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  1. fkn nice man, nice arps and baselines in this songs, always build up to something, this sound is very old school trance sound i guess, sounds like that, very energetic and full of power, keep it coming!!!
  2. here you go party heads, hope you enjoy it, turn up the fkn volume and dance! welcome to the club
  3. I do respect the producers behind this music, they have spent time making this awesome tracks, but it's weird to see them "fake" stuff
  4. https://youtu.be/RcCbTomCl1A?t=22m30sthis
  5. https://youtu.be/uNySOx19wyE?t=7m5ssay what?
  6. So, mixed and mastered this snipped of an upcoming track. what do you think? is the mastering legit? I'm posting this because maybe some of you ravers have some nice tips & tricks so i can "advance" in the production area. yeah,,something like that. thx broes and hoes.keep it up love. EspEn https://soundcloud.com/cosmic-giggle/master-test-prog-hard-dirty-base-hoe
  7. This thread escalated in a positive way, thanks for all the information, mindblowing. So, do your best at stage huh? so this is the best i can do so far. I mix tracks with seraton dj, pre made que points where to fade into the new track, but i also "have fun" with the main track playing, mixing in stuff from the next track, kinda trying to "hint" that this sounds will come soon, and like experimenting "live" ? if there is a long break, i almost mix the hole next track into it, but slowly mixing it out when the drop on the main track comes. i think it's really fun, sometimes you get in the
  8. This minimal style baseline + kick is very prog psy ish, what do you think? is the bass/kick the new trend?
  9. Alright, the track is not mastered, have no idea where I can find people on the job, should learn it myself tho. So the track is only exported straight from Fl Studio. Do you know if some people take paid and do it for you? Thx
  10. Thanks for the constructive feedback supergroover. I agree, mastering and EQ'ing is always something to be improved, I think that is the hardest about production, to get every sound clear, it's a tricky part, at least when you have a lot of sounds layered. thx again.
  11. This is my latest work, I'm pretty happy with the track, and I want to go further. Any suggestions? Love & Light https://soundcloud.com/cosmic-giggle/doorway
  12. The first day at sun was rainy and wet, but the energy was powerful and everybody was having a good time! I enjoyed the first year better than the second, it was storming and muddy everywhere, and I have a feeling that last year was better organized. I say 7/10. Hux Flux was killing it in the night tho, they had a nice lineup, but ozora was way better of course, very well organized.
  13. Do you mean the Tribal Stage (the Gaia), homepage http://sunfestival.info/2014/
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