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  1. Hello Psynewers. :-) Here are the 28th session of the Return of the Sun - Series. I think i played here faster at 147/148 bpm. Its starts unhasty, goes harder and to more madness and ends with more darker and experimental stuff! If you like you can download the set and of course buy the music, if you like it. :-) Shiva Chandra - Atmosphere [DAT Mafia Recrording] Imago - Aura Genova [POF Music] Cybernetika - Unknown Entity [Neogoa] Morphic Resonance - Vectrogram (Remix) [Suntrip Records] Elixir - Furious [3D Vision] SynSun - Space Sirens [Phototropic Records] Psy-H-Project - Infinity Freedom [Global Sect] Liquid Flow - Overdose [Metapsychic Records] Alienapia - Dharmakaya [Space Baby Records] Cosmosis - Turn On, Tune In... [Transient Records] Dragon Twins - Shattered Sense [Neogoa]
  2. Hello everyone! :-) I am looking for 2 tracks. The first is a track from a really new set by Mama Snake@ Boiler Room. :-) 41:00 - 46:00 Second Track was played by Sven Väth in 1994.. :-) 14:42 - 14:57
  3. Iam to lazy to write a big review, because it is to hot in Berlin.. haha! Maybe later... But i like the album really much. The sounddesign is modern and smooth, but it has also his harsher moments (acid!) ;-) The work on the melodies are great. There are complex, catchy and subtle. I played "Creation" at Antaris-Festival as my last track of my set. It was the perfect ending with his morning-feeling and hard acid-riffs. People love it! :-) I like the concept of the album with the connection to live and spirituality. The only small point i dont like that much is the bass. Maybe its to fullon to me, because the bass sounds through the album similar for my ears. ;-) But all in all a great album and one of the best this year so far. I give 9/10!
  4. Iam more the fanboy of melodic stuff. But also I like good sounddesign and interesting ideas. "Identity Mash" sound modern and fresh, has a good work on details and has many power for the dancefloor. My highlights are - the glassy sound of the melody in "Folie a Deux" @5:41. - the whole track "Inculcating Ideas (Filteria Remix)", because it is so melodic and euphoric. - the slowdown-sound@ 0:37 and the climax in "Identy Mash" - the intro and the beginning of "Cousin it (2017 Mix). It sounds like a comming swarm of some mysterious. And of course the climax with the hard acidsounds. Result: 8/10
  5. Last time i skip through a current set from Sven Väth. He plays some nice fluffy trancey TechHouse. I detected a cool track by Butch "Countach" released on Cocoon. The pads at 4:10 are so good. It has an deep emotional feeling. Its a hommage on classic german trance. Maybe good for a faster number in the ChillOut. ;-)
  6. Back in the days in 2006 "Heliopolis" by Filteria was here labelled as the most agressive album of Goatrance. Would you say "Perplexity" is even harder and more agressive than "Heliopolis"?
  7. GhostOnAcid

    RA - 9th

    I read your old review on discogs and i wonder you see at the same way today? It is right many Neogoa has unmemorable melodies, cliche-sounds and so on. But here I hear one memorable melody after another. Some tracks have not only one hook. Here are not only floating melodies or arpeggiator after arpeggiator. The whole album is memorable. That is the reason why this is a real classic for me and one of the best albums in history of Goatrance. :-)
  8. You are right! That the reason iam more interested in trance from '90 to '95 or in that style. I call it Technotrance, because you can hear in the early trance the roots of Techno and Acidhouse of the late '80s and early '90s. The Sound of Frankfurt is my favorite trancesound. Eye-Q and Harthouse and some other labels of that period do it for me: Ralph Hildenbeutel(Earth Nation, etc.), Cygnus X, Resistance D or Oliver Lieb (Spicelab, LSG, The Ambush etc.). Really cool music without (many) borders (and without cheesy vocals ). With hints of techno, acid, ambient, breakbeats.. from low bpms to fast bpms (120-160bpm) its has some feeling of avantgarde. But also the emotional side in this time with Cosmic Baby, Humate, Kid Paul etc. The Sound after '95 was more commercial i think, but I have some nice memories with the trancesound of the late '90s, because it was my guide to electronic music. So i like it too. Here: https://transatlanticrecords.bandcamp.com/ This is a new label for trance, which is inspired by the Sound of Frankfurt.
  9. Your edit of "Man on Mars" is cool. Do you add some synths? The original Talla Rmx is not as good than your edit. :-)
  10. Good Album. :-) Best tracks for me are: 1,2,3,6 and 8. Some Words: Gate To Happiness - Nice Intro, nice melody. The middle turns a litte bit to medicore neogoa. At the end it has more character again. The sounddesign and the usage of the arpeggiators reminds me a lot Celestial Intelligence. Stormbringer - nice melodies and energy. No Unexpected Errors - Best Track of the Album! Cool melodies, good arrangement, really good build up at 04:58 to the end. Thats amazing! :-) Homunculus - I dont like this track that much, but the idea to take a distorded kickdrum is cool and not often in Goatrance. Starbith - The melodies are nice and have a feeling of MFG. Good energy! The acidsounds are to loud sometimes and hide the good melodical work. Chosen By The Gods - I think this track works perfect as a good start for a dj-set. :-) I would give 7/10. Good melodical work, good intuition for interessing arrangements. The 303 is sometimes to prominent. Here and there moments of typical mediocore neogoa. But overall a good album with a lot of tracks, they bring me alot of joy. :-)
  11. rip-off chi A.D. - Biocandy. ;-) Anyway, nice track. :-)
  12. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=124&v=SGvenMzdo0Y https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=414&v=PXfbHpg6rpw :-)
  13. The Live Performance of Anthony Rother is really cool. The second track is cool. :-) In the last EB.TV Tech Talk he shows his studio. :-) Hmm.. in the psybient-set you can hear "Clouds" by Carbon Based Lifeforms @45min and this track is on their last album "Delericts". ;-) And they also do Acid Ambient.
  14. New uptempo track! :-) Equipment: Hardware: KORG MicroKorg KORG MiniLougue BEHRINGER Deepmind 12 ROLAND TB-3 MFB Tanzmaus Drumcomputer Software: FL Studio 12.5 Sytrus Groove Machine Synthesizer Modul Drumpad Fruity DrumSynth Live
  15. Try out this compilations: https://www.discogs.com/de/Various-The-History-Of-Trance-Part-1-91-96/release/45895 https://www.discogs.com/de/Various-The-History-Of-Trance-Part-2-91-96/release/158592 https://www.discogs.com/de/Various-Behind-The-Eye-Eye-Q-Compilation-Vol-1/release/53011?ev=rr https://www.discogs.com/Various-Behind-The-Eye-Vol-II/master/44262 https://www.discogs.com/de/label/386535-Harthouse-Compilation :-)
  16. Hello! I make a new track. Its called "Morning Mood" in english. "Morning Mood" is a combination of Ambient, Breakbeat and Goatrance. The idea behind is the musical picture of the morning: From the first rays of light to the awakening of nature. :-) Equipment: FL Studio 12.5 KORG MicroKorg KORG MiniLougue ROLAND TB-3 MFB Tanzmaus Sytrus Groove Machine Synthesizer Modul Drumpad Fruity DrumSynth Live Have Fun! :-)
  17. A friend was on the zna festival and said that the set by Ray was great. I think i go to the party. :-) And by the way: If you like oldschool come at the 27 of october to the Return of the Sun-Party in Kulturhaus Kili. :-)
  18. Vapauisvoima is a real classic. Every party our suomi dj play it. :-)
  19. Giving the track a new mixdown. Maybe it sounds a little bit better. ;-)
  20. Children brings me to electronic music. :-) Dreamland is the album of my childhood. Anyone knows the other albums of him? 23am (Breakbeat, Dreamhouse), Organik (Breakbeat, Experimental), Miles&Gurtu (Electronic Jazz) and Thirteen (Rock with electronica)? I love Children and his other stuff in style of Dreamhouse, but he produce alot more stuff in other genres... :-)
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