of my favorite genres. :-)
  5. Thanks for your feedback. Iam glad you like it. :-) And yes the track will be heard @ Return of the Sun this evening. :-)
  6. I like Tycho, too. I was at the concert in Berlin last Tuesday and bought "Epoch" on Vinyl. :-)
  7. interesting, if i look on the top 10 tracks of Filteria in spotify: 1. Dog Days Bliss 2. Cloud Kingdom (Solar Fields Remix) 3. Rotate to Vibrate 4. Wormhole 5. The Big Blue 6. Life Never Sleeps 7. Filteroid (Day @ 2 AM) 8. Unfiltered 9. Lost in the Wild 10. Food Demons There is no track from 'Sky Input'. But cool, there is 'Rotate to Vibrate'... One of my alltime favorits. Hmm and no 'Lunar Civilitation'... 'The Big Blue' is only on the fifth place. In my circle of acquaintances everyone loves 'The Big Blue' and is the favorite track of Filteria. The album 'Lost in the Wild' dominates the list, then 'Heliopolis' and 'Daze of our Lives'... But where is 'Filteraces'? For me it is the better intro as 'Filteroid'. ;-) The second place is also a suprise with 'Cloud Kingdom'...
  8. Its climbed on the 2nd place in the goa-psytrance-Charts of myownmusic. So it can not that bad. And there is not that much Oldschool Goa... http://www.myownmusic.de/Electro/Goa_Psytrance/(1 March 2017)
  9. Look at Thimbleweed Park! This graphics works more for me. :-)
  10. Hey everyone! I work on a new track: Maybe you have some feedback for me? I work on my technical- and mixdown-skill. Its not easy with complex music like this, but iam on my way. best regards
  11. 1. Morphic Resonance - The City Of Moons (Suntrip Records - SUNCD41) 2. Various - Mind Rewind³ (DAT Mafia Recordings - DMRCD03) 3. Sab Kuch Milegator – Kauas Aikain Taa (Ektoplazm) 4. Toï Doï - Synaptic Electrophoresis (Suntrip Records - SUNCD40) 5. Mindsphere - Mental Triplex - Presence (Suntrip Records - SUNCD39) 6. Veasna - Energy (Neogoa - NEOGCD04) 7. Artha - Dream Telepathy (Cronomi Records - CRONOMI CD 010) 8. Robert Elster - Still Breathing (JOOF Mantra - JM104) 9. Planetary Assault Systems - Arc Angel (Ostgut Ton - OSTGUTLP23) 10. Nervasystem - Brainradio (Phantasm Records - PTMCD 191)
  12. Ok. I take some more listens: A Way To Target - Its has triplets and dont like triplets. But ok, here it works. And with the melody@3:35 it is cool. Monkeys - One of my favorites here. Like I say above it reminds on "Midian" by Blue Planet Corperation. I dont like the vocals in the break@6:03. Theory of The Ghost - Its good but to repetitive for me. El Es Di - Cheesy/cliche name for a track! Nice progression. Very good melody@5:07 :-) And nice trancy ending! Mahabharata (Live Version) - Best track on the album. Cool melodys and a much of energy here. Dream Telepathy - Oldschoolish beginning. I like it. :-) I dont like the (cutted) vocals. Also in the break@3:58! The melody after is cool! Secret Trip - Weakest Track on the album. Its starts very good with nice melodies and sounds. The high pitched indian chanting destroyes the track. Its sounds cheesy and is full of cliche and its to long. Flutes - Its an nice ending for the album. The flute is cool. Favorites: 2,4,5 Final Words: Its a little bit better than his predecessor. I give 4/5 Points!
  13. Ralf Hildenbeutel ‎– Moods Genre: Electronic, Modern Classic Label: Rebecca & Nathan ‎– RANLP011 Land: Germany Year: 2015 Tracklist: 1. Misty 2. Beyond 3. Salt 4. Disco 5. Lucid 6. Fall 7. Lost 8. Spark 9. Ease 10. Curious Every old fan of trance music of the early 90s Ralf Hildenbeutel is known as one of the big musicans behind EyeQ Records which is for me the best german label ever (not Spirit Zone, sorry )! He was the man who produce Sven Väth, was part of Earth Nation, Essence of Nature, Odyssee of Noises etc. and he also writes music for films. You can see this man has a large musical background and show his talent again on his new album "Moods", which was released 2015 on Rebecca and Nathan. Ralf presents with "Moods" a mixture of modern classical music and electronic music. Most of the tracks are more classical with electronic elements. Few of them are more electronic and have a beat like Ease, which begins with a melody from a syntesizer supported by strings and a piano. Later a slow 4/4-Beat kicks in and the track is pure electronic with nice percussion elements and synthesizer soundcapes. Another excelent Track is Beyond. Its start with an arpeggiator, some whispering and some tones of an playing piano in the background. Later the piano, a violin, a viola and a cello become louder and the classical part is in the foreground. The apreggiator plays in the background and panning though the loudspeakers. The atmosphere is very melancholic and i like this alot! Disco is pure electronic. Its very minimalistic and a apreggiator is playing the whole track. This is the weakest track on "Moods", because nothing happens except the apreggiator is playing and the intensity (filter) of the sound goes up and down. The loudest drumset has Spark combine with playing apreggiators and ease with some melancholic violin. In Lucid you can hear a guitar. This is more a hopefully track which reminds me of a sunrise on a young day. The close make Curious which is a piano work. I like the dynamics within the tempo which Ralf is playing the piano. Its sounds melancholic and gloomy. Curious is my favorite on the album with Ease and Beyond. Final Words: I like classical music. I like electronic music. I like melancholic music. I like "Moods". I give "Moods" 4/5 Points. Its a very good album! , Samples: https://soundcloud.com/ralfhildenbeutel/sets/moods-albumpreview Shop: https://www.amazon.de/Moods-Ralf-Hildenbeutel/dp/B013L20EFO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1482088885&sr=8-1&keywords=moods+hildenbeutel
  14. After first listens, i like it a lot. :-) Monkeys reminds me @3.21min on "Midian" by Blue Planet Corperation .
  15. Hehe.. listen to my last set. :-) Tracklist Hallucinogen - Fluoro Neuro Sponge Earglobe - Spherelobe Witchcraft - Magic Frequencies Pleiadians - Cyberland Liquid Flow - Tribal Vision Celestial Intelligence - Infinity M-Run - Goat Man Etnica - Fluorophilia Camps Bay Sab Kuch Milegator - Ignotrancer Javi & Sko0ma - Emotional Overload
  16. I like the melody in Atmosphere @2:56. Simple but very effective.Good to sing along Snuggles Dilemma, Influx (Mix 2), Black Holes (Remix), Lord Of The Minds, Time Slices, Emanations and Howl are all very good. :-)
  17. Iam very surprising about this album by Planetary Assault Systems! :-) Its released on Ostgut Ton. The label of the famous techno-club Berghain in Berlin, my hometown. So its not from the psy-scene, but more psychedelic than 75% of all psytrance-releases. Take a listen and tell what you think! :-) https://planetaryassaultsystems.bandcamp.com/album/arc-angel http://ostgut.de/shop/music/planetary-assault-systems-arc-angel-lp-ostgutlp23.html
  18. Really interessting and amazing! :-) After few listens I love especially track 1 and 6. I think one of this tracks I will play in my next radioshow on di.fm. :-)
  19. Good Album! I give 4/5. "Back to the roots" is one of the best tracks i've ever heart. Its so dramatical. :-) "Inevitable Delusion" has nice storytelling too. Other very good tracks for me are "Zygote", "Alinside" and "Tear of Goddness"... :-)
  20. and for fans of IDM and Acidtrance and Goa:
  21. Cool! But I would never ever announced that I leave anything. I make a new project with new style and the other (goa-)project go to sleep. my choice of best soundtracks in videogames:
  22. Great track by Filteria. Sorry! If i played this tune every time the crowd go mad. :-) I dont hear any random melody!
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