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Found 13 results

  1. Hi everybody Since I discovered Psychedelic Trance, there are approximately 1-2 years I have never ceased to observe what I had observed in the Hardcore scene, Industrial, Rock,...etc : there are so many styles and sub-styles that it becomes a mess to find a way and we sometimes end (or even often) to nonsensical debates about how we will appoint or not appoint, define or not define, this or that music or this or that style. So I decided there are now more than a year to create a doc in PDF form gathering all styles of Psychedelic Trance and their characteristics without making pies of texts to infinity and beyond. http://img11.hostingpics.net/pics/2901243725316.jpg It will be a little more than a year (or almost, must take breaks anyway ) to skim all anglophone and francophone forums, searching the most representative artists of every style, and recovering some information and definitions stuffed with spelling mistakes on Wikipedia, clumsy repetitions, discount translations all straight out of the English version of Wikipedia passed under Google Translate, and other calamities, and to correct then to complement them. Obviously, if you find an ugly lack of agreement/spelling well hidden in the bushes, an incomplete definition, or one of your prefered style/artist thatsmasheseverythingbutreallyeverything that is not referenced, feel free to sh*t in my face please let me know, it will be corrected in the shortest possible time if need there. Last update of the PDF: 03.10.2019 at 11:56 p.m. (Paris time) Here is the link for the English version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/4hr2pdwhonek82o/Psytrance (EN).pdf?dl=0 Here is the link for the (original) French version: https://www.dropbox.com/s/q84tbn46xrmmgji/Psytrance.pdf?dl=0 /!\ The Dropbox online reader doesn't support external and internal links in pdf files anymore, so you must download it and open it with a pdf reader if you want the links to work /!\ Here is the original (French) post on the French forum "trancegoa.org" : https://www.trancegoa.org/forum/trance/40857_mise-a-jour-n50-la-trance-psychedelique-dans-son-integralite Thank you for your attention
  2. A 4 EP CD and digital release, and it's out NOW All info here: http://www.beatspace.com/sitarep02-dance-of-the-kirlia.html Listen Previews: Support Shamosis:
  3. Hello! I made funny video with president of Poland.
  4. Hi ppl! I d like to present to you my new EP SOON OUT @ http://www.beatspace.com/10287/Jama+Bosse+Productions/JBC+ARKADII/Mysterious+Places/detail.aspx @itunes @beatport @juno etc JBC Arkadii - Mysterious Places EP release date: 11 august 2017 label: jama bosse production Tracklist: - JBC arkadii - Midnight trees - JBC arkadii - Moon tribe - JBC arkadii - Inside the black hole - JBC arkadii - resource of life Samples: Thanky you fro support! I really hope you ll like it.
  5. Artist: Shivax Title: Victory Anthems Label: Sita Records Date: September, 2014 1. Initiation 2. Unknown Source 3. Ganesha-Shanti (Feat. Agneton) 4. Victory Anthems 5. Acid Horns 6. Filterizations 7. A King's Tribute 8. Agneton - Het Was Zomer (Shivax Remix) 9. The Iron Throne Nitzhonot. This is how I feel when I hear it. Now I love riding coasters so you would think that would be a good thing, but sometimes I find it so exhausting. Oftentimes I feel it can sound like kiddie music and I don't mean to insult the artists who produce it. Music is very personal and nitzhonot is an acquired taste. Sometimes it gets a little too crazy and key changey as it rampages up and down the scales. Kinda like when the chipmunks do a cover song. But that's just me and my not so humble opinion. And that's where I was with his first album. His second album has shown a little more mastery in blending goa trance with his nitzho and thereby not making it so tiring. When he gets in a good goa groove he lets it sit there a bit, allowing the listener to fully absorb it before whisking them off on a nitzho tangent. When he goes full goa trance on tracks like Acid Horn he shines, proving himself more than capable. For those that like his niztho style he still cranks up the speed and gets to ludicrous speed on tracks like Filterizations and Victory Anthems. Remixing a pop song is generally a bad idea as they usually turn out to be terrible, but track 9 is his take on the Game of Thrones theme. It was meh. So I would say from a goa lover's perspective this is an improvement over his first album, but not enough to find broad appeal. If you don't like nitzo, give this one a pass. Sita Records Bandcamp Psyshop Beatspace
  6. Hey Guys! I'm new at this forum, and im want to share with you brand new nitzhogoa track i released 3 days ago Enjoy and im waiting for comments!
  7. Artist: Various Title: Shiva Space Technology Vol. 3 Label: Digital Underground Date: 1999 1. Tom - Joy 2. Cherouvim - Cyborg 3. Injector - Time Killer 4. Das - Paros 2000 5. Destination - Poste 6. Luminus - Project X 7. Cherouvim - Albert 8. Goldenfinger - Yam "Cause in a 69 my humpty nose will tickle your rear!" This is some corny sh*t right here. Everything that could make you think that nitzhonot can be some goofy sounding music is well represented here. Repetitive eye rolling samples, the rampaging up and down arpeggios, and the changes in direction. I heard someone describe nitzho as goa on speed. Maybe, but goa doesn't usually use the slow down tempo as a prominent feature. No, I would equate it to goa's flamboyant and much gayer cousin. This is full-on Patrick Stewart facepalm music as far as I'm concerned. Not Nitzho's proudest moment. No I got it...Know what this is? A daycare run amok. The kids have tied up the adults and it's an endless loop of fart jokes , boogers on fingers, and Jake and the Neverland Pirates. How the f*ck can you take this organ grinder music seriously? I'd dropkick the monkey turning the crank on this sh*tshow if I didn't think PETA would sue me.
  8. Artist: Eyal Iceman Title: Blast From the East EP Label: Sita Records Date: April, 2014 1. Blast From The East 2. Eternal Tribulations 3. Return To The Classix The Iceman is back! Tommy...(inhales deeply and exhales slowly) I swear to God if you weren't my sister's kid I would've fired you a long time ago. Now...could you please get me the right f*cking image before I lose my patience? Get out! Get out! Get the f*ck out!!! *throws stapler* And tell your mother you call that a meatloaf? I could've thrown that hard sh*t on the fire place! So...very...hard to find good help these days. Eyal was a pillar of the Nitzhonot community from back in the day and he's back with a three track EP from the current czar of nitzho Sita Records. The opening track is a quality blend of goa and Nitzhonot with warm and swirling melodies. Like all the tracks it's over 10 minutes and travels at a million miles an hour. Eternal Tribulations has a sound that is more nitzh with super fast melodies rising and falling. lead sounds change frequently with a very Infected Mushroom style near the end. Hyper, energetic, fun stuff. Back To The Classix is the longest track at almost 15 minutes! That's almost a f*cking sitcom. He was obviously attempting to ease us into things before he came out in full beserker nitzhonot mode. Felt like I was at my cousin's Bat Mitzvah. The layers seemed to be kept at a minimum while the melodies raced around hairpin turns. It's all a little too old testament for me. But I think that anyone who makes this type of trance knows there is a degree of cheese inside and to take it with a wink and a nod. But it's fun stuff and made for good times. Beatport Psyshop Mdk
  9. Eyal Iceman ‎- Blast From The East E.P. Label: Sita Records Cat. Number: SITAREP01 Format: CD, Single (no CDr!) Country: Belgium Released: NOW!!!! Style: Nitzhogoa of course Tracklist 1 Eyal Iceman Blast From The East 13:13 2 Eyal Iceman Eternal Tribulations 11:20 3 Eyal Iceman Return To The Classix 14:47 BUY it @ http://www.psyshop.com/shop/CDs/sia/sia1cd901.html http://www.beatspace.com/7982/Sita+Records/EYAL+ICEMAN/Blast+From+The+East/detail.aspx http://www.discogs.com/Eyal-Iceman-Blast-From-The-East-EP/release/5528592
  10. Artist: Shivax Title: State of Mind Label: Sita Records Date: July, 2013 1. Golden Xstasy 2. Space Dancing 3. Dimethyal Trip 4. Gayatri 5. Om Namah 6. Age Of Enlightenment 7. State Of Mind 8. Power Absorber (feat. Agneton) 9. Hava 10. Genesis "And if you don't believe drugs have done anything good for us do me a favor. Go home tonight and take all of your albums, all of your tapes, all of your CDs and burn them. Cause you know what, the musicians that made all that great music that's enhanced your life throughout the years were real high on f*cking drugs." No sir, didn't like it. The music, not the sample. The sample is f*cking awesome. Like Jim Carrey nitzhonot is an acquired taste. I can't stand Jim Carrey no matter what role he plays. He is a buffoon pure and simple. Some people love his low brow brand of comedy, it's just not for me. And nitzhonot is the same thing. I love Agneton's music because he straddles the line between goa and nitzho keeping it pumping, dark, and cheese free. Not so here. You'll find plenty of stops and starts, frenetic riffs rising and falling, and enough of an ethnic feeling you'll be asking for a side of baba ganoush. To me nitzho is like goa's full-on where purists and old schoolers look to the heavens at the cheesy leads and melodies, but tolerate it because it brings the chicks to the party. Face it hippies, hot chicks don't wanna be bogged down with your heavy goa spiritualism. They wanna dance and shake what dey momma gave 'em. Nitzho is a less serious take and is more interested in a good time than pondering the universe. Take my review with a grain of salt because I'm not a fan of this subgenre. Hell I've had a forum member tell me to go back to my Wizzy Noise CD's when I commented unfavorably on some impossibly mundane darkpsy release. If you're into the nitzho then there's a great chance you'll love this. You can hear his technical skill and the sound production is superb. But you gotta blend my Jim Carrey with something else cause stand alone Jim Carrey ain't good for nobody. Sita Records Beatspace Psyshop Mdk
  11. Hey guys, I was always intrigued by the many strange, ugly and sometimes cool album covers of Nitzhonot CDs. I'm collecting them at a Tumblrpage, just for fun: http://nitzhonotdesign.tumblr.com/ Feel free to add some nice ones in this topic
  12. Back in the old days, psychedelic trance was in good shape. We had trust on it over its developing variations based on artists sound developments. However, with the rise of nitzhonot trance, around 1999, i felt a deviation from the essential spirit. Nitzhonot was a step away from the style of greek/israeli uplifting goa trance (nitzho-Goa), into a more commercial sound with usually major influences from arabic/middle-eastern oriental music. Let's not forget that beyond symbolisms, hindu traditional music's tone and pattern has been not just an influence but more like a generator of goa trance music, more like gave shape. But between these, there's a difference in perception. In Hindu traditional music, a hypnotic and mystical feeling can oftenly be met or achieved (which is essential for the spirit of Goa Trance), while middle-eastern orientalism is more known for a cheerful uplifting rousement, and oftenly causing a more lighthearted mood. Of course, i'm sure that might be few exceptions to that and without even counting the Sufism musical heritage which is something different as far as i know. As different also is ancient egyptian music, which is more solemn & majestic oftenly inducing melancholic or nostalgic feelings. So, does arabic/middle-eastern/belly-dance music fits in goa trance? I believe that mostly doesn't. But that's depends also from the sound and the motives. There are examples of synthesis from the old days in goa and nitzho-goa of a good harmonizing and lately i have liked alot the second album from Mindsphere, Patience for Heaven, which has such influences but more temperate and covered in an amazing surrounding goa trance sound. Of course, all these are my personal view and from what i have seen, it is a matter of "love it" or "hate it" preference. Maybe, central & northern europeans or americans see middle eastern orientalism as more exotic, as a diversion on ethic influences.
  13. Artist: Various Title: Hocus Pocus Label: Mimoza Records Date: 1999 1. Goldenfingers - Let's Go Beitar 2. Goldfingers Vs. Kintaro - Tamegol 3. Kintaro - Chance To Trance 4. D-Zager - Burekas II 5. Kintaro Vs. Goldfingers - Yello Up 6. D-Zager - Vodka 7. Paranoize - x-Plode (Remix 99) 8. D-Zager - Aleira Sky My mother was Jewish and while I was raised Catholic I enjoyed some of the Jewish culture. Ok food. Ok let me stop right there. The only thing that could be considered Jewish about me is my love for bagels and let's be honest that ain't gonna get me into Heaven. Hardly a pillar of the Hebrew faith, you knew it was going mainstream when Food Lion was selling bagel six packs. In the South. But what other food could you enjoy that could be considered Jewish? Ever had matzos? Might as well eat the box it came in. Yuck. Lox? It's fish that is put on bagels, but fish for breakfast? No thanks. So with that weak minded spirit I decided to listen to a nitzhonot compilation and see if I could get into it. Ummm...no. Too much. Too frenetic. I think nitzhonot is an acquired taste (like Lox) and with all the Hebrew being spoken on this disc I felt like an outsider. Ok not that bad, but you get the point. All I could think of was a bunch of fist pumping rich trust fund kids at an all night rave in Brooklyn. But by Passover they had their yarmulkes and side burns and resumed their place at the wailing wall. Mdk
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