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  1. The legends of psytrance return in the end of 2015 with a new album. In accordance to the album's title, this album has elements of almost everything they have released so far.So expect to listen almost everything : goa'ish,techy,psychedelic,dissonant,experimental,noisy,dark.Of course do not expect to find overpolished productions of tin psytrance that lack substance.One couldn't tell that the albums is released in 2015 just by listening to it, and that's a good thing.In comparison with their previous releases I would say this album mostly resembles Demonoizer combined with Schlabbaduerst Rekk
  2. while this is not something really surprising for someone that can look behind the scenes and read between the lines... 1100 charges of child rape .... let's see how many convictions will be...
  3. Well rape and pedophilia(παιδοφιλία) are widespread all over the world, in some countries maybe a bit more than others if you look at the statistics. I didn't know that Walt Disney is a pedophile (do you have any sources for that?). If one was just a little bit paranoid , he might think that paedophilia and rape is a means of turning girls into full-on slave prostitutes. If you link that to the fact that raped underaged girls are usually minorities such as roma and immigrants/orphans coming from africa, and other colonized 3rd world countries, you got yourself a clue.
  4. http://www.stichtingopen.nl/book-review-different-medicine-postcolonial-healing-native-american-church/
  5. Well, if someone touched my kid in the genitals, my knuckles would smash his fuckin' teeth. Is there available research on the psychological portrait of a paedophile , or at least decoding of signs (body language,facial expressions,freezing) that can protect someone from such scums?
  6. Wondering who spiked my beer with acid... hmmmm hard riddle
  7. I would go for anarchoautonomy and decentralization/self-organization. Well maybe with some stinches of Max Stirner & Feral Faun anarchoindividualism
  8. Of course, also non-drug induced paranoia is very common in our days (just check the news )
  9. New buddhas just shows how to do oldskool in fresh innovative ways and not just 'polished oldskool'
  10. Artist : Battle of the Future Buddhas Album : Urban Legends Released: 2013 Label: Schlabbaduerst Rekkords Genre: Psychedelic trance,goa,dark,forest,experimental,technoid 1. AM I DEAD? (9:29) 2. FOREVER BEFORE (9:42) 3. WE HAVE TO SEE (10:52) 4. WE HAVE TO KNOW (9:45) 5. BODYHIT (9:02) 6. TRANSFORMATOR (9:11) 7. AFTER DEATH (9:25) 8. IDIOTI (11:07) Apparently the forest legends from Uppsala strike again, this time with a fresh new album. It seems these guys always hit at the least expected time. Not many expected Digging Mud to be released in 2011, and not many expected a new Battle o
  11. SND - Tenderlove http://www.discogs.c...e/release/35708 SND - Makesnd cassette http://www.discogs.c...e/release/35386 DeepChord - Hash-Bar Loops Alva Noto - Univrs Very nice move by the way, appreciated and respect
  12. Shifting the goalposts again ?
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