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  1. True. I can't listen to the uptempo stuff i used to years ago and not for too long for sure. Plus, uptempo or harsh sounding music doesn't favour meditative state of mind. Headache is the sure consequence. But Goa has a lot of musical masterpieces that can't be forgotten, of high artistic and mental value.
  2. The Associated Press reported, few days ago, that 12.35 million acres of land in Australia has been burned while latest sources state that nearly 20 million acres have burned across the country, and authorities say the fires could keep burning for months. At least 25 people have died and residents of entire towns have been forced to flee their homes. 500 million animals (or more) is estimated to be dead among which are koalas and kangaroos, nowhere else in the world to be found but only in the australian fauna. Probably, many species will be vanished and others will be rated as endangered species. Words sound meaningless towards such desasters and faith in God (or divine providence) is questioned. Which are the causes for this long huge ongoing catastrophe, is just dryness, extreme weather conditions, multiple arsons? Still, the estimations for the course of this crisis are negative. Too sad because Australia is considered to be one of the most developed states in the world. Could some friends from Australia shed some light on the issue? Also, why while weapon technology is more and more advancing, fire extinguinsher technology has been left behind or overlooked?
  3. Timeless Worlds Of Space is a beautiful masterpiece that should not be excluded from the 2nd volume. Let's hope..
  4. Abracadabra, i dreamed about a new album in my night sleep. I reffered to it as good or very good. There was a nostalgic feeling. Funny thing.. Maybe it is coming this year, no further delays. Also, there was something about X-Dream.
  5. A petition was launched in September, as a European Citizens' Initiative, for banning the use of cages in animal farming and in factories. I think there is none who hasn't watched a video of cruelty against animals and hasn't wished the prohibition of this practice. Psy people (inside EU) sign the petition and inform others as well. End the Cage Age – CIWF End the cage age | Compassion in World Farming
  6. This has been posted again. Not bad, sounds very nice. But where did that good thought have gone?..
  7. ..and "Recreation", a nice term i forgot to mention before. Mr Mustafa to be precise. Is there a new Mr Mustafa? There's another user entitled the same, someone 'MrAnarchy', so i decided to change it a bit to avoid any confusion. I follow psynews respectfully, since 2006.
  8. «When there's reflection, i see Myself. When there's no reflection, i remain in My glory.»
  9. «The perfect blossom is a rare thing. You could spend your life looking for one, and it would not be a wasted life.»
  10. Well, i think there are fitter music genres like Rock styles, Metal styles, Industrial, Neoclassical etc.. to express such issues, and even more, propaganda. But again, it is certainly different to talk about a way of life or a cultural activity. This music's essence would be abused for sure by political colors and agendas, and degraded. The previous decade, it had been twice i listened to well-known tracks in political promotion. One was Lepton Head by Deedrah in a youth's party, and the other a Jaia sample in a commercial. It felt such a misappropriation. "hedonism"? a controversial term, indeed. I would recommend the term "experience" (or for the old era or the pure spirits, the value "mysticism").
  11. Maybe, it could be pointed out as thoughtfulness, prudence, soberness etc ... Gunas Upadana It is a well-pointed remark that there is a dilemma, a priority difficulty between Truth of facts and Truth of obligation or altruism. Surrounding conditions, an appraisal and a weighing of what is valuable. Mostly, fear is behind lie. But sometimes, pettiness or worthlessness.
  12. Well, it seems that there are two meanings of the term "tradition". The first is about spiritual heritage and it's expressions or ethos and cultivation, and the second describes practices or habits. But as far as i know, such activity can't have roots in neither zen buddhism or shinto spirituality. I doubt it.. and again some reactions i noticed were bound to "feeding rights" argumentation, something like that, and something like "we will not do what the foreigners or the americans tell us to do, it's an ethnic tradition" for something that it looks like to have started very few centuries ago for commercial reasons.
  13. Mr Drezz made a very good point here. No objections. A question could be though, wasn't any cd label got reached or interested for a single album or double (depending the tracks) release? There are few more labels out there now, and since Nervasystem is an old legend & a quality standard, such a release could be better than many other getting out. I still haven't listened to your new material, but judging by your previous stuff and Time Travel, just wondering..
  14. Few years ago, i watched The Cove documentary about the dolphin hunting in a cove of Taiji, a place in Japan. The footage taken by the activists is quite gruesome and shows the entrapment and the massacre of large groups of dolphins, these wounded beings' desperate efforts to escape. Also, the film uncovers the whole industry build upon the slaughter of these helpless beings, dolphins and whales too, two species with intelligence striving to survive in a modern hostile environment the late centuries. This (awards winning) film was shocking and made a good impact to the world for a long time, but also informed the unaware japanese people. Eventhough, there is a part in the japanese society and the media, as well as the japanese government, which is tolerant of this practise or even supportive, and new footages always show that the massacre hasn't stop. Also a similar practise takes place in the Faroe Islands, grindadrap. Around 800 pilot whales and some dolphins are killed annually. The Cove https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gp8-nAfsjCk Taiji dolphin drive hunt Will Japanese Ban on Taiji Dolphins Stop Notorious Hunts? 10 Facts You Didn’t Know About The Taiji Dolphin Slaughter 10 Facts You Should Know About Dolphins Save Japan Dolphins Campaign The Grindadrap http://www.dolphins-world.com/
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