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  1. I still find Errorhead to be the best Hux Flux track. Too bad isn't featured on Cryptic Crunch.
  2. Which version of Martin Freeland's divisive sophomore album do you prefer?
  3. No one. It's been the biggest trend in the genre for years.
  4. You have the music - the songwriting and production, the packaging, the timing and promotion... Great artists usually excel in all of these areas...
  5. You tell me
  6. You should set up a closed group on facebook. Good way to trade tracks and so on.
  7. Fuck yes!!! I'd love to see Gervais comment on the Germany vs. Argentina constellation
  8. For me it was the other way around. Posford was one of my favorite artists as a teen, but I grew to dislike his music more and more. The first Shpongle album made me realize why. It's like the worst imaginable Psy equivalent to Viking Metal.
  9. As(s)trancer, Psysutra, DJ Goamaker... Yawn. Why do modern artists always have to have these stupid ass genre referential names?
  10. I'll second Mahadeva 99. It's such an improvement over the original.
  11. The samba parade just got rolled over by a tiger tank
  12. Took a while? You have 20.000+ posts and you haven't given Hallucinogen a proper listen yet? I suggest less posting and more listening! No, but seriously... I ain't much of a fan either. You can't deny Posford's talents, but his style is a little too "humorous" for my tastes.
  13. I meant Amen to LFO's post, but I can co-sign that as well. The more I listen to it, the more I dislike it.
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