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  1. Hi everybody Since I discovered Psychedelic Trance, there are approximately 1-2 years I have never ceased to observe what I had observed in the Hardcore scene, Industrial, Rock,...etc : there are so many styles and sub-styles that it becomes a mess to find a way and we sometimes end (or even often) to nonsensical debates about how we will appoint or not appoint, define or not define, this or that music or this or that style. So I decided there are now more than a year to create a doc in PDF form gathering all styles of Psychedelic Trance and their characteristics without making pies of texts to infinity and beyond. http://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/2901243725316.jpg It will be a little more than a year (or almost, must take breaks anyway ) to skim all anglophone and francophone forums, searching the most representative artists of every style, and recovering some information and definitions stuffed with spelling mistakes on Wikipedia, clumsy repetitions, discount translations all straight out of the English version of Wikipedia passed under Google Translate, and other calamities, and to correct then to complement them. Obviously, if you find an ugly lack of agreement/spelling well hidden in the bushes, an incomplete definition, or one of your prefered style/artist thatsmasheseverythingbutreallyeverything that is not referenced, feel free to sh*t in my face please let me know, it will be corrected in the shortest possible time if need there. Last update of the PDF: 03.10.2019 at 11:56 p.m. (Paris time) Here is the link for the English version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4hr2pdwhonek82o/Psytrance (EN).pdf?dl=0 Here is the link for the (original) French version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q84tbn46xrmmgji/Psytrance.pdf?dl=0 /!\ The Dropbox online reader doesn't support external and internal links in pdf files anymore, so you must download it and open it with a pdf reader if you want the links to work /!\ Here is the original (French) post on the French forum "trancegoa.org" : https://www.trancegoa.org/forum/trance/40857_mise-a-jour-n50-la-trance-psychedelique-dans-son-integralite Thank you for your attention
  2. Hi, My fresh mix for Universal Tribe Records is up. A selection of old classics to the latest and greatest. Enjoy the ride. Q
  3. Hi, My fresh mix is up. Here we get everything that I love the most in prog psytrance / zenonesque... Space. An organic feeling. Some shamanic energy and tribal elements. A pinch of darkness and a pinch of funk. Enjoy the ride. //135-137 bpm https://www.mixcloud.com/gammagoblin/deep-into-nature-vol2/ or https://soundcloud.com/gamma-goblin/deep-into-nature-vol2
  4. GOAPSYRECORDS is proud to present the first album of ABLASS "Night Mist Rises" Discover dark and subtle psytrance, progressive and evolutionary from 138 to 146 bpm The album will be available on all digital platforms in September, but for psynews, it is listenable and available on bandcamp! ABLASS Night Mist Rises Good listening and thank you for continuing to follow artists to this young French label Composer : ABLASS Mixage : ABLASS Mastering : LUMIRIS (Paris) Cover : ABLASS
  5. The 1st Release on new French label Basalt Records : Euphox - Owligarchy. Download this release exclusively on our Bandcamp for free. https://basaltrecords.bandcamp.com/alb…/euphox-owligarchy-ep Please support us by making a donation This nocturnal EP will take you into the forest where the disturbing sounds of nature and distant human voices create a gloomy atmosphere and disordered thoughts. Be careful, in this forest it is the owl that reigns and perhaps you will have to follow his wisdom in order to get out safe. We hope that you will enjoy this EP as much as Euphox and anyone involved had pleasure to bring it to life. released November 6, 2018 Mastering by Storm Mastering "Cubic Spline" (France) www.facebook.com/StormMastering/ Artwork by Manu Vasquez (Mexico) www.facebook.com/mvasquezperez Euphox www.facebook.com/Euphox.prods/ soundcloud.com/euphox Basalt Records www.facebook.com/basaltrecords/ soundcloud.com/basaltrecords
  6. The 1st Release on new French label Basalt Records : Euphox - Owligarchy. Download this release exclusively on our Bandcamp for free. https://basaltrecords.bandcamp.com/alb…/euphox-owligarchy-ep Please support us by making a donation This nocturnal EP will take you into the forest where the disturbing sounds of nature and distant human voices create a gloomy atmosphere and disordered thoughts. Be careful, in this forest it is the owl that reigns and perhaps you will have to follow his wisdom in order to get out safe. We hope that you will enjoy this EP as much as Euphox and anyone involved had pleasure to bring it to life. released November 6, 2018 Mastering by Storm Mastering "Cubic Spline" (France) www.facebook.com/StormMastering/ Artwork by Manu Vasquez (Mexico) www.facebook.com/mvasquezperez Euphox www.facebook.com/Euphox.prods/ soundcloud.com/euphox Basalt Records www.facebook.com/basaltrecords/ soundcloud.com/basaltrecords
  7. Hello Everyone! Happy to announce a release date for my new EP: "Sonic Evolution" - 2018-04-23 Genre: Psychedelic trance (what a surprise), Psyprog Label: Power House Records Tracks: 3 tracks in total Tempo: 132-138 bpm https://www.beatport.com/release/sonic-evolution/2271703
  8. Hi friends! For someone who maybe dont know i want to meet "Ohm Ganesh Pro". It's a Booking agency, records and party organization based in Israel/Germany and work all over the world. Formed in 2008 by Kalilaskov AS. Focusing on the twisted sounds of the night psy music and more... We are here for help you to make your party a real psychedellic experience! There is already almost 50 releases worldwide and we continue to blast http://www.ohmganeshpro.com/ http://www.facebook.com/ohm.ganesh.pro Label Party video from Germany - Hamburg (October 2017) Location MS. Stubnitz very famous Party Ship that stand in port of Hamburg. Together with German Orgaz "Lonely Forest Project" Vido : Ohm Ganesh Pro Releases Psyshop : http://www.psyshop.com/shop/Downloads/ogp/ogp1dw020.html Beatport : http://www.beatport.com/label/ohm-ganesh-pro/32263 Ohm Ganesh Pro Booking and Demos : ohmganeshpro@gmail.com
  9. Tell me what you think, like, share, follow on SC. Peace, love!
  10. Hello psynews Here is a new proggy track i made some time ago hope you enjoy!
  11. A small 3 minutes long demo of a track i'm currently working on, really itchy to show it so here it is: As said, it's a work in progress, so many things are a subject for a change
  12. My hard-hitting progressive psytrance set played after Ritmo at Native Noise Festival, Echo Lake New York
  13. to be released soon pinz - Interstellar Tech (DEMO, Unmastered) 138 bpm psyprog
  14. Hello, Check out my recent psyprog track. I hope you will like it. Comments are welcome
  15. Pistolero Podcast 029 - Mayix @ Pistolero Label Party 13-01-2017 DJ set recorded live at the decks at Pistolero label party, 13.01.2017. (Klub Attack, AKC Medika, Zagreb, Croatia) Style: Psy / Prog / Tech / Breaks Length: 141 min Soundcloud / Mixcloud Tracklist: 01.Aquariohm - Snow Crystals [Pistolero Rec] 02.Gojja - She’s Got The fury Teeths (Neurolabz Remix) [Pistolero Rec] 03.Hefty - Take You Underground (Neuronod Remix) [Pistolero Rec] 04.Zentrix - Controlled Demolition [Pure Perception] 05.Onionbrain - This Smell Like [Andean Tribe] 06.Paracozm & Onionbrain - Alien Dataspace [uroboros] 07.Slytrance - Optophobia [Cosmic Conspiracy] 08.Hellquist - Das Doof [uroboros] 09.Paracozm & Hellquist - Clean Destruction [Glitchy.Tonic] 10.Paracozm & Aewock - Adderal [Padang] 11.Llamaleaf - Annoynica [TechYes] 12.Soluble Sounds - Flumpton Crumbumple [Jaira] 13.Soluble Sounds vs Sourone - Squanch it_Soluble Sounds Version [Pistolero Rec] 14.Digital Swamp - Prototype [Pistolero Rec] 15. Axawaya & Lost In Orion [Pistolero Rec] 16.Onionbrain - Atomic Clock [uroboros] 17.Darkol Trinity - Decapitator (Kloud Nin9 Remix) [Maia] 18.Onionbrain & Megiddo - Homeworld [Popol Vuh] 19.Onionbrain - Kenophobia [Cosmic Conspiracy] 20.Grouch - Let’s All Ket Along [Zenon] 21.Kliment - Glassbowl [Technophobia] 22.Slytrance & Onionbrain - Overthought [Another Psyde Records] www.soundcloud.com/m-a-y-i-x
  16. Soluble Sounds - Move Your Blubber EP by Pistolero Recordings 1.Soluble Sounds - Move Your Blubber 07:27 2.Soluble Sounds & Sourone - Squanch It (Soluble Sounds Version) 11:49 Label: Pistolero Recordings Cat #: PISTOLERO.014 Format: FLAC Released: January 2017 Style: Psyprog / Tech-Funk / Psytech Mastering: Merv Pepler (Eat Static) at LabUFO studio Artwork: Katarina Majic aka Wild Bronco “Psychedelic groove salad from Soluble Sounds”. www.soundcloud.com/solublesounds tags: electronic breakbeat futuristic minimal psy pistolero recordings psybreaks psyprog psytech psytrance soluble sounds sourone tech-funk techno
  17. DJing for fun, I just wanted to drop few URLs of mine: http://www.mixcloud.com/xphorm (mostly psytrance mixes but also the other electronic music genres...) and if you want to download some of them: http://techno.vizio.biz/sessions Hope you enjoy
  18. TICKETS : www.goo.gl/dgLrvL FACEBOOK EVENT : www.goo.gl/jgBxRo ༄ SON LIBRE is back ! Son Libre Festival is welcoming you for its fourth edition on the 23rd, 24th et 25th of June 2017 in Collias, 15 minutes far from Nîmes. Wa are awaiting you for 3 days of pure madness, in our beautifull natural landscape under the shiny sun of southern France, in the heart of the Gardon Canyon. As in the past, we decided to offer you a quality line-up full of diversity. Be ready for uniques musical discoveries from locals an famous international artists. We know how the line-up scheduling is important that’s why we’ve worked hard on making each moment the most perfect one during 48 hours of non-stop music. Our philosophy is simple : Feel free for a weekend in thoses waves of sounds and in the warmhearted vibe of our human-sized festival. This is why we offer you two stages: ॐ Indian stage : Here Trance will rule, from the dark Forest of the night to happy prog during the afternoon. ☠ The temple stage : Will represent Techno as we Love it, with all it has to offer and also some more underground vibes that will make you trip at night and groove all day long. A lot of surprises are waiting for you so get ready to get mind blown as much during the day and night. What are you waiting for ? ! ☞ PRESALE: www.goo.gl/dgLrvL ► PASS WEEK END 3 DAYS : ► PHASE 1 : 25€ • SOLD OUT ► PHASE 2 : 35€ • 70 % ► PHASE 3 : 50€ • 0 % ► PHASE 4 : 65€ • 0 % ☀ 2 STAGES ☀ + MORE THAN 60 LOCALS & INTERNATIONAUX ARTISTS ☀ FREE TO GET IN AN OUT ( Alcohol allowed in plastic bottles) ☀ 5000 HAPPY PEOPLE ONLY ☀ MASSIVE SOUND SYSTEM BY EXEKUT AUDIO ☀ 2 CANOPIES WITH WATER SPRAYERS ☀ BIG DECO & STRUCTURES ☀ BIG TOP ☀ VISU & SHOW LIGHT ☀ MAPPING & LASERS ☀ FREE CAMPING ☀ ART & FOOD QUALITY STANDS ☀ CHILL OUT ☀ ECLECTIC MUSIC ☀ CLEAN DRY TOILETS 24/24 ☀ OPEN AIR ☀ TRUCK & CAMPING CARS PARKING ☀ PETS ARE NOT ALLOWED ! LINE UP : ॐ ॐ ॐ INDIAN STAGE ॐ ॐ ॐ Psytrance • Forest • Twilight • Full on • Trance prog • Zenon • and more ... ★ LIQUID SOUL ✪ Iboga Records ✪ Trance Prog' LiveSet (Switzerland) SC : www.soundcloud.com/liquid-soul ★ OUTSIDERS ✪ Sacred Technology ✪ Psytrance LiveSet (Israel) SC : www.soundcloud.com/outsidersmusic ★ ELECTRIC UNIVERSE ✪ Sacred Technology ✪ Psytrance LiveSet (Germany) SC : www.soundcloud.com/electricuniverse ★ SPHERA ✪ Iboga Records ✪ Trance Prog' LiveSet (Israel) SC : www.soundcloud.com/sphera ★ OUTSIDE THE UNIVERSE ✪ Nano Records ✪ Psytrance LiveSet (Israel and Germany) SC : www.soundcloud.com/outsidetheuniverse ★ HATIKWA ✪ Xonica Records ✪ Trance Prog' LiveSet (Germany) SC : www.soundcloud.com/hatikwa-music ★ UNDERCOVER ✪ Solar Tech Records ✪ Trance Prog LiveSet (Israel) SC : www.soundcloud.com/underthecover ★ MAITIKA vs STARLAB ✪ Digital Om ✪ Trance Prog' LiveSet (France) (India) SC : www.soundcloud.com/maitika-official SC : www.soundcloud.com/starlab-sounds ★ ANIMATO ✪ HOMmega Records ✪ Trance Prog' (Israel) SC : www.soundcloud.com/animatomusic ★ STARLAB ✪ Digital Om ✪ Psyprog LiveSet (India) SC : www.soundcloud.com/starlab-sounds ★ SPINAL FUSION ✪ Profound Records ✪ Full On LiveSet (India) SC : www.soundcloud.com/spinal-fusion ★ KABAYUN ✪ Sangoma Records ✪ Special 3H LiveSet Twilight+Forest (USA) SC : www.soundcloud.com/kabayun ★ ATRIOHM ✪ Parvati Records ✪ Forest Psy LiveSet (Macedonia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/atriohm ★ VERTICAL ✪ Parvati Records ✪ Forest Psy LiveSet (Finland) SC : www.soundcloud.com/vertical_parvati ★ PETRAN ✪ Parvati Records ✪ Forest Psy 2h LiveSet (Greece) SC : www.soundcloud.com/petran-music ★ FUNGUS FUNK ✪ Sangoma Records ✪ Psytrance LiveSet (Russia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/fungus-funk ★ MODULE VIRUS ✪ Sangoma Records ✪ 2h DarkPsy LiveSet (England) SC : www.soundcloud.com/modulevirus ★ DJANTRIX ✪ Digital Om ✪ Darkpsy LiveSet (Macedonia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/djantrix ★ MILLIVOLT ✪ Zenon Records ✪ Psygressive LiveSet (Switzerland) SC : www.soundcloud.com/millivolt ★ KALKI ✪ NBM Records ✪ Psyprog LiveSet (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/kalkimusic ★ TILT ✪ Hadra ✪ Psyprog (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/tilt-hadra ★ BLACK MUFFIN ✪ Trance Prog LiveSet (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/izzy-cham ★ RUDBOY ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Psy prog (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/djrudboy ★ CHOIX FACEBOOK ✪ ???????? ✪ ???????? SC : ???????? ★ DJ CONTEST ✪ ??????? ✪ ??????? SC : ???????? Booking close ♫♫♫ CONCERT ♫♫♫ LIVE ♫♫♫♫♫ ★ PETER POWER ✪ Ufordia ✪ Atmospheric LiveSet (India) SC : www.soundcloud.com/peter-power ★ RAKOON ✪ Karma Kusala ✪ Dub Trance LiveSet (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/rakoonreggae ★ ASHKABAD ✪ Reggae Dub Live! (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/ashkabad ★ JAHLIX ✪ Soul waves records ✪ Dub Reaggae Live! (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/jahlix ☠ ☠ ☠ THE TEMPLE ☠ ☠ ☠ Techno • Acid tekno • Groovy techno • Hardtek • Acid core • Drum'n'bass • Minimal • Deep house • and more... ★ ALEX STEIN ✪ Fresco Records ✪ Groovy Techno (Brasil) SC : www.soundcloud.com/alex_stein ★ BECKERS ✪ Highnote Records ✪ Techno (Germany) SC : www.soundcloud.com/d-nox_beckers ★ PERFECT STRANGER ✪ Iboga Records, Digital Structures ✪ Techno Trance minimal (ISR) - Spécial 3H set SC : www.soundcloud.com/perfect-stranger ★ WOODY MC BRIDE ✪ Plus 8 ✪ Acid Techno (USA) SC : www.soundcloud.com/woodymcbride ★ DOUBKORE ✪ Doubsquare Records ✪ Minimal (Italia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/doubkore ★ DOCUMENT ONE ✪ Buygore Records ✪ Drum'n'Bass (England) SC : www.soundcloud.com/documentone ★ BILLX ✪ Undergroundtekno ✪ Hardtek (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/billx ★ ALRYCK ✪ Astrofonik ✪ RaggaTek Hardtek (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/alryck ★ CHRIS LIBERATOR ✪ Stay Up Forever ✪ Acid Tekno (UK) FB : www.facebook.com/DJChrisLiberator ★ Mr GASMASK ✪ Protocole Records ✪ Acid Core LiveSet (Belgium) SC : www.soundcloud.com/mrgasmask ★ EPIDEMIE ✪ Obs.cur ✪ Acid Core LiveSet (Belgium) SC : www.soundcloud.com/epidemie ★ ACID WANKER AKA MIK IZIF ✪ Physical Records / SPU ✪ Techno Acid (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/mik_izif ★ JACIDOREX ✪ NeoAcid ✪ Tekno Acid Kore LiveSet (Belgique) SC : www.soundcloud.com/jacidorex ★ DETUNED ✪ Doubsquare Records ✪ Groovy techno (Italia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/detunedofficial ★ MARK HOFFEN ✪ Sweet Melodic ✪ Techno LiveSet (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/mark-hoffen ★ LIL FISH ✪ Frenchtouchprodction ✪ Trip Hop (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/lilfish-1 ★ DJ HP ✪ NBM Records ✪ Groovy Techno (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/krymoditif ★ MISSTICK ✪ NBM Records ✪ Techno (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/djmisstick ★ KDS ✪ Groovy Techno (France) MC : www.mixcloud.com/KDS ★ BRONSTACH ✪ Trakerz ✪ Deep House (Italia) SC : www.soundcloud.com/bronstach ★ RYYKS ✪ Techno (France) FB : www.facebook.com/dj-rykkks-100659779463 ★ NEBULASAH ✪ Electro (France) FB : www.facebook.com/nebulasash ★ ANTIDOT ✪ Suce Mon Beat ✪ Groovy Techno (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/antidotsucemonbeat ★ NALAXX ✪ S.M.B Records ✪ Electro LiveSet (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/nalaxx ★ FREDBULL ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Drum'n'Bass Neurofunk (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/fredbull-smb ★ FRANCKY X ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Techno Acid (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/frankyx ★ FRED DLZ ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Tech House (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/ ★ L'ANIMAL ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Groovy Techno (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/lanimalsucemonbeat ★ DR SCROLL ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Techno (France) SC : www.soundcloud.com/drscoll ★ FEN X ✪ Suce mon beat ✪ Drum'n'bass SC : www.soundcloud.com/fen-x-bassmusic
  19. The Greys - Alien Tech EP bandcamp / soundcloud 01.Alien Tech 02.Black Hole 03.Minimal Regressive (feat. Al-Chemy) Label: Pistolero Recordings Cat #: PISTOLERO.008 Format: FLAC Released: August 2016 Style: Psyprog / Psygressive / Psytrance Mastering: Merv Pepler (Eat Static) at LabUFO studio. Artwork: Katarina Psyprog bangers from The Greys. www.soundcloud.com/thegreysofficial
  20. Sensitrope - Tes Rêveries EP 1.Atama 2.SisDis 3.Rêverie Label: Pistolero Recordings Cat #: PISTOLERO.007 Format: FLAC Released: July 2016 Style: Psy / Prog / Tech Mastering: Merv Pepler (Eat Static) at LabUFO studio Artwork: Katarina Psy-prog-tech drive on experimental edge by swiss producer Sensitrope. bandcamp / soundcloud
  21. The vault is a folder of sounds that our artists have shared, and inspired others to put there own influence on the original work. This 5 track release, showcases the concept of the remix and what the other artist does with the material from the original source. We hope you enjoy 1.Amuzing The Freak- Empire of Dirt (Vimanna Remix) 07:40 2.Pspiralife - Liquid Nails (Legacy Remix) 11:05 3.Jekyll - Mind Edge (Spoonhead Remix) 06:20 4.Legacy - Dr Hoffman (Jekyll Remix) 08:21 5.Endure - Time Crime (Tilt Axis Remix) 07:19 6.Anatamous Audio vs Legacy - Futurism (Audiospazm Remix) 07:04 >>>>>>>>>> https://noqualmsrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/the-vault-remixes
  22. New track i made. All feedback welcome
  23. Available now,,free download or please donate if you can https://noqualmsrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/jekyll-monkey-pig-dolphin Moneky Pig Dolphin 1. Jekyll - Dellusional Waveforms 2. Jekyll - Mind Edge 3. Grouch - Mayan Toolkit (Jekyll 'dirtythirtytribute' Remix)
  24. Available now from No Qualms Records...Bush Matters https://noqualmsrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/jekyll-bush-matters Just like in a seventies porno, Bush Matters. In a world gone mad with lust for itself, this refreshing dose of herbal bush medicine reminds us to step back from our social wankery and technological fetish worship, and return to the sounds of the bush. The new album from the fractal hypermind of Jekyll features throbbing organic beats layered with a cosmic interplay between the synthetic screams of our constructed societies, and the analog sounds of the universes within. What matters? Bush Matters. http://www.noqualmsrecords.com/jekyll.html
  25. Here lays the shadows of the sun. We dare you to explore what lies beneath. Feel it in your mind, feel it in your guts. The purity of it's intention, grasping your inner most being, revealing a side we thought we could hide. Allow the darkness a moment of truth. There is a sense of beauty that exists when some of our most private, some of our most immaculately raw emotions are brought to the surface through sound. No Qualms Records would like to show you how diverse the No Qualms sound can be and a glimpse of where we are headed in the future. https://noqualmsrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/shadows-of-the-sun 1.Pspiralife & Hellquist - Dead Men Tell No Tales 2.Illume - One of Us 3.One Tasty Morsel - Sleep Disorder 4.Jekyll - Sportal Swombat 5.Legacy - Distinct Section 6.Rythmn Nectar - Damaged 7.Tomple2oon - External Frump (feat. Spliffun) 8.Mecca - Unsterblich 9.Bush Mech - Alterations 10.moT - Ganesh https://noqualmsrecords1.bandcamp.com/album/shadows-of-the-sun http://www.noqualmsrecords.com/
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