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  1. The metal thread

    One of the best Metalcore release these last years Group : Bleed from Within Album : Era Style : Melodic Metalcore
  2. The metal thread

  3. The metal thread

    Extraterrestrial thrashers from any horizon. These are a must check. Group : Droid Album : Terrestrial Mutations Style : Progressive Thrash Metal /!\ A FUTURE CLASSIC /!\ Group : Vexovoid Album : Call of the Starforgers Style : Progressive Thrash Metal/Technical Thrash Metal /!\ In the Vektor's vein. ANOTHER SERIOUS SCI-FI THRASH MADNESS /!\
  4. The metal thread

    Group : Power Trip Album : Nightmare Logic Style : Crossover Thrash Metal /!\ REAL THRASH BOMB /!\
  5. Best synths in psytrance

    Suomisaundi has the best synth lines ever 02:25 to 03:21. Ground breaking. 04:42 till the end.
  6. The Psychedelic Trance, in its entirety

    Oh sorry just a mistake. "Trance Goa" is the french way to say "Goa Trance". It's corrected. You can redownload the PDF.
  7. The Psychedelic Trance, in its entirety

    SIGNIFICANT update of the PDF, you can download the new version. Here is the list of changes that have been made: - Addition of multiple pages on certains sub-styles that needs to be explained further in the FAQ section - Some small changes to various sub-styles definitions Happy new year !