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    Just to be clear, Shlomy is part of Bell Size Park? I've read somewhere that 80% of Israelis support the occupation. I'll never travel to Israel and I don't buy Israeli products, CDs included, but I wish there was more I could do.
  2. I'm going to plug https://soundcloud.com/wakavanha because I can, and because he's really good. For something older, I've been listening to Midrange Freedom Fighters - Mideranged a lot. https://www.discogs.com/Various-Mideranged/release/584335
  3. Talamasca - A Brief History of Goa Trance

    I actually kind of like the Mahadeva remix. But when it got to the Juno Reactor medley I noped out fast.
  4. Love that you're doing this. I'm guessing that some legalistics prevent you from using the artist name? Not that it makes a difference. When did DAT-trading in Goa become a thing, anyway? Was "You'll Never Know" the first DAT-only Goa hit, or were there contemporaneous or even earlier tracks that never saw the light of day?
  5. Going to Japan

    It must all be on the DL now, because I didn't see any psychedelics at the parties I attended. It sucks that all the Goa and Suomisaundi in Tokyo was happening on different months. I missed https://www.djsbarcave.tokyo/single-post/2017/05/28/63-Strange-Girls-%EF%BD%9E%E5%85%A8%E5%9B%BDSuomi%E5%A5%B3%E5%AD%90%E7%B7%8F%E6%B1%BA%E8%B5%B7%E9%9B%86%E4%BC%9A%EF%BD%9E by three days, boo. Aside from that, the trip was amazing. Here's a small taste: Ueno Park with a view of the Skytree: http://spirit-zone.dreamwidth.org/file/2320.jpg Koenji at night and Koenji Cave: http://spirit-zone.dreamwidth.org/file/7641.jpg http://spirit-zone.dreamwidth.org/file/2760.jpg Hippie van in Shimokitazawa: http://spirit-zone.dreamwidth.org/file/7734.jpg One of the coolest stores in Tokyo: http://spirit-zone.dreamwidth.org/file/3375.jpg http://spirit-zone.dreamwidth.org/file/3265.jpg http://spirit-zone.dreamwidth.org/file/3997.jpg http://spirit-zone.dreamwidth.org/file/4210.jpg Waterfall in Nikko and the Senjougahara Marshlands: http://spirit-zone.dreamwidth.org/file/8075.jpg http://spirit-zone.dreamwidth.org/file/8417.jpg And my haul of CDs. Everything in front on the top shelf is from my trip! 55 albums+11 singles in total http://spirit-zone.dreamwidth.org/file/6938.jpg
  6. most talented artist/band in the scene?

    For right now, the one artist who consistently impresses and surprises me is Leigh Griffiths (ECT) For all time, though? Graham Wood. Mystical Experiences, some of Feeling Weird, and some of the Blowfish album still leave me wondering how the hell he did it. I know he had some help from collaborators (Posford, Raja), but still. Totally alien, out of this world sounds. And not just talking about the sound design, I've never found a piece of electronic music that was as ingeniously put together as The Answer or Under The Overtones. To me Wood is up there with Tangerine Dream, Eno, ect. as one of THE central, yet (outside of our little scene) unsung figures in ambient music.
  7. Going to Japan

    Nah, too busy doing things in Tokyo, and I'm more interested in the contrast between old and new that presents itself here. Someday I'd like to take a month to go around the country, though. My only real regret is not hearing any Goa! I did get to see Ree.K's set last night though, at the Rebirth Fest after party. No trance, it was pure techno, but solid stuff nevertheless.
  8. Going to Japan

    Abasio has disappeared into the blue, but I've been having quite an adventure in the meantime. Including two nights in Koenji and a night in the red light district. Unfortunately I walked a little too much and my feet are horribly blistered. :/ Ashi ga itaiiiiii. So many great record stores, though, omfg.
  9. A question about (oldschool) goatrance

    So is the fetishisation of specific kick and bass combos or production styles as "proper psytrance". Not saying that all music with a modern kick and bass is bad, at all! But the insistence on standardization has a knock-on effect on what artists produce, what DJs play, and what dancers accept on the floor that ultimately, IMHO, leads to less interesting music. Look at what happened to Orion. There was so much power and soul in their music until Borelli went the way of psytrance kick/bass. Also, I don't consider 1990s psytrance a good example of amateur sound design and bad audio engineering. Early nineties hardcore, maybe. 90s psytrance, compared to most rave music, received a great deal of criticism back then for being too clean and clinical. Again, not dissing you; you were there, maybe you can call BS on this. But I don't think something like what Blue Room Released was doing can be described as bad production by any standard.
  10. What music are you listening to right now?

    https://archive.org/details/110423ZyronLiveOnISFM I love all of Zyron's mixes but this is an especially good one. Those transitions are out of this world.
  11. RA - Earthcall (Suntrip Records)

    I completely underestimated this when it came out. For me, this is Ra's most mature album and leaps and bounds over what they did in the past. The arrangements are amazing, it's like you can walk around in them. I can liken it to Aavepyora - Hengen Aurinko. Both albums have a strong emphasis on songwriting and storytelling, so that by the end you feel like you've listened to a kind of electronic symphony and not just a collection of tracks.
  12. Bunraku-Arabian Nights

    That "off-the-cuff" approach to production is something I like about Filipe too. At the same time, I wish his tracks were a little more memorable. I've listened to all of his Goa albums. I barely remember a note of them. Tracks need hooks, something that makes them stay in the listener's head long after they're done playing. And by hooks, I don't just mean one sample repeating over and over. I'm musically illiterate, but IMHO a good example of how to do complex melodies is the album Prana - Cyclone. Lots of melody, including a long keyboard "ride" (something unusual for Goa) on Indigo, but it never feels overdone.
  13. Morphem - Out Of Focus

    What I appreciate about this album is the way it combines the atmosphere of old techno with the drive of goa trance. It's definitely melodic goa, but the techno influence gives it a little more emotional depth. The only major flaw here is that, like TIP's Feeling Weird, it has some unnecessary editing. The short version of How Can You Be So Sure isn't bad, but less entrancing than the fabulous 12'' original. Worse by far is that Closed Sector, so great as a full track, is reduced to a mere ninety second outro. Give me a re-release with the full versions of all tracks, and you'd have a damn near perfect album. This has become a hard to find album, so maybe one day that dream will come true.
  14. V/A - Forever Psychedelic

    Matsuri shows us why psychedelic trance is so named. Some tracks here, like Kollage or Naked, are more on the psychedelic side, playfully arranged and stuffed full of weird noises. Some, like Space Cats or Sun God, are more trancy and gradually elaborate on a theme. The album has a futuristic feel, suggestive of cyberpunk SF, and some tracks could even be called industrial with their dark techno-dystopian vibe. Everything sparkles with crystal clear production, and the mastering lets the music breathe without lacking in punch. IMHO, this is what a compilation album ought to be. It's far from homogenous -- no two tracks are alike -- but the atmosphere is consistent and the journey is more than the sum of its individual steps. Unlike most VAs, it works as an album. I bought this in 1998 and still listen to it on a regular basis; anyone looking for the true 'psychedelic trance' should have this in their collection.