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  1. Lightforce

    The metal thread

  2. Lightforce

    The metal thread

    I'm seriously impressed by this group. Can't stop listening this album these last days ! Group : Haken Album : Vector Style : Progressive Metal
  3. Lightforce

    The metal thread

    Here we go again, this is so unique ! Long live The Algorithm ! Group : The Algorithm Album : Compiler Optimization Techniques Style : Progressive Metal/Djent/Chiptune/Synthwave/Darkwave/Psytrance/Trance/IDM/Breakbeat
  4. Lightforce

    The metal thread

    2:30 -> Psyrance infused Djent !!!
  5. Lightforce

    The metal thread

    Now tied with Insomnium in my top Melodic Death & Melodic Black Metal of all time And the first track of this album is just pure bliss like I've never felt it before Group : Shylmagoghnar Album : Transience Style : Progressive/Melodic/Atmospheric Blackened Death Metal /!\ YOU MUST LISTEN TO IT. EVEN IF YOU USUALLY DON'T LIKE MELODIC EXTREME METAL. DO IT. JUST. DO. IT /!\
  6. Lightforce

    The Psychedelic Trance, in its entirety

    Update of the PDF, you can download the new version. Here is the list of changes that have been made: - add "Deep Trance", "Goa Ambient" and "Psy Dub" in the albums set as examples in the definition of Psybient Tell me if you see something wrong to your eyes here and explain me why
  7. Lightforce

    The Psychedelic Trance, in its entirety

    Update of the PDF, you can download the new version. Here is the list of changes that have been made: - correction about the "Dark/Luminous" amount in the Forest style (page 74) - album replacement in the "Proto-Goa" page of the "Bonus" section - addition of a version number on the first page at the top left
  8. Lightforce

    The Psychedelic Trance, in its entirety

    - Okay, my memory played tricks on me. You're right about the dark/luminous perception, I'll correct that and increase the possibility of the forest to 25% dark/75% luminous. - I know all the albums of Hux Flux, including Cryptic Crunch. I listened it again in the meantime. It has a forest side but also a small Twilight one at some moments so I think I still shouldn't include it in forest. - After your explainations it's ok for remove Ozric from the Proto-Goa section and thanks for your examples I think I'll take "New Life, New Civilization" instead. Thank you and thanks Paul Eye too for taking the time for these points And you know what ? This pdf will celebrate its 50th update
  9. Lightforce

    The Psychedelic Trance, in its entirety

    Thx for your comments. Let's debate about all of this - for "The Monkey Puzzle", it has its place in Natural Trance and in a perfect way. I don't understand why it shoudn't be there. Taken on their bandcamp : "Tamara Kazziha – Vocals and Violin, Ralph Stokes – Guitar, Andy Strong – Clarinet, Ian, Gibb – Bass, David French – Drums, Andrew Clark – Percussion and FX". Furthermore, it has a lots of Psyprog elements. So it fits this category. Nothing wrong here to my mind - for "Kataphasis", same : it has its place in Natural Trance. It has a lot of elements of Psychedelic Downtempo and Psy Dub. It's not Psytrance or "classic" Trance per see but it's linked to. But I think I understand why you think it shouldn't be there for "The Monkey Puzzle" and "Kataphasis", maybe it's because the definition is too restrictive ? Because, in fact, to be Natural Trance you just have to blend any style of Psychedelic Trance (except Suomi and Experimental), or even "classic" Trance, with any kind of music with conventional instruments. - I didn't understood your point on the dark/luminous argument of forest psytrance. The Dark/Luminous which I was talking about were about atmosphere. Once again I think there's nothing wrong here. The part of my pdf explains how much the forest style can be dark to luminous. 100% dark/0% luminous to 25% dark/75% luminous. I listened to Imaginary Sight and you're right: it's very luminous. But for me it's not 0% dark/100% luminous. It's more on 25% dark/75% luminous. In fact I think forest can't be and never been 0% dark/100% luminous, but maybe it's a matter of point of view. And I listened a lot Hux Flux and maybe I'm wrong again but Hux Flux is not Forest - about Proto-Goa section : it's not only Trance, it's all the kind of genres/artists/albums/tracks, even those that are not electronic, who has been the most close to Old School Goa and influent for her creation. To my mind, Ozric has a way to be psychedelic that has been influent and kind of close to some way to be psychedelic in Old School Goa. Anyone else has a different point or the same point ?
  10. Lightforce

    Morphic Resonance - Perplexity [Suntrip Records]

    I would say it's less "In your face" than Filteria but I don't think it's more or less agressive. But in the same time it's more subtle as could be E-mantra with Arcana.
  11. Lightforce

    The metal thread

    One of the best Metalcore release these last years Group : Bleed from Within Album : Era Style : Melodic Metalcore
  12. Lightforce

    The metal thread

  13. Lightforce

    The metal thread

    Extraterrestrial thrashers from any horizon. These are a must check. Group : Droid Album : Terrestrial Mutations Style : Progressive Thrash Metal /!\ A FUTURE CLASSIC /!\ Group : Vexovoid Album : Call of the Starforgers Style : Progressive Thrash Metal/Technical Thrash Metal /!\ In the Vektor's vein. ANOTHER SERIOUS SCI-FI THRASH MADNESS /!\