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  1. Group : Hacrid Album : Back To Where You've Never Been Style : Experimental Metal/Progressive Death Metal
  2. @OrmionJust wanted to say that I took the time to listen this album and it's a new masterpiece of its kind for me. I loved your previous album and this one makes no exception. Goa and Twilight fits perfectly well. I saw some people say that it was a bit too repetitive for your previous album but I don't agree with that, I think it's perfect like that. I'm often listening to them since the first one and this one came out and I can't get enough. Your work remind me a lot Morphic Resonance style while being different enough. Great job mate !
  3. They're doing great job !
  4. Indian Djent ! Their name makes me laugh ahah
  5. I'm stupid as f*ck. I forgot that the "police" word in french is translated "font" in english. Let's say I was tired The "half-moon" is an opacity symbol and it's for opacity of dark backgrounds behind content (titles, paragraphs,...etc). If you feel uncomfortable to read the texts because the transparency of the dark background isn't low enough you can click on this half-moon to lower the transparency to be only 10% instead of 20%. And the "neogoa" symbol is a night mode that will place a dark background with 20% of transparency behind content but in front of the whole image backgrounds to reduce the eyestrain due to too bright/light colors if you're on the website in a dark room. Note that you can combine all these modifiers if you want.
  6. I developped some features for the website for those who feel uncomfortable with some visual elements : - a text aligner to left - a font changer - an opacity of backgrounds behind content changer I placed all of them with the night mode in the lower right corner of the page
  7. (This post will be updated on each changement) List of things done/to do: "Definitions" pages: done "F.A.Q." pages: done "Bonus" pages: in progress "Origins" pages: to do french translations: to do responsive web design: to do
  8. Thanks Are you talking about titles or "regular" text ? Because only titles has been sometimes capitalised. The font used for paragraphs isn't a capitalised font.
  9. I understand your point on including tracks in the website but I'm not in the head of each producers so I wouldn't take the risk to put their tracks in my website. And for YT links I think it's not a good idea because YT links can be dead if someone remove the video, if the channel is removed or if there's country restrictions. So it will force me to check regularly if links are dead and it can happen that I run out of time At least, with Discogs/Bandcamp links I'm almost sure links won't be deprecated.
  10. Thanks I can't put tracks in my server as it doesn't belong to me and it's illegal, even if I use free tracks. But each sub-style page is a slide, so you have arrows right and left that lead you to the albums example and they're clickable, so it will redirect you to the album you clicked on.
  11. I almost finished the definitions pages but I still have a lot of pages to do and I'm far to have finished. I implemented a night mode in addition and a menu (not functional yet) to allow you to naviguate in the different parts. The french version isn't started yet, only the english version. I post here a link to the website in its current development. The menu links are desactivated for instance because the pages linked to it are not ready yet. Tell me what you think about its current features and design. If you have any further recommendations don't hesitate. The responsive isn't done yet so, for now, I strongly recommend you to go on it only if you have a screen resolution of 1920x1080 at least or higher. The website is named "The Psychedelic Trance encyclopedia". Here is the link : https://psychedelic-trance-encyclopedia.com/
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