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Found 17 results

  1. Imagining Circle's https://www.mixcloud.com/Katipo/imagining-circles-zenon-mix-127-176bpm-waitangi-new-zealand-celebrations-day-set-6221/ Or my newer page https://soundcloud.com/djkatipo/imagining-circles I find myself really connecting deeply to the dark futuristic mechanized flow of Zenon lately. ETN said of this mix "I love this man, thank you so much, great selections" which makes all the work worthwhile right. I look forward to your feedback, critique, tell me its shit or whatever and ill take it all on board and work to improve. Thank you for your time
  2. Hey party peeps, looking for something to swamp up your living room? Maybe you want to treat your grandma to a night out dancing with the donkeys? We are happy to announce our Debut EP: Waiting Forever, No Time to Spare. Is now available on Bandcamp and Soundcloud. It should be up on beatport and all the less artist friendly services soon. Have a listen at: https://pistolerorecordings.bandcamp.com/album/sideways-people-waiting-forever-no-time-to-spare-ep or if you don't bandcamp point your ears to soundcloud. https://soundcloud.com/sidewayspeople Warning: may contain t
  3. Hi everybody Since I discovered Psychedelic Trance, there are approximately 1-2 years I have never ceased to observe what I had observed in the Hardcore scene, Industrial, Rock,...etc : there are so many styles and sub-styles that it becomes a mess to find a way and we sometimes end (or even often) to nonsensical debates about how we will appoint or not appoint, define or not define, this or that music or this or that style. So I decided there are now more than a year to create a doc in PDF form gathering all styles of Psychedelic Trance and their characteristics without making pies
  4. A remix of Ryanosaurus' track "The Birds & the Bleeps" Ryanosaurus - The Birds & the Bleeps (Denstrow remix)
  5. Full quality download: https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/31305798/Pyc_-_Modulated_Modulation_(deep_prog_trance_mix)_[4k_48fps] Preview: Deep Prog Trance mix by Pyc. Broadcasted 20/Mar/2019 on Torrentech radio. Quality: 4K / 48 fps Download: https://thepiratebay.org/torrent/31305798/Pyc_-_Modulated_Modulation_(deep_prog_trance_mix)_[4k_48fps] Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/xphorm/modulated-modulation/ Download: http://techno.vizio.biz/sessions/pyc_-_torrentech.org_session_142_deep_prog_trance.zip My tracks: http://www.soundcloud.com/pyc Netlabel: http://net
  6. Dark Matter Psytrance & Dark Techno DJ Night Saturday, September 23 at 9 PM - 2 AM Location: On the ROX, 119 N 18th St, Richmond, Virginia 23223 Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/327104814400433 TechNoir Events and Between 2 Beers Productions Present: Dark Matter…a Psytrance and Dark Techno DJ Dance Event 09/23/17 from 9pm-2am Admission for this event is $5. Age limit is 21+. ----------------------------------------- The music played at this event will be a mix of Techtrance, Dark Techno/Trance and Psytrance - Visuals on the tvs -
  7. new mix: DP-16-08 [77min. dark progressive] download: http://bit.ly/1LliaGn DP-16-08 [77min. dark progressive] download: http://bit.ly/1LliaGn
  8. Hi, this is my latest set,it was recorded live at the opening party of Captain Morgan, at Haifa, Israel. The set varies from 127 up to 133 BPM. Tracklist: 1. Paracozm - Acid In Wonderland 2. Sensient - 308 Negra Arroyo Lane 3. Kliment - Serial Spider 4. Millivolt - Reality Show (Ivort Remix) 5. Hypogeo - Trip To Ixtlan 6. Minimal Criminal - Tobor 7. Grouch & Tom Cosm - Switch Arms (Grouch's Version) 8. Krumelur - Crazy Circle 9. Pick - Deep Meditation 10.One Tasty Morsel - Minimalisticism 11.Grouch - Mayan Toolkit 12.Pspiralife - Glass Half Empty (Rya
  9. Bluffphonica - Yello Sequence (Dark Progressive mix) 83min. Free Download: http://www.bluffphonica.at/#mixes Playlist: 01 - Flynt vs Yello - Oh Yeah 02 - Krumelur - Blurry Sequence 03 - Krumelur - Crazy Circle 04 - Hefty - Pain Relief 05 - Dharana_feat autonomech - Mind Manifesto 06 - Dharana feat fabio leal - justify 07 - Reflection - Returning Home 08 - Grub - Mechanical Entities 09 - Psydewise - Condensation 10 - Johnny Kintz - Galactic Spiral 11 - Darkol trinity - wild from russia 12 - Ashtoz - One World...Different Perceptions 13 - Ashtoz - Nomadness 14 - Rootshaper - Wall Crawler
  10. http://www.mixcloud.com/Vitruvius/the-second-chapter-zenonesque/ At 137 BPM This is the second part of my Zenonesque mix series. It's quite different from what I usually upload on here, but I'm sure there's others out there who can enjoy the deep, minimalistic sounds of Zenonesque. (: Love on! ॐ
  11. Cybered "ACID BOX" BUY CD: Bandcamp, Psyshop, Beatport Release date: 14 July 2014 Format: CD and Digital Released by: Horns & Hoofs Entertainment Mastering by: Manifold Studio Artwork: Ingart Studio Release/catalogue number: HHCD009 1. "Acid Box" 2. "I'm Bad" 3. "Nobody" 4. "Wild Tuba" 5. "Stalwart" 6. "Analog ID" 7. "Micron Slutterz" 8. Quite K - "Vasya Exhale" Cybered Remix 9. "Kraken" feat. Chumahod 10."Blunder" feat. Eldar Stuff Preview: http://soundcloud.com/cybered/sets/cybered-acid-box More info: https://soundcloud.com/hornsandhoofs https://www.facebook.com/hornsan
  12. http://www.mixcloud.com/Vitruvius/the-first-chapter-zenonesque/ At 130 BPM This is the first part of my downtempo Zenonesque mix series. It's quite different from what I usually upload on here, but I'm sure there's others out there who can enjoy the deep, minimalistic sounds of Zenonesque. (: Love on! ॐ
  13. http://www.mixcloud.com/Vitruvius/eerie-elaboration-zenonesquedarkprog/ I've been brewing this one for a while, looking through my darkprog collection in order to select some of my more progressive zenonesque songs. Builing up from very dry, flat bass-hits to a stampede of towards the end - I hope you'll like it (: Please leave criticism! It helps me develop (:
  14. Beat Bizarre - "Riot" 1. Beat Bizarre – Antikythera Mechanism (Original Mix) 2. Beat Bizarre – Robofresh (Original Mix) 3. Beat Bizarre – Swop (Original Mix) 4. Beat Bizarre – Digisnort (Original Mix) 5. Beat Bizarre – Tungsten (Original Mix) 6. Beat Bizarre – Amplifucked (Original Mix) Review: Following up on their spectacular album "Mukharv" from 2012, Beat Bizarre releases a 6 track album in 2013. How does it stack up? Well, to start with, I'm a huge Beat Bizarre fan. In my opinion they have the market cornered on the dark, hypnotic, and highly groovy, sexy typ
  15. Hi everyone, The link i share bellow is kind of a demo for what i will performed in Illusion Fest. 12-16 Sept.2013 in İzmir Turkey. Hope you will enjoy . https://soundcloud.com/nechayev/new-illusion-fest-12-16-sept
  16. Artist: Radioactive.Cake Title: Subatomic Disco Label: Glitchy.Tonic.Records. Date: December, 2011 1 Geist (Intro) 2 Hemispherical Conflict (138 BPM) 3 Bending Rodriguez (137 BPM) 4 Dawn (137 BPM) 5 Harsh Softness (138 BPM) 6 Pure Progression (137 BPM) 7 Reality #26 (135 BPM) 8 The Dude Abides (137 BPM) 9 Onionbrain - Desert Song (Radioactive.Cake Remix) (135 BPM) "All I know is that this is different." I like cake. Who doesn't like cake? This is Robert Hundt founder of the label with I believe his 2nd release. So what's he got baking? A heaping teaspoon of darkness th
  17. Argentinian progressive psytrance label Selknam Records proudly presents its debut album “Beyond Time & Space”. The name of the label comes from an extincted tribe called Selk’nam who used to inhabit Tierra del Fuego, in the far south of Chile and Argentina. The last pure Selk’nam died in the 20th century and as a tribute to their legacy, and the legacy of all ancient tribes, this compilation is named “Beyond Time & Space”. All tracks were carefully selected by Badajalash in order to make a complete trip through the psy progressive trance spectrum: black, white and the colour
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